Ms. Miyahara is a math teacher in Gekkoukan High School.



Ms. Miyahara is one of the eccentric teachers of Gekkoukan High. Her subject is math, and while she seems competent enough, it's clear she simply enjoys numbers in and of themselves, taking joy in their shape and finding an almost artistic beauty in certain equations. Occasionally, she is seen drifting off-topic and proclaiming her love of certain numbers or equations in class. She comes off as easily distracted and careless when it comes to getting her mathematical computations, though she shows a deep appreciation of numbers and mathematical forumulae.


Persona 3Edit

During one of Elizabeth's Requests when the protagonist is attempting to claim a samurai helmet, he will come across Ms. Miyahara in the Faculty Office attempting to calculate what kind of raise she can expect in the future. While the full calculation isn't displayed, she claims that the use of pi, while unnecessary, made the equation more elegant.

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