Mr. Bear (Shadow)

Mr. Bear (くまさん, Kuma-san)? is a shadow in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.



An F.O.E taking the form of a small teddy bear plushie and one of the characters that appear in the trailer for ???, dancing alongside Mr. Lumberjack. However, if it is active, it transforms into a much more muscular teddy bear with twitching movements.

The F.O.E moves at incredible speed, only stopping if it hits a wall or a blockage created by the stage lifts. It also moves every 3 player steps, taking each step to revert to its plushie form and transform again before moving. Its path can be altered if the stage lifts are not obstructing it.

This F.O.E fights with incredibly powerful physical attacks and is usually too strong for the party to handle before clearing the fourth labyrinth. It is immune to any aliment save for Magic and Agility bind and is weak to curse while resisting ice and wind.

In the 5th and 6th floors of its home labyrinth the player can trigger an event that initiates a Special Screening "Let Your Fists Do the Talking", with the objective of defeating a Mr. Bear. Due to the strength of this F.O.E. it is advised to put off this Special Screening until the 4th labyrinth is completed.

Rare with F.O.Es, Mr. Bear has voiced dialogue when battling the party, and speaks in a childish voice despite its intimidating stature.


Level HP Attack Defense
Strength --
Magic --
Endurance --
Agility --
Luck --
68 12569 258 198
Exp Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
? Book of Friends Wild Card Blank Card
Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Alm
- - Resist - Resist - - - Weak -
Sleep Confuse Poison Hex Paralysis S-Bind M-Bind A-Bind Down KO
Null Null Resist Resist Null Null - - Null Null
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Mow Down 2-3 heavy Phys attacks to random targets. (All enemies)
Wild Rush 4 heavy Phys attacks to random targets. (All enemies)
Riot Run Proportional Almighty attack. (All enemies)
Psych Up Triple attack of next hit for 3 turns. (Self)


Mr. Bear Concept Art
Mr. Bear Concept Art
Mr. Bear (PQ2)
Mr. Bear in its plushie form
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