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"The whole world is a product of cognition... ...not just the Metaverse. It can be freely re-made... The same goes for you, and everyone else. Soon a new world will come. One where mankind isn't held captive. The world will shine brightly as long as you hold hope in your hearts. Remember... There's no such thing as the "real" world. What each person sees and feels-- Those are what shape reality. This is what gives the world infinite potential. Even if you feel that only darkness lies ahead... As long as you hold hands together... See it through as one... ...the world will never end! The world exists within all of you...!"
—Morgana, Persona 5

Morgana is a playable character from Persona 5. He is a mysterious being with ties to Mementos. He doesn't know who he is, and seeks answers to restore his memories.



In the Metaverse, Morgana is an anthropomorphic and biped tuxedo cat-like creature with a large spheroidal head. His fur is predominantly black, except on his limbs and tail which appear white. The bottom front half of his face or his mouth is also white. Morgana wears a mask that covers much of his face (which can be unbuttoned from behind) with elliptic eyes consisting of white sclerae, blue irises and black pupils. His outer ears are black with white inner ears. He has a yellow scarf around his neck and a utility belt around his hips, with two golden buttons and two bags attached. He has pink paw pads.

In the real world, Morgana retains the anatomy of a normal adult house cat. The fur coat on his body remains the same, though it has been described to be "smooth and silky" to the touch. His head is no longer covered by a mask, and is predominantly black with the exception of his white muzzle. He has a black nose, and whiskers on the sides of his muzzle and above his eyes. His blue irises cover his entire eyes, hiding his sclera. He wears a yellow collar in place of his scarf and no longer wears a belt. Unlike his Metaverse form, his cat form has retractable claws.

In the Metaverse, Morgana can transform into a van. Its design is based on the Citroën H Van. The paint is dominantly black, with three yellow stripes on the hood (with the middle one being the thickest) and though they are symmetrical with one another, they are asymmetrically aligned with the vehicle itself, as they converge toward his left windshield. On the grille, there is a small golden emblem representing Morgana's biped head. In addition, the headlights represent his eyes, his ears are attached on the front side of the roof, and his tail is attached on the back. Unlike normal vehicles, it can also bend in a cartoon-like manner.

For most of Persona 5, Morgana's anthropomorphic look is the one displayed in his dialogue portrait, no matter what form he's actually in or whether they're in the real world or not. However, after the Metaverse has been erased alongside his Metaverse form, he's instead perceived as a normal house-cat. However, should a new Mementos related incident occur and is known to him, his portrait will turn from his cat form to his anthropomorphic form, only to revert once the source of the incident has been removed.

In Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, Morgana appears in his anthropomorphic form. For his Ball Stage Outfit, he retains his mask, but no longer wears a utility belt. Instead, he wears a white T-shirt with a gold "M" logo, with small "BAD★CAT" letters engraved below. He attains a large red scarf and black sneakers with gold shoelaces and white soles. He also wears a large gold crown on his head, with large "KING" letters carved around it, repeating the same word twice. Red diamond shaped gems are engraved between those letters, with the exception of those between "G" and "K," which are shaped like stars instead, serving as word spacing. Additionally, he also wears a golden chain bracelet on his left wrist.

In Persona 5 Royal, Morgana temporarily attains the form of a human. He has sleek dark blue hair with side-swept bangs and blue eyes. He wears a gray jacket over a dark beige scoop neck shirt, alongside a thin yellow necklace. In addition, he wears white jeans with a black belt and black sneakers with white shoelaces, soles and toe caps.


"Don't call me a cat! I am Morgana!"
—Morgana meeting the protagonist and Ryuji

While appearing to be a cat-like creature, Morgana emphatically insists on being a human, and sticks with the Phantom Thieves as he believes they'll be able to help him discover his origins and regain his true form. Despite this, sometimes he instinctively meows and self-grooms, being able to get used to his lifestyle as a cat easily. However, he demonstrates a number of qualities which are absent in ordinary animals, such as his intelligence, a sense of morality, empathy, and even style.

Morgana lacks a sense of self, not remembering anything about who he is or where he comes from. This is the foundation of an identity crisis, as he's often confused and uncertain about who he really is. His end goal ends up being to change his appearance into a human, which he shows deep satisfaction with. However, he feels that his current appearance of a cat prevents him from being seen for who he is, as such, he often attempts to prove himself to others.

A confident Morgana showing off his Persona.

Morgana knows how to be dignified and level-headed, and often adopts a more realistic and logical mindset, easily prioritizing important missions over his own personal agenda. He strongly believes in doing the right thing, as he's willing to stand his ground against injustice, and has voiced he'll never forgive certain deeds on several occasions, including a minor target that inflicted abuse on stray cats to relieve stress. He was also shown to consider the ideal person to be a hero figure that helps people in need, which leads him to act gallantly at times. Morgana keeps things fair, conveyed by his settling give-and-take deals between others, and never goes back on his word either, as he promised to guide the protagonist and Ryuji out of Kamoshida's Palace when they first met, on the condition that they free him from his cell. And though some of his teammates might be pressured into questioning their morals in terms of whether what they're doing is right, Morgana shows autonomous faith in his own ideals.

Morgana is very outspoken and straightforward, and often speaks his mind. He can be irritable, and warn or scold his teammates when they're not careful. He also has a mischievous side, as he likes to boast and tease his friends on a whim. This especially applies to Ryuji Sakamoto, whom Morgana struggles to get along with at first, due to his reckless nature. Either way, he doesn't rub salt in the wound if the person ends up feeling ashamed or guilty over their mistakes, and can empathize with them. This treatment includes Futaba Sakura while she was learning to open up and overcome her anxiety and distrust, having him withstand her playful animal abuse and any trouble that came his way.

Despite being knowledgeable on the Metaverse, Morgana has various blind spots in his understanding of the Metaverse. His uncertainty is demonstrated through having the group adopt the use of codenames as extra precaution. When explaining his own knowledge or theorems, he often adds "I think" to his sentences. This applies to his speculation about why he doesn't look like a human at first as well.

Morgana is chivalrous in nature, showing a very gentlemanly side towards women. This is most apparent with Ann Takamaki, who fits the description as she possesses an empathetic and courageous personality, alongside her beauty; he refers to her as "Lady Ann" out of noble respect. Compared to others, Morgana initially doesn't get agitated over being misunderstood by her, as what she says often came out of fear and stress, and notices that she shows the desire to understand him and his feelings, one reason why he could've developed a crush towards her. This leads to him often trying to impress her, though he's rather sheepish at times. In spite of his attempts, Ann never realizes he has romantic feelings for her, but she shows gratitude in his gestures nonetheless. However, despite his gentlemanly attitude, Morgana has a perverted side as well, as at first he was mesmerized by Suguru Kamoshida's cognition of Ann, which is her only wearing cat ears and bikini, even though he was aware she's a fake. Because of this, he often blurts out innuendos regardless of their appropriation, or even at one point, both him and Ryuji tried to peek under Ann's skirt.

Morgana and the protagonist in their room.

Though he has an idea of how to be dignified and rational, deep down Morgana is more optimistic, making him a heavy daydreamer: he often immerses himself in his ideal self's shoes, as he's shown to fantasize about what would happen if he were to become human, to the point where he imagines his supposed true form having the appearance a handsome man while living a luxurious life. Additionally, he's modest with his own general value, thinking lowly of himself over others, making him naturally empathetic. This could expand towards fiction as well, making it easy for him to absorb himself in films and books and sympathize with their characters. Though at first he keeps his true feelings to himself, over time he begins to open up to the protagonist, rambling freely about his inner thoughts and dreams.

But despite being optimistic at the core, Morgana has a weak side; in reality, he's deeply worried about who he really is and where he belongs. His uncertainty leads him to even question the integrity of his feelings, slowly becoming disconnected with them in the process. His condition worsens as he fails to make any progress on discovering anything about himself for months: eventually, he even forces himself to be positive, but the effect of that inevitably wears off as well. The issues Morgana is struggling with may be existential: although he is not nihilistic, his existential crisis instead leads him to doubt himself and his feelings, in the face of his bright vision in everyone else: unlike everyone else, Morgana himself doesn't have a real reason to be with the group, causing him to struggle with an emptiness of his own.

