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This article is about Pan-Gu's servant. For his human host, see Ryu Kashin.

Mr. Meteor is the main antagonist of Maken X. He is the founder of the Sangyokai organization and the origin of the Maken's Brain Jacking ability.



Mr. Meteor is a small worm-like being residing at the core of a jagged black sword decorated with red patterns similar to those seen on the weapon-like shielding the Maken creates around itself. When Mr. Meteor Brain Jacks a person, the color of their eyes changes to red and their sclera darkens.


"The brain of Pan-Gu, creator of the world. The watchman of humanity who has a body in the Image world. It's his mission to guard the world Pan-Gu created. Mr. Meteor signed a contract with the ancestors of the Fukenshi, who had been keeping world order. But he got sick of humans and decided to control the Image of all humans. Mr. Meteor is constantly changing body, running away from the Fukenshi, and is increasing his henchman's power through Image control. Trying to decrease the world population, he thinks humans would be happy to live in a world controlled by him."
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Mr. Meteor is a servant of the original Pan-Gu. After the world was created, Pan-Gu left Mr. Meteor behind to guide and protect humanity. To assist with this task, Mr. Meteor founded the Fukenshi and allowed them to borrow his power, but later betrayed them after he tried to fully control the collective Image of humanity in the belief that humanity would be happier if fully controlled by him. While on the run from the Fukenshi, he founded the Sangyokai organization and injects members with Image to make them think like him. With the assistance of eight of the world's elites, he stages polticial conflicts, resource shortages and natural disasters to further his agenda.

At some point, Mr. Meteor eventually ended up Brain Jacking the son of the Chairman of the Republic of China, Ryu Kashin, and manipulated him into killing his own father and usurping his position in the political world, allowing him to rapidly escalate tensions between the USA and China with assistance from Hakke William. Upon finding out about Plan X and the development of the Maken, he orders Hakke Andrey to attack the Kanazawa Research Institute and kidnap the lab's director and overseer of the project Hiromitsu Sagami, to extract his knowledge of the Image world. Despite the newborn Maken successfully defeating Andrey, it fails to stop the Sangyokai from fleeing the lab with Hiromitsu.

Mr. Meteor does not appear until the Maken reaches his boss chamber located in an alien dimension underneath The Forbidden City. Depending on the Maken's choices throughout the game, he may offer the Maken a truce, if the Maken has fufilled the requirements for the Saving Kei route, he will offer to give up Hiromitsu's Image research so the Maken can save Kei Sagami from being absorbed into itself on the condition that the Maken allows Mr. Meteor to create his utopia. Otherwise, he'll engage the Maken in battle.

During his boss fight, Mr. Meteor initially engages the Maken using the body of the General-Secretary to wield himself like a sword. After the Maken defeats him for the first time, his will to recreate and control the world transforms him into a new incarnation of Pan-Gu. He engages the Maken in one last battle but is ultimately defeated and briefly transforms back into his sword form before crumbling away.

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