"The whole world is a product of cognition... ...not just the Metaverse. It can be freely re-made... The same goes for you, and everyone else. Soon a new world will come. One where mankind isn't held captive. The world will shine brightly as long as you hold hope in your hearts. Remember... There's no such thing as the "real" world. What each person sees and feels-- Those are what shape reality. This is what gives the world infinite potential. Even if you feel that only darkness lies ahead... As long as you hold hands together... See it through as one... ...the world will never end! The world exists within all of you...!"
—Morgana, Persona 5

Morgana is a playable character from Persona 5. He is a member and the second-in-command of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.



Morgana appears as a predominantly black cat with blue eyes and a white muzzle, paws and tail tip who wears a yellow collar.

Morgana has the ability to shapeshift into an anthropomorphic and biped form with a large head and eyes, where the collar turns into a yellow bandana. In addition, he gains a utility belt around his hips, and a mask that covers the majority of his face. Morgana lacks any visible cat whiskers in this form.

Morgana can transform into a van which is based on the Citroën H Van.

In Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, he wears a white t-shirt with a gold "M" logo (with small "BAD⭐CAT" letters engraved below), a red scarf and black sneakers. Additionally, he also wears a golden chain bracelet on his left wrist and a golden crown on his head.


"Don't call me a cat! I am Morgana!"
—Morgana meeting the protagonist and Ryuji

While appearing to be a cat, Morgana claims to be a human, and sticks with the team as he believes they'll be able to help him regain his true form. Morgana becomes irritated when he's called and being thought of as nothing more than a cat, as it lessens his sense of belonging; this is likely one of the reasons that instigated his heated relationship with Ryuji Sakamoto. Despite this, Morgana often meows, self-grooms, and has a great love for sushi. Despite his feminine name, Morgana declares himself to be male. He constantly attempts to be more masculine than he naturally is, disliking being seen as a cute cat and wishing to be viewed as manly and competent, which is where his overconfident and sassy personality comes from. This is reflected in the appearance of his Persona Zorro, which is highly muscular.

Morgana is quite sassy, as he seems to enjoy teasing his teammates, especially Ryuji. In a twist of irony, Morgana shows a surprisingly gentlemanly side towards Ann Takamaki, whom he develops a crush on for her kindness, bravery and beauty. That being said, even she isn't safe from Morgana's smart remarks at times, which are usually directed towards her terrible acting skills.

Despite his cocky attitude, Morgana is actually quite level-headed, having the sense to know when it's best to retreat and fight another day, as well as often warning the others not to let their emotions get the better of them. However, this level-headedness is not absolute, as he's shown to get engrossed by stuff he perceives as valuable, especially "the embodiment of human desire". When something that fits that description is in display, he loses all sense of reason and starts fawning over it, as demonstrated with Kamoshida's treasure. This proves to be his undoing in Madarame's Palace, where his touching of a golden vase containing a Treasure Demon results in the entire team sans Joker getting trapped in a laser cage.

While often cheeky and otherwise outspoken, Morgana does show a softer side; while looking after the protagonist in their give-and-take deal, he's very encouraging and supportive towards him and his growth. And while he often makes fun of Ryuji, he draws the line at rubbing salt in the wound; when Ryuji accidentally gets the team caught, Morgana states that the mistake they made was crucial, but not critical, and they would just have to recover from there on. Morgana seems to look after Futaba Sakura while she was still learning to open up - he once noticed she went out on her own, so he followed her in case anything bad happened to her. At one point, she let the protagonist know she traveled to a different district on her own, to which Morgana was really concerned over, and requested that they go look for her. He is also deeply touched by the "Cake Knight Rises" protagonist's passion to fight for his friend, despite otherwise considering the movie to be ridiculous. Morgana is also very intelligent, as he displays extensive knowledge about Palaces and the Metaverse, though much of this tends to be hunches.

While he comes off as gung-ho and confident, even being described by the other Phantom Thieves as speaking in a "high and mighty" tone, eventually that sense of conviction starts to fade, as he's failed to find anything about his past for months on end and even starts doubting whether he's human in the first place. Since Morgana doesn't have anywhere else to go, he decides it's best he stays with the Phantom Thieves. However, when Futaba takes over as Navigator and shows herself to be far more naturally talented than he is, Ryuji calls Morgana's role in the team into question, though in the form of an innocent joke. This leaves him at a standstill, as he feels he no longer has a good enough reason to stay with the thieves.

Due to his newfound lack of self-esteem, Morgana tries to seek validation from his friends, e.g. checking how much value they have in his ability to transform into a van; but since they don't take that ability seriously, he loses merit in it himself. Morgana tries to bottle up his troubles and deny the feelings the group implanted into him, but this only worsens the situation, as his desperation to fit in likely deluded him into believing that his friends are only in interested in themselves and have stooped down to a level he himself's been trying to avoid, all due to to the team's inaction involving Okumura. This causes him to abandon the Phantom Thieves to prove to them and himself that he deserves to stay, instead working with Haru when she attempts to infiltrate Okumura's palace. Eventually, Haru's abusive fiance finds Haru and tries to abduct her; Morgana's determined to save her as shown by him blindly jumping on her fiance's leg and yelling for help after he's hurt from the fight. Though he tried to endure his injuries, he took Haru's troubles seriously - the group's agreement to help her out was what brought Morgana back to his senses and realize how much he wronged them.