Once he loses his sense of self entirely, due to the confusion he begins to assume general consensus and his friends' opinion of him as the truth, lacking the certainty to reject the idea they're more qualified to define what he is over himself. Worse, as Futaba joins the group and replaces him as Navigator, he begins to question his role in the group and all the knowledge he believed he had on the Metaverse, causing him to worry about how he doesn't compare to others. This results in him perceiving himself as a worthless cat or just a monster, leaving him in a state of dejection and withdrawal, and believing he's been rejected by the group for what he is. However, Haru teaches him that he should find the courage to trust his own true feelings and that doing so won't disconnect him from his friends. In the end, Morgana admits that he doesn't understand who he is and doesn't feel like he has a justified reason to stay with the group, but despite this, he wants to stay with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts as it's the only place he can belong. With them showing acceptance in return, he opens his heart and finds comfort in trusting and being himself, realizing that it doesn't matter if he doesn't understand himself and his origins.

Morgana's overall loyal to the Phantom Thieves, treating them as equals during missions and gatherings due to the nature of their deal, having both sides require one-another to work together in order to succeed. He refers to a number of contributions or mistakes the team makes as a collective effort. Though he initially held a distant give-and-take relationship with the Thieves and had been planning on leaving the group and moving on after restoring his memory, his fruitless journey led to the Phantom Thieves growing on him and gradually began to love being with them. He's shown gratitude for their hospitality, especially since he has no other place to belong. This helped develop a sense of duty towards their goals, boosting his loyalty to a state of selflessness, to the point where he's willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect his friends.

Early on, Morgana's been engrossed by "the embodiment of human desire." Usually Palace rulers' treasure, when he finds one present, he loses all sense of reason and starts fawning over it out of affection and admiration, as demonstrated with Kamoshida's treasure. While finally reaching the Depths of Mementos, Morgana remembers that humans are actually people he looks up to, and has shown to value them and their potential to change the world dearly. This is likely why he's shown to admire human desires at first, as he's been obsessed with belonging among them. However, this compulsion was shown to be neutralized after Morgana realized that he belongs in the Phantom Thieves. As Ann pointed out, he seemed calm and collected when he directly took Okumura's treasure. Despite this, he still holds a passion for humans in the end, so seeing them imprison themselves in Mementos so their wishes are granted was something that saddened him, and did everything he could to knock them back to their senses. Even though Morgana demonstrates modesty in terms of his own general value, he's persistent in following his own feelings and ideals, and in turn, protecting what he cares for.


Persona 5

"...Not letting that happen! Human hope is a desire too! You better not underestimate it! The Phantom Thieves will yield to no one, no matter who they are! Even if only one of us remains, we'll get back up and fight to the very end. And we'll definitely... definitely...! Take the world!"
—Morgana to Yaldabaoth, Persona 5

Morgana is an amnesiac that remembers almost nothing about his past or himself, believing that the cause is the distortions within Mementos. This causes him to lose his sense of self in the process, and wishes to get it back. Despite his appearance of a mysterious cat-like creature, he believes himself to have been human. He theorizes the core of Mementos may have the answers, but access from most of it is blocked and he cannot go very deep.

In order to achieve his goal, he began to investigate the Metaverse, and checked on numerous Palaces for clues.

First Heist: Suguru Kamoshida

During his investigation in Kamoshida's Palace, he gets captured and locked in a prison cell. The Shadow of the Palace's owner, Suguru Kamoshida, tortured him while he was apprehended.

Morgana imprisoned in Kamoshida's dungeon.

Locked in his cell, Morgana eventually spots two teenagers scurrying outside the prison - the protagonist and Ryuji Sakamoto, and implores them to help him out. Initially, the two are confused and distrustful of him, and Morgana resorts to making a deal with them; if they release him, in exchange he'll help them escape the castle. Ryuji concedes to help and in return, Morgana fulfills his end of the bargain, guiding them towards their exit.

Morgana's Persona Zorro.

During their escape, Morgana refers to the two as "Blondie" and "Frizzy Hair" (Ryuji and the protagonist respectively.) When their escape route is blocked by shadows, despite Ryuji starting to panic, Morgana doesn't flinch, and summons his Persona Zorro. Being knowledgeable of the Metaverse, he teaches the basics to the protagonist, who joins him in battle. After helping the two escape, they go on their separate ways, with Morgana staying behind to investigate. However, Morgana becomes interested in the two, especially the protagonist, believing they could be useful to helping him discover his past.

The day after, Morgana finds them again at the castle's entrance. He's asked by Ryuji to guide him towards the other students imprisoned within the castle. Since he wasn't aware Ryuji wanted to free them, Morgana accepts, with the only condition being that the protagonist tags along. During that day, Morgana taught the protagonist some battle techniques and further explained how the mysterious world works, though it's built upon the assumption they're working on a deal. However, since the two have never promised anything, they leave him behind. This infuriates Morgana, as he feels played for a fool.

Morgana in the real world.

For the next few days, he moves to the real world to search for the protagonist and Ryuji, getting lost in the process. Eventually, he finds them in Shujin Academy, the school which the two attend, appearing before them as a normal cat. He's overheard them talking about their failed attempts to deal with Kamoshida, so in order to get the two to ally with him, Morgana tempts them by giving them a rough idea on another solution: Kamoshida's castle is deeply connected to his heart, and causing it to disappear will erase the real Kamoshida's distorted desires and turn him into a good person, with the guilt of his crimes forcing him to confess. However, compared to his previous attempt, Morgana wants them to settle a deal first before he guides them further. Despite that, Morgana warns them about the potential risks behind his operation: erasing a person's desires entirely can erase their will to eat, sleep, necessities to survival. If they're not given proper care, they might even die. This makes Ryuji hesitate, so Morgana gives them additional time to think.

The day after, Shiho Suzui's sudden attempted suicide encourages the protagonist and Ryuji to act on taking down Kamoshida, having the three share the determination needed to take the risk of murdering him, continuing their deal. They resume their investigation in Kamoshida's Palace after school, but their infiltration is quickly interrupted by Ann Takamaki's appearance and imprisonment in the castle, having the three shift their focus on rescuing her instead. When they return back to the real world after her awakening, they agree to recruit her, giving the team the remaining manpower they need.

The group decides to plan on finding a quick way to gather for their missions, with Morgana choosing to stay in the real world as he can't contact them otherwise. In that case, he needs someone to take care of him for the time being, selecting the protagonist to take that role. He moves in together with him at Café Leblanc, sharing the bed in the attic. As normal people cannot understand Morgana, he imitates the life of a normal house cat. The two settle on a deal, having Morgana teach the protagonist how to craft infiltration tools over time in exchange for him being taken care of.

Morgana also decides to accompany the protagonist wherever he goes, mainly to look after his daily life and the effects it'll have on his Persona's strength, suggesting several methods to help boost his productivity and development when appropriate. As getting around in cat form seems to be inconvenient for him, he decides it's best to deal with being carried in his bag instead. In addition, Morgana wants to participate in their group chats as well, asking the protagonist to type for him.

Meanwhile, as a Phantom Thief, Morgana takes on the role of being their mentor and guide, often leading group meetings and major decision-making. Additionally, his connections to the Metaverse grants him natural understanding of its functions and mechanics, a vital tool for traversing through the other world. He also fills in additional roles, such as analyzing enemies or serving as rear support when he's been knocked out of battle.

As the team reaches Kamoshida's treasure room, as well as secure an escape route, he explains to them that his treasure will need to manifest a physical form for them to steal it, which they can achieve by directly sending their target a calling card. On a later day, they write and set one up on the school's bulletin board, accusing him of his crimes and threatening to reveal them to the public, which triggered a reaction within Kamoshida. With the treasure now manifesting a physical form, they re enter his Treasure Room, where they discover the air of fog has turned into a giant crown. As Ann wonders why Kamoshida's desires look so "pretty," Morgana loses all self-control and fawns over it, particularly because it's the "embodiment oh human desire."

