"Hmph. Kids these days don't know how to show respect for their elders."
—Mr. Ekoda, Persona 3

Mr. Ekoda is the homeroom adviser in class 2-E at Gekkoukan High School. He teaches Classic Literature.



Mr. Ekoda is arguably the most normal member of the faculty, not showing any eccentricities beyond an admiration for the Heian period and constantly deciding that the annual school field trip should be in Kyoto, claiming that Japanese youth have lost a love for their homeland. He tends to have a low opinion of the students in his school, particularly compared to people of Japanese societies in the past. He also seems to care more about himself than his students.

Isako Toriumi dislikes Ekoda. She once made a "small error" in her gradebook and Ekoda got "all on her ass". Toriumi thinks Ekoda "thinks he's all that" because he teaches history. Toriumi wonders if Ekoda owns a computer and jokes that he probably uses an abacus.


Persona 3Edit

Mr. Ekoda is the classic literature teacher at Gekkoukan High. When SEES is investigating the disappearance of Fuuka Yamagishi, it's eventually revealed that Mr. Ekoda, her homeroom teacher, had a hand in covering up Fuuka's absences. In order to protect the reputation of the girls who were bullying her (as well as his own, since as their teacher his students' behavior is mostly his responsibility), he claimed Fuuka's absences were due to illness, even after she went missing. Mitsuru is outraged, and it is implied he was punished off-camera some time later. If asked in the dorm on a later date, Mitsuru tells the protagonist that he is better off not knowing exactly how he was punished.


Mr. Ekoda
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