Initially, Morgana's reluctant to return back with the Phantom Thieves. He explains to them that, since he no longer has anything to bring to the table and that it's unlikely he'll turn back into a human, there's no good reason to stay with them and believes they should split up. After some encouragement from Haru, however, he admits that he wants to stay with them, saying it's the only place he belongs. After the group changes Okumura's heart, he admits that he was so hung up on wanting to be human because he needed a purpose in life, but now he's going to do whatever it takes to ensure the Phantom Thieves succeed.


Persona 5

"...Not letting that happen! Human hope is a desire too! You better not underestimate it! The Phantom Thieves will yield to no one, no matter who they are! Even if only one of us remains, we'll get back up and fight to the very end. And we'll definitely... definitely...! Take the world!"
—Morgana to Yaldabaoth, Persona 5
Morgana trapped

Morgana imprisoned in Kamoshida's dungeon.

Morgana is a mysterious shapeshifting cat-like being that joins the protagonist in his heists after being rescued in the dungeon of Kamoshida's Palace by the protagonist and Ryuji Sakamoto. Morgana becomes interested in the protagonist and Ryuji after meeting them, so he decides to teach them about the other side and watches the protagonist due to an interest in his power. Morgana is unsure of his origins and seeks answers, although he is convinced he was a human at some point. Morgana theorizes the core of Mementos may have the answers.

In the real world, Morgana simply appears as a normal cat and normal people cannot understand him, simply hearing him meow a lot. However, any person who hears him talking in the Metaverse gains the ability to hear him talk in his cat form. According to Morgana, this is due to the person learning to interpret his cognition and thoughts.

Morgana can change into a van that the Phantom Thieves use as transportation to explore the Mementos dungeon (though he cannot create air conditioning, which becomes a problem when entering the desert-based Futaba's Palace).

For most of the game, he remains a loyal friend and guide to the Palace and its mechanics. However, he quickly develops a rivalry with Ryuji, who Morgana dislikes for his clumsiness and sometimes foolhardy personality, while Ryuji becomes annoyed with Morgana's often superior attitude and overconfidence.

Shadow Morgana

Shadow Morgana in a nightmare.

One night, Morgana's insecurities of his own identity manifest in a dream as Shadow Morgana. However, the truth of this nightmare is up to interpretation, as Morgana's Shadow Self has been converted into his Persona Zorro.

After Futaba joins the team, this comes to a head when Ryuji jokingly points out during the beach trip that she is a naturally better Navigator and more generally useful than he is. But Morgana's feelings of unbelonging has him take those words to heart than as a joke, which begins to upset him deeply over time. This leads to an argument between the two while the Phantom Thieves are debating whether to attack Kunikazu Okumura's Palace. He eventually storms out, deciding to show he can infiltrate a Palace by himself and prove he still belongs in the team, but is almost immediately defeated by the Palace's Shadows, who only leave him alive because they do not regard him as a threat.


Morgana on Haru's side.

He is saved and nursed back to health by Haru Okumura, who retains the ability to understand his cat form in the real world due to having been inside the Palace. After learning about her personal troubles, he decides to help her become a Phantom Thief despite her lack of a true Persona at that time due to her unwillingness to acknowledge her somewhat more selfish motives in rebelling against her father. When the true Phantom Thieves show up to steal Kunikazu's heart, Morgana introduces Haru as "Beauty Thief" and claims her to be a far better apprentice than the other Thieves-a claim that is immediately undercut by Haru's inexperience and shyness. However, his friends' willingness to help Haru was what helped Morgana realize he was acting irrationally and rejoins the team.

When the team's efforts to expose Shido are left null by the general public, Morgana decides to reveal to everyone that it's possible to change the masses' hearts by stealing the treasure from the depths of Mementos, thus erasing the Metaverse. Though for Morgana, it's likely that he thought (or knew) that erasing the Metaverse would mean he'd have to disappear as well, as he's shown to hesitate and later hint at his fate.

When the party is defeated by Yaldabaoth at the core of Mementos, Morgana ends up in the Velvet Room and regains his memories. It is revealed that Morgana was created by Igor to assist the protagonist in his journey, after he was imprisoned and replaced by Yaldabaoth.

After defeating Yaldabaoth, Morgana's existence tied to Mementos causes him to dissipate from existence as Mementos does the same, leaving the Phantom Thieves heartbroken. Before disappearing, Morgana gives the Phantom Thieves an inspirational message. After the protagonist is confined, Morgana's words and admiration are what inspire the remaining members of the team to wake up from their slump and do what they can to free him.