As the thieves carry the treasure outside, Kamoshida swiftly takes it back from their hands, forcing them to battle him. They successfully defeat him and take his (now shrunk) treasure with them, right as his Palace starts to collapse. This ensured that Kamoshida would soon drop his plans on calling for expulsion, and confess his crimes.

As the group has secured Kamoshida after his public confession, they sell his treasure (which has taken the form of an Olympic medal in the real world,) and using their earnings, the quartet celebrates their achievement via making a reservation at Wilton Buffet. There, they also decide they are going to continue their activities as thieves as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

Fifth Heist: Kunikazu Okumura

"At first, I only thought of this team as a temporary dwelling until I regained my memories. But I wasn’t making any progress on finding out what I am or why I was born... I wanted a reason of my own--a reason to stay with the Phantom Thieves. I don’t have anyone I want to save or get revenge on. Someone like me has no reason to stay here... That’s why... to me... this place is... It’s the only place I can belong! I wanna stay here forever!"
—Morgana to the Phantom Thieves, Persona 5

The Phantom Thieves' victory against Medjed causes a boom in popularity, resulting in massive support and even merchandise to capitalize on their success. Though it excites some of its members, considerably Ryuji, Morgana isn't interested by their fame, even expressing preference over the old days when they weren't relevant.

To help Futaba overcome her social shyness, they spend several days taking turns hanging out with her. And to wrap up their plan, the group takes her to Miura Beach, and spends their day enjoying themselves. Though for Morgana, he's shown to be unable to actively participate or contribute much to their gathering, misunderstanding Makoto's problems out of tactlessness, and even being left behind by the boys to have him keep an eye on their stuff while they attempt to pick up girls. Their outing wraps up with Ryuji making fun of Morgana's perceived inadequacy, considering that Futaba's taken over his role as Navigator, proving herself to be far more naturally talented than he is at scanning and analyzing Mementos.

Morgana's nightmare.

The night after, Morgana's insecurities of his own identity manifest in a dream, seeing himself emerging out of sludge in Mementos while snarling, having an eye color that matches those of people's shadow selves. This nightmare distressed Morgana greatly, making him worry that he could actually be a monster. This occurred due to his failure to find anything about his past for months on end, having him doubt whether he's human in the first place, which causes him to let go of his assertions, admitting to himself that he'd be able to accept living as a cat. Since Morgana can't figure out his origins and doesn't have anywhere else to go, he decides it's best he stays with the Phantom Thieves.

"I'm basically useless..."

However, since he no longer knows what he is, he begins to feel lost and confused, and worry about who he is and what his role in the group is. He ends up becoming vulnerable to general consensus and peer pressure: this ends up hurting him psychologically, ranging from his appearance as a cat, and his allies' opinion of him to a larger degree. He tries to seek validation from his friends, e.g. checking how much value they have in his ability to transform into a van; but since they don't take that ability seriously, he loses merit in it himself. Eventually, he enters a state of withdrawal.

Despite being in an apparent state of depression, nobody realizes that something's wrong with him. This is because the Phantom Thieves' newfound fame, or simply the acceptance and support from society made them desensitized without realizing it, which caused them to lose grasp of why they're Phantom Thieves. However, the night before Shujin's school trip to Hawaii, before most of the group parts with Morgana, he tries to muster the courage to tell the protagonist about his troubles, but he fails to do so, discarding the topic entirely: his self-doubt makes him lose his trust in his friends as well, making him afraid and hesitant towards opening up to him. Eventually, due to his state of mind, his trust towards the group dwindled in the process, potentially making him trying to deny the feelings the group implanted into him, which makes him more aloof with the group.

When the Phantom Thieves come back from their trip overseas, they immediately host their next meeting the night after. However, his friends' inaction involving infiltrating Okumura, mixed with their initial thirst for fame causes a misunderstanding, making Morgana think they've grown indolent and arrogant. He especially focuses on Ryuji, whom Morgana was disappointed in the most, believing that he's now only a thief as an excuse to pick up girls. However, Ryuji counters him carelessly, claiming he's also acting out of his own benefit. Though a misunderstanding, his words cause Morgana to lash out at him. He then declares that he'll infiltrate Okumura and catch the supposed culprit behind the mental shutdowns all on his own, with the goal of getting them to acknowledge him, as well as to acknowledge himself in the process. However, his impression on his friends made him feel like they never accepted him in the first place, thus supposedly talking down on and trying to shun him beforehand. Feeling lost and alone, Morgana leaves the team. But despite his assumptions, his running away caused the group to be immensely worried for him, especially Futaba and the protagonist. And even though Ryuji never realized what Morgana's been going through, hence expecting him to come back in no time, it also conveys that he sees him as part of the team as well.

Morgana on Haru's side.

While trying to infiltrate Okumura's Palace, Morgana is almost immediately defeated by the Palace's Shadows, who only leave him alive because they do not regard him as a threat, especially due to his feline appearance. However, he is saved and nursed back to health by Haru Okumura, who retains the ability to understand his cat form in the real world due to having been inside the Palace. After learning about her personal troubles, he decides to help her become a Phantom Thief despite her lack of a true Persona at that time due to her unwillingness to acknowledge her more selfish motives in rebelling against her father. The two have tried to infiltrate his Palace together by sneaking in.

When the original Phantom Thieves show up to Kunikazu's Palace to look for their friend, Morgana introduces Haru as "Beauty Thief" (which is later revealed to be Haru's idea) and claims her to be a far better apprentice than his former teammates; a claim that is immediately undercut by Haru's inexperience and shyness. It also becomes obvious that the two have also rehearsed their lines in advance, with Haru forgetting her own. Eventually, Morgana cuts their conversation short, turning focus on taking the treasure instead, having Haru unlock the next gate locked with a biometric scanner. But since the other end of the gate is brimming with Shadows, everyone's forced to flee, causing the two sides to go astray from each-other.

Over time, Morgana and Haru have been taking on requests from the Phantom Aficionado Website. Deducting that, the Phantom Thieves enter Mementos in an attempt to retrieve Morgana and apologize to him. Though Ann gave him a heartfelt apology, Ryuji's obliviousness made him deliver an awkward apology and overall making him sound half-hearted, and in turn condescending and derisive. This hurt Morgana in the process, but he tried to rule them out as just being overly cocky jerks, angering him in the process. Desperate to invalidate their opinion of him, he dares them to try and catch him in his bus form, while they chase him on foot.

Morgana trying to protect Haru from her fiancé.

Morgana and Haru eventually flee, finding themselves in a back alley in the real world. Morgana started insisting that he wants nothing to do with the group, denying his trust and desire to stay with them. However, Haru's abusive fiancé finds Haru and tries to abduct her; Morgana tries to save her as he blindly jumps on her fiancé's leg, and yelling for help after he's hurt from the fight, drawing the Phantom Thieves and in turn dealing with the fiancé themselves, though they receive threats from him once he leaves. Although Morgana tried to endure and discard his injuries, he took Haru's troubles seriously (who was in physical and emotional pain,) causing him to soften and beg the party to help her - their putting aside their differences and agreement to give her a place to rest was what brought Morgana back to some of his senses and realize how much he misunderstood them.

Morgana being comforted by Haru.

Back home, Morgana has a discussion with the rest of the group. Initially, he's reluctant to return back with the Phantom Thieves; he explains to them that, since he no longer has anything to bring to the table and that it's unlikely he'll turn back into a human, there's no good reason to stay with them and believes it's best they split up, ignoring his personal wishes in the process. However, Haru catches onto the situation and encourages him to allow his true feelings out, finally giving Morgana the courage he needed to come clean - he admitted that though he saw this team as a temporary dwelling until he regained his memories, over time he couldn't make any progress on who he is or why he was born, having no other place to go; he wanted to become human because he wanted a reason of his own to stay with the Phantom Thieves, as he had no one he wanted to save or get revenge on, feeling like he wouldn't have a good reason to stay otherwise. With his friends' encouragement, in the end, he admits that he really wants to stay with them because he trusts them. Though he is insistently worried if the group is certain in putting up with any trouble he might attract their way, they quickly brush away his doubts, accepting him in the family with open arms, to his relief. Morgana's now certain he belongs with the Phantom Thieves.

