Mr. Edogawa is a non-player character, first appearing in Persona 3.



Persona 3Edit

Mr. Edogawa is an eccentric teacher who works at Gekkoukan High School. He serves as the school's nurse, but he also teaches what he calls "integrative learning", a subject concerning the histories of different magical traditions, while substituting for other teachers. His curriculum is almost always about the history of the occult and magic. If the protagonist is in the Tired or Sick condition, then he can visit Mr. Edogawa, who will offer him a bizarre concoction to cure his ills. Accepting the "medicine" will increase Courage, but not change the protagonist's status. Refusing will result in Mr. Edogawa giving the protagonist a powerful drug, which is an item Elizabeth requests. If the player does not have the request as an active quest, Mr. Edogawa will give out a random healing item instead.

Additionally, during the 2nd term, Mr. Edogawa will offer the player special lessons after school regarding the use of tarot cards. There are three lessons that are given and it takes three separate days to hear each lesson. Receiving the tarot lesson does not pass time to Evening, allowing a player to hear a lesson and still have time left after school. Once each lesson has been heard, a player can go back and any time to hear any part of his lecture.


In Persona 3 Portable, his role somewhat increases if one chooses to play as the female protagonist. If the female protagonist decides to join the school health committee, Mr. Edogawa will make sporadic appearances during Saori Hasegawa's Social Link events. If the Social Link is Maxed out, at the end of the game, Mr. Edogawa is the one who hands the protagonist Saori's letter.

Persona 4Edit

Mr. Edogawa appears as a cameo when the students from Yasogami High School arrived for a school trip to Tatsumi Port Island. He gives a brief lecture to the students about the Japanese myth concerning the two deities Izanagi and Izanami which serves as heavy foreshadowing because Izanagi is the protagonist's Persona and Izanami is the main antagonist of the game.


Mr. Edogawa returns in the game's bonus content as the host of a "TV Classroom" lecture series (apparently filmed at Gekkoukan High). In the series, he lays out the interpretation of Jungian psychology that serves as the background for the Persona series. Segments of the lecture are automatically unlocked as the game progresses.

In Other LanguagesEdit

Flag of the United States English Edogawa
Flag of Japan Japanese 江戸川 (Edogawa)
Flag of South Korea Korean 에도가와 (Edogawa)

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