However, during the day the protagonist is freed from his confinement, Morgana returns to Cafe Leblanc in cat form. He explains that despite his other world self disappearing, he returned in his normal cat form likely due to the Phantom Thieves keeping him in their minds and approving his belonging in the team. While he reappeared back in Shibuya, he decided not to follow the Phantom Thieves home, instead waiting until the protagonist's release from Juvenile Hall to return, much to the anger of the party. Hearing the protagonist's departure next month, Morgana decides to follow him and find a way to become human, believing that even though he was not human originally, it does not mean he cannot become one.

In the epilogue, he is seen sabotaging a car with two spies before going on vacation together with the party.


"Skillful infiltrations and escapes to all manner of places... There's even the possibility that you used special tools and had someone who manufactured them... ...Answer me!"
Sae Niijima talking about Morgana, Persona 5

Morgana's Confidant unlocks automatically on April 15th and ranks out during fixed events during the Story. Maxing this Confidant makes Zorro evolve into Mercurius and unlocks the fusion of Futsunushi.

Morgana's Follow Up attack, gained after reaching Rank 3 of his Confidant after the completion of Madarame's Palace, has him transform into bus form and strike all enemies on the field for a critical hit.

Morgana's farewell gift after maxing his Confidant is Morgana's Scarf, allowing the protagonist to use Pickpocket in New Game+ once their Confidant has been established. According to Morgana upon receiving it, it is the only remnant of his original thief costume when returning to the real world.

1 April 15th Infiltration Tools Allows you to craft basic infiltration tools.
2 Enter Kamoshida's Treasure room Baton Pass Allows you to pass your turn over to other Baton Pass users after a 1 More.
3 Clear Madarame's Palace Follow Up Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker's attack does not down the enemy.
4 June 20th Kitty Talk Chance to step in after Shadow negotiation fails, allowing a retry.
5 Clear Kaneshiro's Palace Pickpocket Chance to obtain an item when Joker performs a melee attack.
6 July 25th Ace Tools Allows you to craft all infiltration tools.
7 August 29th Harisen Recovery Chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members.
8 September 17th Endure Chance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining.
9 Clear Okumura's Palace Protect Chance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack.
10 December 23rd Second Awakening Transforms his Persona into a mythological trickster.

Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers

Morgana is first seen in the subway with the protagonist, Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke. Morgana transforms into a van and they enter the Mementos.

Later, Morgana acts as a sound signal when Kazuya Makigami and his gang raid Cafe Leblanc. Morgana helps fight Kazuya in the Mementos and delivers the key to Naoya Makigami.

Persona 5 Manga

Morgana's role in the manga is mostly the same as in the game. In the manga adaptation, Morgana appears before Ryuji and the protagonist after they confront Kamoshida for his role in Shiho's suicide attempt. Not only does Morgana agree to help the two, but he also reveals he found the Treasure of Kamoshida's palace before meeting the boys. 

Battle Quotes

Quotes video: and

  • "Zorro!/Mercurius!" (When exploiting an enemy's weakness with a Persona skill)
  • "Zorro! Show your might!" (When exploiting an enemy's weakness with a Persona skill with Zorro)
  • "Run! Mercurius!" (When exploiting an enemy's weakness with a Persona skill with Mercurius)
  • "Show your might, Mercurius!" (When exploiting an enemy's weakness with a Persona skill with Mercurius)
  • "Persona!" (Selecting a Persona skill)
  • "Come forth, my other self!" (Selecting a Persona skill)
  • "Time for my Persona!" (Selecting a Persona skill)
  • "Witness my resolve!" (Selecting a Persona skill)
  • "I'll finish you!" (Using an offensive Persona skill)
  • "Take this!" (Using an offensive Persona skill)
  • "Meeeow!" (Using an offensive Persona skill)
  • "It's time to show my stuff!" (Using Slingshots)
  • "Snap out of it!" (Using Harisen Recovery)
  • "Oh no!" (Shielding protagonist)
  • "Whaat!?" (Morgana's attack or skill misses)
  • "Pardon me..." (Morgana's attack or skill misses)
  • "I'm a... failure..." (Incapacitated)
  • "Playing dead isn't easy..." (Recovers from Incapacitated)
  • "It's tough playing dead..." (Morgana recovers from Incapacitated)
  • "Time for some bloodshed!" (Initiating All-out Attack)
  • "Too late for apologies!" (Initiating All-out Attack)
  • "Quiver in fear!" (Initiating All-out Attack)
  • "Game Over" (All-out Attack finishing touch)
  • "Cleanup complete!" (All-out Attack finishing touch)
  • "The End!" (All-out Attack finishing touch)
  • "Thank you!" (When Morgana recovers HP by an ally's skill)