After that evening, everything reverts back to normal as usual. Morgana's energetic and self-assured personality is back. However, he's now found a sense of duty towards the Phantom Thieves; as he promised that he'd pay his dues, he leads the group meeting over infiltrating Okumura's Palace the next day, with the goal of rescuing Haru. In addition, he's more laid-back with finding out who he is and is no longer worrying when his friends ignore or make fun of him.

Morgana naturally plays his role in the group, serving again as their guide. Despite Futaba's ability to scan and analyze the Metaverse, Morgana's knowledge on how the Metaverse works still proves to be valuable intel, even later on in their journey; his role involves pinpointing the team's goals and destinations and leading them there. Additionally, his role extends to representing the group and its identity itself, as he hosts their meetings and often speaks on their behalf in confrontations against their foes.


Persona 5 Boss Fight 6 Okumura (1080p)

Morgana rescuing the Phantom Thieves from Okumura's trap.

After the gang sent their calling card to Okumura and confronted him in his Palace, his Shadow self manages to manipulate Haru, successfully imprisoning the rest of the Phantom Thieves sans Morgana, who spotted his trap when he activated it. With Haru's refusal to join her father and leave her friends behind, he tries to bribe Morgana with money and fame. However, his deal is quickly declined, as Morgana proclaims that he values his friends to the point where they're irreplaceable for him, establishing his strengthened resolve and devotion. He proceeds to swiftly knock his remote out of his hand with his slingshot, unlocking the cage and in turn saving his teammates. In contrast to his debonair attitude during his speech, he got really excited over successfully hitting bulls-eye, with Ryuji and Futaba coming their way to praise him.

The team then successfully takes down Okumura and his Corporobo underlings, and Morgana takes his treasure. Ann later noted how he seemed to be calm and composed when he came across his treasure, unlike previous instances where he would lose control and fawn over them. Additionally, as Okumura's Palace was on the verge of self-destructing, they used Morgana's van form to escape fast.

Back home, Morgana admits to the protagonist that he was so hung up on wanting to be human because he needed a goal in life and a reason to live. But since he's certain he belongs with the Phantom Thieves, his goals have started to correlate with the group's as well, and he asserts he's going to do whatever it takes to ensure they succeed.

Final Heist: Mementos

"The humans I look up to aren't like that... No matter how painful reality is, it's all over if you don't try to change how things are! I'm not the only one who believes that. Everyone here agrees... We don't want to turn back into the people we used to be! That's why we risked our lives coming here!"
—Morgana, Persona 5

When the team's efforts to expose Shido are left null by the general public, after a long pause, Morgana decides to reveal to everyone that it's possible to change the masses' hearts by stealing the treasure from the depths of Mementos, thus erasing the Metaverse entirely. Though for Morgana, it's likely that he knew (although only on impulse and didn't necessarily understand it himself,) that erasing the Metaverse would mean he'd have to disappear as well, but never brought that up to the group. Instead, he warns them about other potential consequences they'll have to face, including the end of their work as Phantom Thieves and ability to steal the heart of any corrupt individuals in the future. In the end, everyone agrees to go with storming Mementos, leaving the responsibility of apprehending criminals to the adults.

That night, when Morgana and the protagonist get ready for bed, Morgana wants to let something out to him, but changes his mind and decides to keep quiet, though it's out of the want to have the protagonist rest well, instead of being caused by an insecurity. The protagonist allows him to talk anyway, and contrary to before, instead of talking about himself and his state of affairs, Morgana admits that he actually admires him, asserting that there is most definitely something special inside him. Morgana realizes that it's unlike him to talk to him like that, but he believes that it's not a problem, at least for that night. After that, Morgana's Persona reawakens into Mercurius. When the protagonist falls asleep, Morgana shows pity for his situation as well, saddened by the unfair circumstances he's been forced into after how much he's fought.

The morning when he wakes up with the protagonist, while preparing to erase the Metaverse, Morgana spends a short moment to appreciate how much the Phantom Thieves have grown over the year. However, when they first enter Mementos, he begins to hesitate over their mission, checking if the group has second thoughts about their choice. Though he ends up going anyway, Ann and Haru both notice that there's something wrong with how he acts.

On their way down to the Depths of Mementos, Morgana slowly starts to regain some of his memories, recognizing parts of that place. He remembers seeing the humans that have trapped themselves in the cage, thus why he's assumed he's human himself. Later on, they find the mysterious Quarantine Cell, which Morgana also recognizes. He remembers he was born there, created by someone to guide the Phantom Thieves, though his memory is still foggy and can't remember anything else.

Once they find the Holy Grail at the bottom of Mementos, Morgana shows another hint of hesitation when they prepare to battle, but quickly ignores it and focuses on the task at hand. When their efforts to defeat it are rendered null, Morgana admits his frustrations about what humanity has turned into, as they're going against the reason why he admires them in the first place.

Morgana is erased from the general public's cognition.

When the party is defeated by Yaldabaoth at the core of Mementos, they're thrown back in Shibuya. This is when Morgana regains all of his memories and understands his true purpose vividly. However, the act of merging Mementos and the real world starts to erase the group from the public's cognition, to which Morgana feels deeply responsible for.

Later, everyone else wakes up in the Velvet Room, and after the protagonist encourages the rest of his party to free themselves from their cages, Morgana shows up as well, explaining everything to them. It is revealed that Morgana was created by Igor to assist the protagonist in his journey, after he was imprisoned and replaced by Yaldabaoth, who disguised as him during the year. Additionally, the true identity of the Quarantine Cell is actually the Velvet Room.

The Phantom Thieves then return to Tokyo, which has been fused with Mementos. Although a majority of the public has forgotten the Phantom Thieves exist, as Morgana is now able to emit a special glow, nearby bystanders actually notice the Phantom Thieves' presence. The Phantom Thieves then climb the Qliphoth World to confront the Holy Grail and steal back the world. However, despite putting on a fight, Yaldabaoth obstructs their attempts abruptly via his rays of control.

Morgana resisting Yaldabaoth.

When Yaldabaoth tries to rid all hope from the Phantom Thieves, despite everyone else's state of despair, Morgana stands up for everyone and declares that they're not going to give up until the bitter end. This helped the public remember the Phantom Thieves, but although a vast majority of them were still too afraid to listen, with the help of certain individuals rallying them into cheering (particularly Yuuki Mishima and the rest of the protagonist's Confidants), everyone was inspired to rebel as well. Their cheers in turn invigorate the rest of the Phantom Thieves, rendering any attacks that come their way void. Once they successfully defeat Yaldabaoth, Morgana's left feeling fulfilled due to helping those he admired, even if he humbly stated that they just needed someone to remind them the fact that they could change the world, and takes Mementos' treasure along with him back "home." Doing so, his existence tied to Mementos causes him to dissipate from existence as well, leaving the Phantom Thieves heartbroken. However, Morgana shows no regard to his own demise; instead, he gives them an inspirational message.


"Now this is just a guess...but I think I'm still here because you all remained cognitive of me... Even after the world's distortions disappeared, you kept me in your minds... That means you guys think there's a place for me in the real world."
—Morgana, Persona 5

After the protagonist's confinement, the remaining former members of the group are left in a slump due to the absence of their leader, feeling unable to free him as they can no longer use the Metaverse to their advantage. However, the memory of Morgana's words and pride in them is what inspires them to snap out of it and do what they can to free their leader.

However, on the day the protagonist is freed from his confinement, Morgana also returns to Café Leblanc in cat form. He speculates that despite his other world self disappearing, he returned in his normal cat form likely due to the Phantom Thieves keeping him in their minds. While he reappeared back in Shibuya, he decided not to follow the Phantom Thieves home, instead waiting until the protagonist's release from Juvenile Hall to return, much to the anger of the party.

Now that the case is over, Morgana decides he wants to find a way to become human, because he believes that even though he was not human originally, it does not mean he cannot become one. With the protagonist's departure next month, Morgana decides to go with him, since he might be key to helping him change his form, as he says he's "special." In addition, he wants to continue looking after the protagonist as he originally has.

In the epilogue, Morgana is seen sabotaging a car with two spies targeting the former Phantom Thieves before leaving Tokyo together with the party.


For a list of the available dialogue options during Morgana's Confidant, see Confidant/Morgana.
For more information on infiltration tools, see Infiltration Tools.
"Skillful infiltrations and escapes to all manner of places... There's even the possibility that you used special tools and had someone who manufactured them... ...Answer me!"
Sae Niijima talking about Morgana, Persona 5

Morgana's Confidant unlocks automatically on April 15th and ranks out during fixed events in the story. Maxing his Confidant will evolve his Persona Zorro into Mercurius and will unlock the fusion of Futsunushi.

Morgana's Follow Up attack, gained after reaching Rank 3 of his Confidant after the completion of Madarame's Palace, has him transform into bus form and strike all enemies on the field for a critical hit.

Morgana's farewell gift after maxing his Confidant is Morgana's Scarf, allowing the protagonist to use Pickpocket in New Game+ once their Confidant has been established. According to Morgana upon receiving it, it is the only remnant of his original thief costume when returning to the real world.

Rank Available Ability Description Summary
An amnesiac talking cat who moved in with you after you met in the Metaverse.
1 April 15th Infiltration Tools Allows you to craft basic infiltration tools. A mysterious being who claims to be a former human...
2 Enter Kamoshida's Treasure room after sending a calling card. Baton Pass Allows you to pass your turn over to other Baton Pass users after a 1 More. A mysterious cat(?) who is familiar with the Metaverse. You are providing results...
3 Clear Madarame's Palace Follow Up Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker's attack does not down the enemy. As he talked about becoming human once again, you were able to hear his inner thoughts...
4 June 20th Kitty Talk Chance to step in after Shadow negotiation fails, allowing a retry. The phrase "take somewhere" seems to have triggered something in his memory...
5 Clear Kaneshiro's Palace Pickpocket Chance to obtain an item when Joker performs a melee attack. He shows a weak side, but swallowed his words. Who is he really...?
6 July 25th Ace Tools Allows you to craft all infiltration tools. He is full of spirit and hopes that returning to human form will restore his memory...
7 August 29th Harisen Recovery Chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members. A nightmare made him think he could be a monster. Fixing Mementos should solve it, but...
8 September 17th Endure Chance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining. He has realized that he wants to be with you simply because your trust has deepened...
9 Clear Okumura's Palace Protect Chance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack. He has found purpose in carrying out the objectives of the Phantom Thieves.
10 December 23rd Second Awakening Transforms his Persona into a mythological trickster. He has realized he belongs where you belong. It does not matter who he was; he is a true comrade.

Rank Available Ability Description Summary
An amnesiac talking cat who moved in with you after you met in the Metaverse.
1 April 15th Infiltration Tools Allows you to craft basic infiltration tools. A mysterious being you met in the Metaverse who claims to be a former human...
2 Enter Kamoshida's Treasure room after sending a calling card. - - A mysterious cat(?) who is familiar with the Metaverse. You seem promising...
3 Clear Madarame's Palace Follow Up Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker's attack does not down the enemy. As he talked about becoming human once again, you were able to hear his inner thoughts...
4 June 20th Kitty Talk If negotiation with an animal-type Shadow fails, you can try again. The phrase "take somewhere" seems to have triggered something in his memory...
5 Clear Kaneshiro's Palace Pickpocket Chance to obtain an item when Joker performs a melee attack. He showed his weak side, but swallowed his words. Who is he really...?
6 July 25th Ace Tools Allows you to craft all infiltration tools. He is full of spirit and hopes that returning to human form will restore his memory...
7 August 29th Harisen Recovery Chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members. A nightmare made him think he could be a monster. Fixing Mementos should solve it, but...
8 September 17th Endure Chance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining. He has realized that he wants to be with you simply because your trust has deepened...
9 Clear Okumura's Palace Protect Chance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack. He has found purpose in carrying out the objectives of the Phantom Thieves.
10 December 23rd Second Awakening Transforms Persona into a mythological trickster. He has realized he belongs where you belong. It does not matter who he was; he is a true comrade.

Persona 5 Royal

Morgana's role in Royal is nearly identical to its Persona 5 counterpart.

On a certain day during the Phantom Thieves' infiltration on Okumura's Palace, upon Kasumi Yoshizawa's request, Morgana and the protagonist accompany her to investigate the construction site at Odaiba, which accidentally causes the three to intrude into an unknown palace. After Kasumi awakens her Persona Cendrillon, Morgana invites her to join the party, to which she declines, as she needs to focus on her gymnastics. Back home, Morgana and the protagonist conclude that they shouldn't burden the rest of the Phantom Thieves with the stress of knowing there's another Persona user amiss, and decide to keep it a secret.

Morgana returning to Leblanc on Christmas day.

Later on, when the Phantom Thieves begin the process of tackling Masayoshi Shido, Kasumi meets up with the two again at Café Leblanc. She asks them to join the group in fighting him off, however, her offer is rejected. In addition to the Phantom Thieves getting wrapped into a dangerous conspiracy, Morgana believes that Kasumi doesn't understand how dangerous their target really is, and should not get involved.

After defeating Yaldabaoth, if the protagonist maxed Maruki's Confidant beforehand, Akechi appears and reveals to have survived his battle in Shido's Palace and will turn himself in to the police in the protagonist's stead. In the process, while the Phantom Thieves celebrate together on Christmas Day, Morgana will return back to Café Leblanc in Sojiro's hands, having survived the removal of Mementos, though now he remains in his normal cat form.

Taking Back Reality

Morgana as a human.

On December 31st, Morgana would watch a television celebrity famous for his looks and talent, and wished that he could become a human like that, to give him a chance to date Ann. On New Year's Day, just like the other thieves, he was given his ideal reality, that where he has the form of a handsome young man, resembling the TV celebrity from before. Despite his dream coming true, Morgana's old habits still remain, as he's seen sitting at the counter in the café, and later sleeps with the protagonist, who was left surprised. In reality, this human form is an alteration created by Takuto Maruki, who has overwritten reality by using his own mysterious powers.

Morgana is the first of the Phantom Thieves to remember the truth, and once the rest of the group decides to deny Maruki's reality at the end of the week, his appearance will revert back into a cat in the real world. United, they go infiltrate Maruki's Palace, and protect the protagonist and Akechi from Yoshizawa's berserk Persona, and give them a hand in fighting her off.

After everyone's been brought back to reality, a night before bed, Morgana wants to talk to the protagonist, and expresses shame that he fell victim to his dreams and chose to live in ignorant bliss, despite everything that's happened between him and the others: he realizes he's been too reliant to the protagonist, and obsessed in a similar fashion with Ann as well. He asserts to him he'll work hard to become independent from then on, before he awakens to his third Persona, Diego, a fusion between Zorro and Mercurius.

After defeating Adam Kadmon, Morgana transforms into a helicopter so the party can escape the collapsing debris. After the protagonist is dragged down by a powerless Maruki for a final stand, he departs both of them alongside the rest of the Thieves out of Odaiba. After the protagonist was released from juvenile hall, Morgana will return soon after. Unlike the base game's ending, however, Morgana no longer wishes to become human. It was then revealed that the star that Jose gave to the protagonist was what triggered Morgana's transformation, giving the last of its power to transform Morgana into a helicopter, losing its luster.

Should the protagonist cut a deal with Maruki, regardless of a direct offer or not, Morgana will forever remain human, and will consider enrolling in Shujin. He can be seen shopping with Ann and carrying all her bags in the credits.

Persona O.A.

Morgana in Persona O.A.

Morgana is the protagonist's initial partner in the game, and no requirements need to be met for him to be unlocked.

His events begin with the protagonist meeting Morgana in Shibuya, who arrived to teach him how to be a Phantom Thief, and he decides they begin with exploring Mementos. Over time, Morgana teaches him the basics on how to be a Phantom Thief.