  • "We're surrounded! Three enemies!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 3 enemies)
  • "We're surrounded by three enemies! Strong ones!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 3 higher-leveled enemies)
  • "They took us by surprise! These three are weak, but be careful!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 3 lower-leveled enemies)
  • "Three enemies! We don't have time to waste!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 3 enemies during heists)
  • "Wha-!? A surprise attack! Four enemies!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 4 enemies)
  • "Four enemies! They're formidable!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 4 higher-leveled enemies)
  • "We're surrounded! They've got numbers... Wait for your chance!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 4 lower-leveled enemies)
  • "We don't have time to hang around here fighting!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 4 enemies during heists)
  • "An enemy ambush! Let's see, there's... five of them!?" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 5 enemies)
  • "Five strong enemies! We just have to take them one at a time!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 5 higher-leveled enemies)
  • "Argh, shoot! They're weak, but they have us outnumbered!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 5 lower-leveled enemies)
  • "Hang on! Don't panic, stay cool and blaze through them!" (When entering a battle being Ambushed by 5 enemies during heists)
  • "Now's our chance to strike! Go!" (When entering a battle via Ambush)
  • "I don't see a weakness..." (When analyzing an enemy before uncovering weaknesses)
  • "Whoooaaa! Looking cool, Joker!" (When protagonist exploits enemy's weakness)
  • "Nice one! They can't land a hit!" (When protagonist dodges an enemy's attack before coming up with code names)
  • "All right, Joker! Very smooth!" (When protagonist dodges an enemy's attack as Navigator)
  • "You missed!? Come on, Joker!" (Protagonist misses as Navigator)
  • "Joker! Are you OK!?" (When protagonist's HP reaches below 25% by an enemy's skill)
  • "How could they be this strong...?" (Protagonist is incapacitated by an enemy's skill during certain battles)
  • "Joker! Get up! No... JOKER!" (Protagonist is incapacitated by an enemy's skill during a normal encounter)
  • "Joker!? H-hey... Answer me!" (Protagonist is incapacitated by an enemy's skill during a normal encounter)
  • "No! Wake up, Joker! Get up!" (Protagonist is incapacitated against a Palace's owner)
  • "This is a joke, right!? Wake up!" (Protagonist is incapacitated against a Palace's owner)
  • "Joker's down...! Come on, you gotta hold on!" (Protagonist is Downed)
  • "Joker's on fire! He can't take much more of this!" (When protagonist is suffering from Burn as Navigator)
  • "Joker's been turned into a mouse!?" (When protagonist is afflicted with Mice as Navigator)
  • "All right, time for a counterattack!" (When the protagonist recovers from Down status)
  • "You did it, Skull!" (Ryuji exploits a weakness)
  • "I guess you ARE good for something, Skull!" (When Ryuji dodges an enemy attack)
  • "Oh Skull... You're pathetic..." (Ryuji misses as Navigator)
  • "Oh no! Skull's been knocked flat!" (Ryuji is Downed)
  • "Skull's out! We've gotta help him!" (Ryuji is incapacitated by an enemy's skill)
  • "Skull's in trouble! Someone fix him up!" (When Ryuji's HP reaches below 25% by an enemy's skill)
  • "Skull, are you OK? Watch your health!" (Ryuji's HP is below 25% during protagonist's turn)
  • "Skull's a mouse! He's helpless!" (When Ryuji is afflicted with Mice as Navigator)
  • "Skull's back up! Let's give them some payback!" (When Ryuji recovers from Down status)
  • "Ha! It's almost scary how good I am!" (Morgana exploits a weakness as Navigator)
  • "I hit their weakness! It's all too easy!" (Morgana exploits a weakness as Navigator)
  • "That was pure skill!" (Morgana downs remaining non-Downed enemies as Navigator)
  • "What did you think? Graceful? Stylish?" (Morgana finishes off all remaining enemies)
  • "Not bad, if I say so myself..." (When Morgana dodges an enemy attack as Navigator)
  • "My power..." (When Morgana's Offense is lowered)
  • "My defense is low right now..." (When Morgana's Defense is lowered)
  • "My incredible speed lowered...?" (When Morgana's Accuracy/Evasion is lowered)
  • "Hooooot! Hot, hot, hot!" (When Morgana is afflicted with Burn as Navigator)
  • "I-I'm f-frozen stiff!" (When Morgana is afflicted with Freeze as Navigator)
  • "I-I got shocked...! Can't... moooove!" (When Morgana is afflicted with Shock as Navigator)
  • "I'm dizzy... Can't see straight..." (When Morgana is afflicted with Dizzy as Navigator)
  • "Whaa...? What's going on...?" (When Morgana is afflicted with Confusion as Navigator)
  • "Waaaaaah! G-Get away from meeee!" (When Morgana is afflicted with Fear as Navigator)
  • "Huh...? Err... What was I doing again...?" (When Morgana is afflicted with Forget as Navigator)
  • "I'm out of energy... I need a snack..." (When Morgana is afflicted with Hunger as Navigator)
  • "*snore* Finally... I'm... human..." (When Morgana is afflicted with Sleep as Navigator)
  • "Raaaaaah! I'm pissed, dammit!" (When Morgana is afflicted with Rage as Navigator)
  • "It's hopeless... I'm gonna be a cat for the rest of my life..." (When Morgana is afflicted with Despair as Navigator)
  • "Meow? M-Meeeeyyoooow!?" (When Morgana is afflicted with Brainwash as Navigator)
  • "*squeak squeak squeeeaaak*!" (When Morgana is afflicted with Mice as Navigator)
  • "I missed!? Really!?" (Morgana misses as Navigator)
  • "Oooooowooooow!" (Morgana is Downed as Navigator)
  • "Time for my comeback with style and grace!" (Morgana recovers from Down)