During his teachings, Morgana remarks that the most important quality for a Phantom Thief to have is "belief," as those who don't have their own beliefs cannot change other people's hearts. Additionally, Phantom Thieves are always on the side of the weak, which he has the protagonist practice by helping out a lost tourist.

Event Japanese Title
Encounter with Morgana モルガナとの出会い
Phantom Thief Knowledge 怪盗の心得
Belief is Important 大切なのは信念
Covert Skill 隠密スキル
Hide-and-seek Showdown かくれんぼ対決
Skillful Negotiation 巧みな交渉術
Sense of Notice 予告状のセンス
With One Fingertip 指先一つで
Phantom Thieves of Hearts 心の怪盗団
License Everyone's Biography 免許皆伝

Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers

Morgana is first seen in the subway with the protagonist, Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke. Morgana transforms into a van and they enter Mementos.

Later, Morgana acts as a sound signal when Kazuya Makigami and his gang raid Café Leblanc. Morgana helps fight Kazuya in the Mementos and delivers the key to Naoya Makigami.

Persona 5 (Manga)

Morgana's role in the manga is mostly the same as in the game. In the manga adaptation, Morgana appears before Ryuji and the protagonist after they confront Kamoshida for his role in Shiho's suicide attempt. Not only does Morgana agree to help the two, but he also reveals he found the Treasure of Kamoshida's Palace before meeting the boys.

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight

Social Link

P5D Morgana Social.png

Morgana's Social Link events are unlocked bit by bit as more challenge modifiers are unlocked.

Social Unlock Requirements
Social Card P5D 1.png
Morgana's Fervor Unlock 1 challenge modifier.
Social Card P5D 2.png
The Team's Mascot Unlock 3 challenge modifiers.
Social Card P5D 3.png
Morgana's Devotion Unlock 5 challenge modifiers.
Social Card P5D 4.png
I'm Not a Cat! Unlock 7 challenge modifiers.
Social Card P5D 5.png
I Wanna Be Human Unlock 9 challenge modifiers.
Social Card P5D 6.png
The Other Side Clear tracks with 3 challenge modifiers on.
Social Card P5D 7.png
Morgana's Dream Unlock 11 challenge modifiers.
Social Card P5D 8.png
Infinite Potential Clear tracks with 5 challenge modifiers on.

Persona 5 Strikers

Morgana is now the protagonist's pet. While still being somewhat bothered with being referred to as a cat, he no longer wants to become human, and is more comfortable with his appearance.

First Heist: Shibuya

Morgana and the protagonist back in the attic of Café Leblanc.

In late July, months after the events of Persona 5, Morgana and the protagonist travel back to Tokyo for their summer vacation, as well as to reunite with the former Phantom Thieves before traveling and camping together. Morgana expresses that he's a little nervous meeting them, after all the time has passed. Upon their return to Café Leblanc, they're greeted by their friends, who have been awaiting their return inside. They spend the day celebrating their reunion upstairs in the attic.

The next day, Morgana, the protagonist and Ryuji travel to Shibuya to buy camping tools in preparation for their trip. There, they encounter a popular idol named Alice Hiiragi hosting an event around the area. She gives the protagonist a card that instructs the reader to input "wonderland" in the EMMA app. After the three examine it, the protagonist does as the card says, which causes them to be teleported and trapped in an unknown location in the supposedly destroyed Metaverse. There, other people who have done the same are attacked by Shadows and have their desires stolen in the form of gems.

With the trio being able to summon their Personas again, and with Morgana's Metaverse form restored, they try to fight their way out, only to be surrounded and captured. They are sent to Alice Hiiragi for interrogation, who dumps them in a junkyard after she fails to gather any information. After looking around, they find Sophia, a mysterious AI taking the form of a young girl. Shown to be capable in combat, she helps the group escape back to the real world.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth

Morgana and co. are on a recon mission in Mementos when Morgana in mobile form loses control of his wheels and drives them through a portal into a movie world. After escaping it, they wind up in the Cinema where they encounter Hikari and Nagi, and later the Velvet Room residents.

As the group venture into the movie worlds to find the keys needed to escape the new world, they encounter members of SEES and the Investigation Team. With their forces combined, they solve the mystery and are able to return to their own worlds, though the memory of the event was erased.

During the game, Morgana acquires two unison skills while taking Special Screenings. One of the attacks allows him to jump on Ryuji Sakamoto's back with Ann Takamaki and Ken Amada to perform an airborne attack; in the other one, he transforms into mobile form and rams at the enemy with Teddie and Koromaru.

At the end of the game, Morgana is seen watching a movie with the rest of the team in a movie theater.

Creation and Development

Persona 5

Morgana's concept art.

Persona 5's illustrator, Shigenori Soejima, designed Morgana with the idea of having a "cat partner" in mind, which correlates to the protagonist's design being reminiscent of a cat. Great care was taken in drawing him so that he wasn't overly cute, with the goal of giving him room for his big personality and role in the story.[2]

His Persona Zorro was designed around that point as well, being made big in contrast to his minuscule size. But since Morgana constantly wonders who he is in the game, the team decided to make Zorro incomplete by not giving him proper arms.[2]

Zorro was also made to look like a balloon to make it look as if that personality is coming out of Morgana. Before his design was refined, Zorro would at originally look like a hairy bandit.[2]

Morgana's color palette goes with Soejima's personal rule of designing mascots (using the "toy color" set of red, yellow and blue); this rule applied to Aigis and Teddie as well.[2]

Some inspirations involved in the design process are Perman. As it's one of Soejima's favorite shows, Morgana was designed with the same mask in mind.[2]

Persona 5 Royal

Morgana's human overlay, or more accurately, the celebrity's appearance overlaid on him, is based on a real-life celebrity.

Early Concept

Morgana's early design.

Early designs of Morgana were done with the image of a female in mind, giving him a smooth rubber body. He was also supposed to be able to transform into anything, not just a van. One early idea for Morgana's vehicle design was to have him be a sports car, however, he would have been too small to fit the entire gang and so the idea was scrapped.[2]

Unused models in the game point to an old version of Morgana's design as a normal cat: he looked heftier and more grim, compared to his current slim and slender appearance. He still had his scarf on, in place of his collar.

Unveiling and Promotion

Persona 5

Morgana was first unveiled during the first Japanese PV trailer for Persona 5, on February 5th, 2015, together with Ryuji Sakamoto and Ann Takamaki. The trailer was first dropped during the Night of the Phantom concert in Tokyo.


"This official Persona Twitter account was taken by the Phantom Thieves! (From a mysterious Phantom Thief)"
—Morgana, @p_kouhou

The official Japanese Persona PR account on Twitter, @p_kouhou is handled by Morgana, who directly promotes upcoming releases and events related to the Persona series, as a majority of the account's tweets are written from his perspective. In photographs, he is also portrayed via a real-life mascot costume. The outfit has also been used in various public events.

The account was originally handled by Teddie, but it has been "hacked by a "mysterious thief" on September 17, 2015, later revealed to be Morgana.[3] He's been the one speaking through this account ever since.

Persona 5 Royal

Morgana's Report

Morgana's Report logo

Morgana's Report was a mini web series streamed on Atlus' YouTube channel, atlustube, and hosted by Morgana, that spanned during the promotion of Persona 5 Royal in Japan, serving to introduce viewers through new features and quality of life changes to the game. 6 episodes have been posted, with a time frame between each video spanning from 3 weeks to over a month.

No. Title Date Link
1 New Story, Student & Phantom Life
5/9/2019 Link
2 "Kasumi Yoshizawa" Survey Results and New Information on Palace and Battle!
6/14/2019 Link
3 New Elements of Battle and Special Feature on Kichijoji!
7/11/2019 Link
4 Approach the mystery hidden in Mementos!
8/2/2019 Link
5 Pay Attention to the New Challenges of the Velvet Room! There is also a Replay Element!
9/6/2019 Link
Final Episode "Thieves Den" is full of more elements, and Finally a Serious Announcement...!
さらなるやりこみ要素満載 ”マイパレス” 、最後に重大告知も…!
10/3/2019 Link

During the game's promotion in the west, an English counterpart to Morgana's Report, titled Morgana's Phantom Thief Crash Course, was released, which stars Morgana and Sumire Yoshizawa. It is only a single episode.