  • "I-I could use a hand here..." (Morgana's HP is reduced to below 25% by an enemy's skill as Navigator)
  • "Dammit... I don't have much health left..." (Morgana's HP is below 25% during protagonist's turn as Navigator)
  • "Gah... I got too reckless... I'll back out and focus on support!" (When Morgana is defeated and retreats to support before Futaba joins)
  • "I'm outta here!" (Morgana withdraws from the battle in Fear)
  • "Enemy down! You're so gorgeous, Panther." (Ann exploits a weakness)
  • "Wiped them out! You're so gorgeous, Panther!" (When Ann defeats an enemy)
  • "Panther! Watch them carefully!" (Ann misses as Navigator)
  • "Panther's off her feet! Are you alright!?" (Ann is Downed)
  • "Panther's been taken out! Someone treat her!" (Ann is incapacitated by an enemy's skill)
  • "All right! Panther's back!" (When Ann recovers from Down status)
  • "Panther! Hang in there!" (When Ann's HP reaches below 25% by an enemy's skill)
  • "Panther's in trouble! Someone heal her!" (Ann's HP is below 25% during protagonist's turn)
  • "Panther's despondent! We can't just ignore her!" (When Ann is afflicted with Despair as Navigator)
  • "Panther's a mouse now! Oh, she doesn't stand a chance like that!" (When Ann is afflicted with Mice as Navigator)
  • "Fox, you gotta aim!" (Yusuke misses as Navigator)
  • "Fox, your defense is down!" (When Yusuke's defense is reduced)
  • "Fox is confused! He might try to do anything!" (When Yusuke is afflicted with Confusion as Navigator)
  • "Fox is just a mouse now! He can't do much like that!" (When Yusuke is afflicted with Mice as Navigator)
  • "Fox got knocked off balance! You have to recover!" (Yusuke is Downed)
  • "Gah, not good! Fox is in bad shape!" (When Yusuke's HP reaches below 25% by an enemy's skill)
  • "Fox is unconscious! This is bad!" (Yusuke is incapacitated by an enemy's skill)
  • "All right, Queen! Beautifully dodged!" (When Makoto dodges an enemy attack)
  • "Queen! Get a hold of yourself!" (Makoto misses as Navigator)
  • "Queen's a mouse! We have to help her!" (When Makoto is afflicted with Mice as Navigator)
  • "Queen's been knocked down! Keep it together!" (Makoto is Downed)
  • "They're attacking Queen! Pay attention!" (When Makoto's HP reaches below 25% by an enemy's skill)
  • "Queen, you're in danger! Someone take care of her!" (Makoto's HP is below 25% during protagonist's turn as Navigator)
  • "Queen's injured! She needs some help!" (Makoto is incapacitated by an enemy's skill)
  • "Now you've got it, Noir!" (Unused quote when Haru dodges an attack)
  • "Noir! Aim carefully!" (Unused quote when Haru's attack misses as Navigator)
  • "Noir! Are you OK!?" (Unused quote when Haru is Downed)
  • "Noir's in a tight spot! Keep an eye on her!" (Unused quote when Haru's HP reaches below 25% by an enemy's skill)
  • "Noir's been knocked out! Someone look after her!" (Unused quote when Haru is incapacitated as Navigator)
  • "Alright, Crow! Keep that up!" (Unused quote when Akechi dodges an attack)
  • "You gotta watch their movements, Crow!" (Unused quote when Akechi's attack misses as Navigator)
  • "Crow's been knocked down! Stand your ground!" (Unused quote when Akechi is Downed)
  • "Crow's at low health... be careful!" (Unused quote when Akechi's HP reaches below 25% by an enemy's skill)
  • "They took out Crow! Someone cover him!" (Unused quote when Akechi is incapacitated as Navigator)
  • "What was that!? Focus!" (When any Phantom Thieves on their first battle misses)
  • "Hey! Are you OK!?" (When any Phantom Thieves on their first battle is Downed)
  • "Hey! You have to hold on, OK?" (When any Phantom Thieves on their first battle are incapacitated)
  • "Everyone OK!?" (When 2 or more members's HP are reduced to below 25% by an enemy's skill)
  • "This just got worse... Brace yourselves!" (When 2 or more members are Downed by a skill)
  • "Wh-What!? We've got several casualties! This is bad!" (When 2 or more members are incapacitated by a skill)
  • "Whoa-ho! THAT'S how true Phantom Thieves do it!" (When the entire party evades an attack)
  • "That one's strong... I don't advise fighting it!" (Encountering a 'strong' demon as Navigator)
  • "Hey that's a rare one! Don't let it escape!" (Encountering a Treasure Demon as Navigator)
  • "What!? This one's a real threat!" (Encountering The Reaper as Navigator)
  • "Beat them down!" (Rush)
  • "Attaaack!" (Rush)
  • "Let's get them!" (Rush)
  • "OK, guys! Let's do it!" (Initiating All-out Attack as Navigator)
  • "Finish 'em!" (Initiating All-out Attack as Navigator)
  • "This'll end it!" (Initiating All-out Attack Navigator)
  • "It's no use... we can't escape!" (Attempting to escape from being Ambushed by enemies)
  • "Hold on just a bit more... There's gotta be a way out!" (During protagonist's turn while attempting to Escape)
  • "Alright! I'll look for a way out!" (Selecting escape)
  • "Don't rush me! I'm looking for an opening!" (Using Escape again while trying to escape)
  • "Gah... it's just not happening! We can't escape!" (Escape attempt failed)
  • "We're getting out of here! You ready!?" (Successfully escaping from a battle)
  • "I neeed a sushi!!" (While Hungry)
  • "My fuuuuur!" (Afflicted with Burn)
  • "Yes, that suits me fine." (Tactics changed to Act Freely)
  • "Alright, crush 'em!" (Tactics changed to Full Assault)
  • "Okay, I'll hold back." (Tactics changed to Conserve SP)
  • "No need to be reckless." (Tactics changed to Heal/Support)
  • "Awaiting orders." (Tactics changed to Direct Command)
  • "H-Hey, Joker! These two are...! Y-You... You wanna fight them!? These two are dangerous! I can tell! Don't let their looks deceive you! They're on a whole other level!" (Battling Caroline and Justine as Navigator)