Persona 5 Strikers

Traveling Morgana's Newsletter

Traveling Morgana's Newsletter logo for Episode 1, featuring Shibuya

In the same format as Morgana's Report, Traveling Morgana's Newsletter, sometimes shortened to just Traveling Mona, was a mini web series served to advertise Persona 5 Strikers and assist the viewers in its functions and features. It had 5 episodes in total, with each being published around every 3 weeks. Each video had a theme, revolving around a certain major location the Phantom Thieves would visit in the game, as well as its Jail.

No. Title Date Link
1 Approaching a new story and new characters! Also pay attention to the splendid action! [Shibuya edition]
11/4/2019 Link
2 Pay attention to the incident that occurs in Sendai! The training elements are also released for the first time! [Sendai Edition]
11/26/2019 Link
3 To Sapporo, the northern land! A big feature in the Velvet Room! [Sapporo Edition]
12/17/2019 Link
4 To Okinawa, the longed-for resort! Special feature on new systems "cooking" and "requests"! [Okinawa Edition]
1/10/2020 Link
5 Final episode! This time we will survey Osaka and Kyoto! And the latest information on the new character "Zenkichi Hasegawa"...! [Osaka Edition]
1/27/2020 Link

Persona 25th Anniversary

Persona 25th Times


ペルソナ25thタイムズ Vol.1【2021年9月号】

Morgana in Persona 25th Times Vol.1

Morgana would also host the first volume of Persona 25th Times (ペルソナ25thタイムズ*)?, a segment announcing upcoming events from the Persona 25th Anniversary. Although the host of volume 2 was instead Teddie, it is teased that he and Teddie will collaborate in the future.[4] The series is captioned in English.


Unlike the rest of the Phantom Thieves, Morgana's name isn't Japanese, and is written in Katakana (モルガナ). His name is a direct reference to Morgan le Fay, who is a powerful enchantress (or fairy, hence "le Fay") in the Arthurian Legend. Her name has multiple variations, with one of them being "Morgana." Morgan's name likely comes from Old Welsh or Old Breton "Morgen," meaning "Sea-born." This meaning likely relates to the fact that Morgana's birthplace is in Mementos, or the Sea of Souls.

Morgana's codename, Mona (モナ), aside from being an abbreviation of "Morgana," is a direct reference to Monā (モナー), the Shift_JIS art anthropomorphic mascot cat created by 2channel textboard users. Coincidentally, Mona is also the name of the island where William Kidd (who is also Ryuji's Persona) reportedly buried his fortunes. The island was also used as a refuge by pirates and privateers, including the aforementioned Captain Kidd. Ryuji was also the one who came up with Morgana's codename.

Since Morgana doesn't necessarily need his codename, as he has no reason to cover his identity to the public, it can also be used as a nickname, or even a term of endearment.

In Other Languages

Language Titles
Flag of the United States English Morgana Mona
Flag of Japan Japanese モルガナ (Morugana) モナ (Mona)
Flag of South Korea Korean 모르가나 (Moleugana) 모나 (Mona)
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China Traditional Chinese 摩爾加納 (Mó'ěrjiānà) MONA
Flag of France French Morgana Mona
Flag of Italy Italian Morgana Mona
Flag of Germany German Morgana Mona
Flag of Spain Spanish Morgana Mona


A Morgana mascot made numerous appearances in publicity events.

  • Morgana's dialogues in the real world are accompanied with the onomatopoeia "Meow~/Nya~" to indicate that other people cannot understand his words.
  • Compared to how some characters broadly interpret Morgana as a "monster cat" in English, in the Japanese version, they refer to him as a "bakeneko" (化け猫*)?, a cat with supernatural abilities, a type of Japanese yōkai. They can shapeshift into, curse and possess humans. They can also speak human words, which is likely why they misinterpret Morgana to be a bakeneko.
  • Morgana's Japanese speech has several unique quirks:
    • When he states other people's names, they're written in Katakana, rather than Hiragana (Ann would be アン, rather than あん.) This includes other terms like "human." (ニンゲン 人間(にんげん))
    • When he's referring to himself in first-person, he uses "wagahai," (ワガハイ, lit. 我輩(わがはい)) an archaic phrasing used by older men that indicates a noble status. However, Morgana doesn't speak in polite Japanese, but rather uses plain and masculine speech.
      • "Wagahai" may be a reference to Natsume Sōseki's 1905 satire novel I Am a Cat (吾輩は猫である, Wagahai wa Neko de Aru)?. As the title suggests, the story is told from the perspective of a regular cat that, ironically, speaks in phrasing used by higher-class noblemen, and talks about his observations on the human world and its ecology.
    • When referring to second-person, he uses "omae" (オマエ, lit. お前(おまえ)). It has a casual and masculine tone. It is used by both him and Ryuji.
    • Morgana also uses the "-Dono" (殿) honorific when referring to certain women, particularly Ann and Lavenza, such as "Ann-Dono" instead of the English equivalent "Lady Ann." It roughly means "lord," "master" or "milord." It is normally used to indicate that the person referred to has the same (high) rank as the referrer, yet commands respect from the speaker. Although Morgana's "wagahai" is written in Katakana, "-Dono" is written in Kanji.
  • Morgana is the only member of the Phantom Thieves who can summon a Persona without having to take off his mask.
  • Morgana's design foreshadows his connections to the Velvet Room, with its assistants following a color palette of blue, white and black clothes, with yellow eyes. In Morgana's case, the color of his eyes and scarf are reversed in contrast to the designs of the standard Velvet Room attendants, specifically with their uniforms and eyes.
  • Although a majority of the Phantom Thieves need to use the MetaNav app implanted on their phones, Morgana is able to enter the Metaverse on his own due to his connections with the Metaverse. He still needs to follow the same rules to enter Palaces, however.
  • Morgana is the first Navigator in the series that can do fighting and navigation at same time. Before Futaba joins, Morgana doesn't faint if he is knocked out in battle. Instead, he runs away to the back stage and becomes the Navigator. Any party member can still use any revival item or skill on him and put him back on the front row.
    • Due to this, he also becomes the first one whose dialogues become affected by the status changes he gets inflicted with.
  • Morgana coined the name of the group "Phantom Thieves" during an early heist with him, Ryuji and the protagonist.
  • Morgana is dexterous with tools, which includes using them. However, Morgana has trouble when he's with normal cat paws.
  • In Persona 5 Royal, Morgana can play darts in the real world like normal.
  • In Royal, while driving Morgana in his van form in Mementos, gently rubbing the touchpad on the controller will make Morgana purr. Pressing it firmly, on the other hand, will make him meow in protest. Both of these sound clips come directly from the controller's speakers.
  • In Royal, if Morgana levels up after his Showtime with Ann is activated, his Level-Up portrait will change. The same applies for Ann.
  • In Royal's Thieves Den, Morgana makes several additional cameos aside from his direct appearances:
    • In the card game "Tycoon," Morgana's silhouette (as a regular cat) can be seen on the Nine of Hearts card.
    • A miniature Morgana can be seen at the exit sign of the den.
    • Morgana also appears on 2 of the den's trophies.
  • During certain days in class, Morgana may help the protagonist out with difficult questions and break them down into parts.
  • Morgana admits to crying every time he'd read the book Buchiko's Story, which is based on the real story of Hachikō, a dog that waited at a train station for his owner to return from work for years, without knowing that he actually died on the way.
  • During a Phantom Thieves meeting, while going over their requests in Mementos, upon discussing "Calling for Justice for Cats," which involves a man inflicting animal abuse on stray cats to relieve stress, Morgana will bluntly voice that this is something he'll never forgive. Coincidentally, completing the mission will reward the group with a Blood Scimitar, one of the weapons Morgana can use.
  • If the protagonist lacks the train fee to make a return trip to Yongen-Jaya, Morgana will use his secret savings to give him the needed amount of money to return there, preventing him from getting stuck with no way to progress.
  • Unlike cats in the real world, Morgana can consume human food without experiencing adverse effects. According to one of his dialogues in Mementos, he was able to eat an onion without getting sick. Onions are toxic for regular cats, and contain chemicals that can destroy their blood cells if ingested.
  • Shown only in a few concept artworks and his All-Out Attack portrait, Morgana has a small black nose tucked underneath the edge of his mask. The shape is similar to the one of his cat counterpart.
  • Shown in his sprites and some promotional artwork, there are two dents on the sides of his mask. In some artwork, they are depicted as holes.
  • The license plate on Morgana's Van form is "築地 343 も 2-22."
    • "築地" refers to Tsukiji, a district of Chūō, Tokyo. For many residents and visitors to Tokyo, the Central Wholesale Market, better known as the Tsukiji fish market is synonymous with sushi, sashimi and seafood products of every kind, referencing Morgana's passion for sushi.
    • 343 can be read in Japanese as goroawase for the word "Sashimi" (刺身*)?.
    • 2-22 could be a reference to the Japanese onomatopoeia for "meow:" "Nya-Nyanya."

Morgana at E3

Morgana promoting Persona 5 at 2016 E3 (full video here).

  • Morgana is actually not the first talking cat in the series: the first being Lieutenant General Zula from Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, followed by Gouto-Douji from the Devil Summoner series.
  • At one point, Morgana explains that a cat transforming into a vehicle is something engraved into (Japanese) people's minds, indirectly referencing the Catbus from the animated movie My Neighbor Totoro, directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
  • When Morgana is about to transform into a vehicle, his pose is similar to the transformation poses of Showa Era Kamen Rider.
  • Morgana's running animation in the Metaverse, which transforms his legs into a swirling vortex, may reference Doraemon’s comical expression.[5]
    • Additionally, when thinking of a way to reach the floating bank in Kaneshiro's Palace, Ryuji asks if Morgana can fly. Morgana retorts that he is not some "robot cat" (Doraemon) who can source all kinds of futuristic gadgets from his fourth-dimensional pocket, with the most recurring one being the Take-copter for flight.
  • When Morgana has temporarily split up as an individual from with the Phantom Thieves, the rest of the group read on a report on recent vandalism on Okumura HQ's windows, with them suspecting Morgana is related. Although the incident is not covered beyond that in the final game, according to unused voice lines, Morgana would indirectly reveal that he's actually been thrown out by the Palace's guards straight into the glass windows of the building.
  • In the Japanese version, when Morgana is transformed into a rat in battle, he will make noise reminiscent of Pikachu who is also voiced by Ikue Ōtani. Also, in one of the phone texts, the protagonist may say "Morgana, I choose you," a probable reference to "Pikachu, I choose you."
  • In Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, as every character shares a wardrobe for their accessories, some had to be resized and repositioned to fit on Morgana's body. The Jagariko Mask is put above Morgana's head, and some accessories like the Prison Guard L/R eyepatches and the Dog and Cat Tails weren't included.
    • Additionally, the wig color option is locked for Morgana.
  • In Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, unlike the other Phantom Thieves of Hearts that turn into their usual clothes when inside the Cinema, Morgana doesn't revert back to his cat form; he is always in his Metaverse form both inside the Cinema and in the Labyrinths.
  • On @p_kouhou, Morgana stated that since he doesn't know what his birthday is, he's happy to celebrate it on April 11th instead, which is the day he met the protagonist for the first time. This is actually a response to an event arranged by fans, which celebrates their encounter every year since 2017. The Twitter account also attached a hashtag the fans have made that celebrates their 2nd anniversary. The Twitter account has never mentioned their first anniversary, nor any anniversary that comes after.[6]

Morgana singing the P5S jingle

  • One of the meanings behind the Japanese release date (2.20.2020) for Persona 5 Strikers involves its pronunciation: The "2's" seem to be pronounced as "Nya," and the "0s" as "o." This serves as wordplay for the Japanese onomatopoeia for "Meow." It's used as part of a jingle to advertise the game, sung by Morgana: "Persona 5S; 2020.2.20!" (ペルソナ5S・にゃおにゃおにゃにゃお, Perusona Faibu Essu; Nyao Nyao Nya Nyao)?. Before the game's release, it could be played at the bottom of the Persona 5 Strikers website.
  • Morgana's outfits in the logos for the Travelling "Morgana" Newsletters in Persona 5 Strikers reference their respective locations:
    • For Sendai, he is dressed up as Date Masamune, a legendary warrior and leader who founded the modern-day city of Sendai.
    • For Sapporo, he is dressed up as a snowman, a reference to the popular Sapporo Snow Festival, where thousands of snowmen, snow statues and ice sculptures are created each year.
    • For Okinawa, he is dressed up as Shisa, a traditional Ryukyuan cultural artifact and decoration. It's a cross between a lion and a dog. The statue is believed to protect from some evils.
    • For Osaka, he is dressed up as Kuidaore Taro, a clown puppet mascot in the Dōtonbori ward, a famous food district. He is eating takoyaki, a snack Osaka is well-known for.
    • For Kyoto, he is dressed up as a member of the Shinsengumi special police force.

Appearances in Other Media

Title Details Date External Links
Lord of Vermilion Re:3 Collaboration event
* Playable Familiar, 1-star
December 12, 2016 - December 25, 2016[7]
Chain Chronicle Collaboration event
* Mona, Cleric class, 4-star
January 19, 2017 - January 31, 2017[8] Article on the Chain Chronicle Wiki
Granblue Fantasy Collaboration event
* Mona, NPC
* SSR Dark Summon as Morgana Car
June 18, 2018 - June 29, 2018[9] Article on the Granblue Fantasy Wiki
Puzzle and Dragons Collaboration event
* Morgana, Monster Exchange exclusive character
July 16, 2018 - July 29, 2018[10]
Wonderland Wars Collaboration event
* Morgana, Special Assist Card (Level 4)
August 27, 2018 - September 17, 2018[11]
Phantasy Star Online 2 Collaboration event for Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight
* Morgana Suit
June 6, 2018 - June 11, 2018
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle * Color swap for Naoto Shirogane
* Color swap for Teddie
* May 31, 2018 (Japan)
* June 5, 2018 (North America)
* June 22, 2018 (Europe)
Puyo Puyo!! Quest Collaboration event for Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth
* Morgana, Balance Type, 6-star
December 3, 2018[12] Article on Puyo Nexus
Catherine: Full Body * Cameos as a nesoberi plush in Stray Sheep with Teddie and Koromaru
* Cameos as a plush in Rin's room
* Morgana's mask can be found on a mannequin in Rin's room
* February 14, 2019 (Japan)
* September 3, 2019 (Western countries & Europe)
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party Collaboration event
* Costume for Michelle
February 17, 2019 - March 6, 2019[13]
Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Collaboration event
* Morgana (Kotodaman); Normal (5-star), Phantom Thief (6-star)
March 5, 2019 - March 28, 2019[14]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Part of the Joker DLC
* Part of Joker's taunts, victory screen, Mementos, and his Final Smash
* Primary Spirit (Ace Class, Grab type)
* Customizable hat for the Mii Fighters
* Appears in the mural, despite not being a playable fighter
April 17, 2019 Article on SmashWiki
Identity V First collaboration event
* Mona (Pet, A-tier)
August 8, 2019 - August 29, 2019[15]
Star Ocean: Anamnesis Collaboration event
* Accessory as a plush[1]
October 10, 2019 - November 7, 2019[16]
Another Eden First collaboration
* Playable character
December 12, 2019 [17] Article in Another Eden Wiki
Earth UFO Catcher SEGA's 60th anniversary special event
* Prize (No.109, Rank 3 ★★★)
June 3, 2020, 01:00 (GMT) - June 9, 2020, 14:59 (GMT) Tweet
Dragalia Lost Collaboration event for Persona 5 Strikers
* Mona, Playable Character
January 31, 2021 - February 12, 2021 Article in Dragalia Lost Wiki
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Collaboration DLC
* Mona, Playable Character
November 2, 2021 Trailer on ATLUS West's YouTube page


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