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Illustration of the protagonist, Ryuji, Ann and Morgana.
Illustration of the Protagonist and Morgana for Playstation Awards 2016
Illustration of Morgana and the protagonist for PlayStation Awards 2016 by Shigenori Soejima.
P5 New Years 2017 Illustration of the Protagonist and Morgana
New Years Illustration of Morgana and the protagonist.
Morgana violin
Morgana playing the violin.
Jagarico 23rd Anniversary Morgana Artwork
Morgana eating Jagarico.
Teddie and Morgana 200000 Followers
Morgana in the 200,000 followers celebration
Persona 5 Official Design Work key visual by Shigenori Soejima
Illustration of Morgana and the others by Shigenori Soejima.
Illustration of Phantom Theives of Heart for P5 Maniax User Handbook Cover Illustration
Persona 5 Maniax User Handbook Cover Illustration of Phantom Thieves of Hearts
Morgana theme
Morgana theme2
Morgana's Valentine card.
Morgana All Out
All-Out Attack portrait.
Morgana's Finishing Touch
All-Out Attack finishing touch.
Morgana Opening
Morgana in the opening movie.
Morgana cat
Morgana as a normal cat.
Screenshot (279)
Morgana being carried in the protagonist's bag.
Morgana bouncing.
P5 Morgana unnamed Persona
Morgana's Persona Zorro.
Morgana transforming into a van.
Morgana with Futaba.
Morgana helping the thieves escape the pyramid.
Futaba going to sleep
Morgana in Futaba's room.
Morgana Defending Haru
Morgana being slammed into a wall by Haru's fiance.
P5 Bishoujo wearing her cat burglar outfit
Morgana and Haru.
Futaba Morgana
Futaba engaging in borderline animal abuse.
Morgana after Valentine's Day.
Morgana is removed from the general public's cognition.
Just Morgana
Morgana before disappearing.
Morgana with Haru.
Morgana in the credits.
Persona 5 Royal
P5R Key Art
Morgana on the P5R key art
Persona 5 Portraits
P5 portrait of Morgana
Morgana's portrait
P5 portrait of Morgana smiling
Morgana smiling
P5 portrait of Morgana shocked
Morgana shocked
P5 portrait of Morgana Angry
Morgana angry
P5 portrait of Morgana with Star eyes
Morgana with star eyes
P5 portrait of Morgana's cat form
Morgana as a cat
P5 animated expression of Morgana 01
Persona 5 Costumes
Persona 2 Costume (Trish) (DLC)
Persona 3 Costume (Aigis) (DLC)
Persona 4 Costume (Teddie) (DLC)
Persona 4 Arena Shadow Operation Outfit (DLC)
Catherine Costume (sheep) (DLC)
Maid Uniform (DLC)
Christmas Costume (DLC)
Persona 5 (Manga)
P5 Manga Morgana's cat form
Morgana's cat form
P5 Vol 2 Cover
Cover for Volume 2
Morgana on the cover
Morgana on the cover
Persona 5 Character Anthology
Illustration by Persona Q: Side P4 manga author Mizunomoto
P5A Anthology Cover
P5A Anthology cover
Persona 5 Survey Report Book Cover Full
Survey Report Cover
Illustration countdown of Morgana and Futaba for Volume 1 of Persona 5: Mementos Mission
Persona 5 Mementos Mission Cover 1
Morgana on the Persona 5: Mementos Mission Volume 1 Cover
Illustration of Morgana, Ryuji, Yusuke and Ren for Chapter 7 of Persona 5: Mementos Mission
Morgana in Persona 5: Mementos Mission
Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers
PERSONA5 THE ANIMATION - THE DAY BREAKERS - DVD package visual by Shigenori Soejima
Morgana and his allies on the cover of Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers
P5 anime Morgana
Morgana in Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers
Ann and Morgana
Persona 5 The Animation
P5A visual key art of Morgana
Morgana's visual art
P5A Second Cour Key Visual
Second cour key visual
Persona 5 the Animation DVD Volume 7
Morgana on DVD Cover of P5A Volume 7
Persona 5 the Animation DVD Reverse Cover Volume 7
Morgana on DVD Reverse Cover of P5A Volume 7
P5A Morgana's cat form Concept Art 1
Concept art of Morgana in cat form
P5A Morgana's cat form Concept Art 2
Concept art of Morgana in cat form (2)
P5A Morgana's biped form
Morgana's biped form seen in the anime adaption.
P5A Morgana's van form
Morgana's van form seen in the anime adaption.
Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight
P5D key visual art
P3D-P5D Illustration of Aigis and Morgana
Morgana P5D Art
Character art
P5D Morgana initial costume
Initial Costume
P5D Morgana Phantom Thief Costume
Bipedal form
P5D Morgana maid outfit
Maid Uniform
P5D Morgana Velvet Room Outfit
Velvet Room Outfit
P5D Morgana Halloween Outfit
Halloween Outfit
P5D Morgana Christmas Outfit
Christmas Outfit
P5D Morgana Aigis Costume
Aigis Costume
P5D Morgana Teddie Costume
Teddie Costume
P5D Morgana Featherman Costume
Featherman Costume
P5D Morgana Sonic Costume
Sonic Costume
Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth
PQ2 Main Visual Artwork
Morgana with the group
PQ2 main P5 playable characters
Morgana with the P5 cast
Morgana and the Phantom Thieves in Mementos
Persona Q2 Kamoshidaman Key Art
Morgana in the Kamoshidaman Key Art
Persona Q2 Kamoshidaman Poster
Mock-up poster
Tribute Artworks
P5 Illustration of the main characters by Akaume (PQ Roundbout illustrator)
Illustration of Morgana and his team by Akaume (PQ Roundabout author)
P5 Illustration of the Protagonist, Ryuji, Anne, Morgana and Yuske by Rokuro Saito
Illustration of Morgana, the protagonist, Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke by Rokuro Saito
P5 Illustration of Haru and Morgana by Oshikiri Rensuke
Illustration of Haru and Morgana by Oshikiri Rensuke (Cartoonist of High School Girl and Pikopiko Shounen)
P5 Ann Takamaki tribute illustration by Arco Wada (Fate EXTRA series character designer)
Tribute illustration of Morgana and Ann by Arco Wada (Fate EXTRA series character designer)
Futaba by Kei
Illustration of Morgana and Futaba by Kei
PERSONA 20th Anniversary Festival
Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, P5, 01
Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, 02
Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, 05
Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, 12
PQ2 LINE Stamp 16
LINE sticker
Persona 5 Escape Room Key Visual
Morgana on the escape room key visual
P5 Morgana Pop figure
Morgana Pop Figure


Morgana at E3

Morgana at E3

Morgana promoting Persona 5 at 2016 E3 (full video here).


A Morgana mascot made numerous appearances in publicity events.

  • Morgana is actually the second talking cat in the series, the first being Lieutenant General Zula from Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.
  • Morgana appeared at 2016 E3 to promote Persona 5. (Video on the right)
  • Morgana's dialogues in the real world are accompanied with the onomatopoeia "Meow~/Nya~" to indicate that other people cannot understand his words.
  • In the Japanese version only, Morgana uses the archaic first person pronoun 'wagahai' (ワガハイ/吾輩), which has an arrogant tone. This may be a reference to Natsumi Soseki's 1905 satire novel I Am a Cat (Wagahai wa Neko de Aru).
  • Despite Morgana's opposition to be treated like a cat, Morgana explains a cat transforming into a vehicle is something engraved into (Japanese) people's mind, indirectly referencing the Catbus from the anime movie My Neighbor Totoro directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
  • Atlus created a real life Morgana-van.[1][2][3]It had a tail.[4]Morgana also came to see his ride.[5]
  • One of the early ideas was for Morgana to be a sports car, however, he would have been too small to fit the entire gang and so the idea was scrapped.[6]
  • Morgana's actual gender was initially made ambiguous. The name itself is traditionally used for females and the character is performed by female voice talents in both the Japanese and English versions. However, in the beginning of the story when the names of all party members are concealed, Morgana's voice is described as a "boyish voice." Morgana's initial Persona Zorro is male even though few other major human characters in the series possess Personas of opposite gender or even genderlessness. After defeating first target in Mementos, Ann asks if Morgana is a boy or girl, to which Morgana identifies as male. Ironically, despite being male and not liking to be seen as cute, some of Morgana's costumes are feminine.
    • In the Persona 5 panel at Anime Expo, Morgana's English voice actress, Cassandra Lee Morris claimed Morgana is gender neutral and does not identify as male or female.(7:34:30) However, this contradicts Morgana's "Of course I'm male!" in the game. This should not be mistaken as a fact since this was during an improv panel and Morris was in a humorous mood, later Tweeting, "I identify as a bus."
Morgana plush

Morgana in plushie form.

  • In episode 25 of Persona Stalker Club, Atlus invited an art teacher to demonstrate the making of a mini needle felted Morgana doll. A plushie Morgana also comes with the Persona 5 Take Your Heart Premium Edition.
  • If the protagonist lacks the train fee to make a return trip to Yongen-Jaya, Morgana will use his secret savings to give him exactly that amount of money to return to there, preventing him from getting stuck with no way to progress.
  • Morgana is the only playable character to be able to summon a Persona without requiring to take off his Mask.
  • Morgana's code name is a direct reference of Monā, the Shift_JIS art mascot cat created by 2channel textboard users.
  • Coincidentally, Mona is also the name of the island where Captain Kidd reportedly buried his fortunes.
  • Morgana is the second Magician to specialize in Wind magic rather than Fire, the first being Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4.
  • Just like Teddie, Morgana is seeking answers to his origins. When Morgana is under panic in battle, he makes bear-puns as a reference to Teddie.
  • Morgana is the first Navigator that can do fighting and navigation at same time. Before Futaba joins, if Morgana is knocked out in battle he does not faint. Instead, he runs away to the back stage and becomes the Navigator. Any party member can still use any revival item or skill on him and put him back on front row.
    • Due to this, he also becomes the first one whose dialogues become affected by the Status Changes he gets inflicted with.
  • Although Morgana's running animation in the Palace which transforms his legs into a swirling vortex may be interpreted as being inspired by the Roadrunner or Sonic the Hedgehog, it is also possible that it comes straight from Doraemon's comical expression.[7]
  • When thinking of a way to reach the floating bank in Kaneshiro's Palace, Ryuji asks if Morgana can bring out some sort of flight tools. Morgana retorts that he is not some "robot cat" (Doraemon) who can source all kinds of futuristic gadgets from his fourth-dimensional pocket with the most recurring one being the Take-copter for flight.
  • In the Japanese version, when Morgana is transformed into a rat in battle, he will make noise reminiscent of Pikachu who is also voiced by Ikue Ōtani. Also, in one of the phone texts, the protagonist may say "Morgana, I choose you," a probable reference to "Pikachu, I choose you."
  • When Morgana changes into a bus, his pose is similar to the transformation poses of Showa Era Kamen Rider.
  • Like Junpei Iori and Kenji Tomochika from Persona 3 and Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4, Morgana's attempt at romance ends tragically, as Ann doesn't return his feelings. This is especially shown on Valentine's Day, as Morgana is sighing if the protagonist chose to date Ann.
  • Unlike Junpei and Yosuke, however, Morgana does not show any form of jealousy towards the protagonist for his Wild Card ability (though Yosuke kept his jealousy secret and didn't reveal it until the end of his Social Link).
  • In the OVA Dark Sun..., Morgana attempts to explain why they did not steal Sae's treasure to her, but she can only hear him meowing. This indicates that a person needs to enter the Metaverse by themselves to hear him talk; They cannot hear his words even if their Shadow Self has encountered him inside the Metaverse.
  • In Persona Q2, unlike the other Phantom Thieves of Hearts that turn into their usual clothes when inside the Cinema, Morgana is always in his Metaverse form both inside the Cinema and in a Labyrinth. This might be due to the game taking place inside the collective unconsciousness and his existence is tied to the Velvet Room, and thus subsequently he is tied to the collective unconsciousness itself, resulting in him appearing in his Metaverse form when inside any place related to the collective unconsciousness, Metaverse or otherwise.

Appearances in Other Media

  • Chain Chronicle: Mona, Cleric class. (Article in Chain Chronicle Wiki)
  • Puzzle and Dragons: Mona. Collaboration event.
  • Granblue Fantasy: Mona, SSR Dark Summon as Morgana Car. Collaboration event.
  • Catherine: Full Body: DLC NPC
  • Super Smash Brothers Ultimate: Part of Joker's taunts, Spirit, Joker's Final Smash, and a hat for the Mii Fighters. Also appears in the mural despite not being a playable fighter.
Chain Chronicle
P5 Morgana Chain Chronicle
Morgana in Chain Chronicle
P5 Morgana Chain Chronicle 2
Morgana's All-Out Attack in Chain Chronicle
Puzzle and Dragons
P5 Morgana Puzzle and Dragons
Morgana in Puzzle and Dragons
Granblue Fantasy
Morgana's official design for Granblue Fantasy collaboration event June 2018
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Morgana hat
Persona 5 x Sanrio
Persona 5, in collaboration with Sanrio

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