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"Remember... There's no such thing as the "real" world. What each person sees and feels-- Those are what shape reality. This is what gives the world infinite potential. Even if you feel that only darkness lies ahead... As long as you hold hands together... See it through as one... ...the world will never end! The world exists within all of you...!"
—Morgana, Persona 5

Morgana is a major playable character of Persona 5. He is a mysterious being with ties to Mementos. He doesn't know who he is, and seeks answers to restore his memories.

While investigating Palaces, he encounters the protagonist and would have stuck with him since. During the group's activities as Phantom Thieves, Morgana acts as their second-in-command, mascot and guide.[q 1][q 2] To his teammates, he's also known as Mona during missions.

Morgana plays an important role in the group's infiltration of the Depths of Mementos, the original final arc of Persona 5.



P5 portrait of Morgana

Morgana's portrait in Persona 5.

In the Metaverse, Morgana is an anthropomorphic and biped tuxedo cat-like creature with a large spheroidal head. His fur is predominantly black, except on his limbs and tail which appear white. The bottom front half of his face or his mouth is also white. In spite of this, Morgana is referred to as a "black cat." The only exceptions are in later portrayals of the series, such as in Royal, where Kunikazu Okumura's Shadow refers to him as a "black-and-white" thing.

His design and proportions are reminiscent of a mascot character, as his entire body is the same height as his head.[6] Morgana has a bulbous and pear-shaped body, but the anatomy varies per interpretation, as it can otherwise be portrayed as flat and rectangular. He also has stubby legs. Because of Morgana's small stature, the curvature of his limb muscles are more extreme, only difference being that he has smaller hands and feet in comparison. In some predominant material, such as his portraits in Persona 5, his arm muscle anatomy is flat and generalized.

Morgana wears a mask that covers much of his face, outside of his ears included (which can be unbuttoned from behind) with elliptic eyes consisting of white sclerae, blue irises and black pupils. His eyes are slightly slanted in a downturned angle.[7] Also, his eyes are vertically laid out dead center on his head, but may also be positioned higher up. His outer ears are black with white inner ears. He has a lemon-colored scarf around his neck, which in Strikers is confirmed to be made out of mysterious materials.[8][9][10] He also sports a utility belt around his hips, with two golden buttons and two bags attached. He generally has tufts of fur within the inside of his ears, around his shoulders and on his chest. He has pink paw pads.

In the real world, Morgana retains the anatomy of a normal adult house cat. The fur coat on his body remains the same, though it has been described to be "smooth and silky" to the touch.[11] His head is no longer covered by a mask, and is predominantly black with the exception of his white muzzle. He has a black nose, and whiskers on the sides of his muzzle and above his eyes. His blue irises cover his entire eyes, hiding his sclera, and his eyes are instead sharply upturned. He wears a yellow collar in place of his scarf and no longer wears a belt. His cat form also has retractable claws.

In the Metaverse, Morgana can transform into a van, but in-game he's always referred to as a "car." Its design is based on the Citroën H Van. The paint is dominantly black, with three yellow stripes on the hood (with the middle one being the thickest) and though they are symmetrical with one another, they are asymmetrically aligned with the vehicle itself, as they converge toward his left windshield. On the grille, there is a small golden emblem representing Morgana's biped head. In addition, the headlights represent his eyes, his ears are attached on the front side of the roof, and his tail is attached on the back. Unlike normal vehicles, it can also bend in a cartoon-like manner. On the inside, the bus has 2 rows of seats in the front, with 2 more on the front that are instead aligned towards the sides of the car, facing each-other.

For most of Persona 5, Morgana's anthropomorphic look is the one displayed in his dialogue portrait, no matter what form he's actually in or whether they're in the real world or not. However, after the Metaverse has been erased alongside his Metaverse form, he's instead perceived as a normal house-cat. However, should a new Mementos related incident occur and is known to him, his portrait will turn from his cat form to his anthropomorphic form, only to revert once the source of the incident has been removed.

In Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, Morgana appears in his anthropomorphic form. For his Ball Stage Outfit, he retains his mask, but no longer wears a utility belt. Instead, he wears a white T-shirt with a gold "M" logo, with small "BAD★CAT" letters engraved below. He attains a large red scarf and black sneakers with gold shoelaces and white soles. He also wears a large gold crown on his head, with large "KING" letters carved around it, repeating the same word twice. Red diamond shaped gems are engraved between those letters, with the exception of those between "G" and "K," which are shaped like stars instead, serving as word spacing. Additionally, he also wears a golden chain bracelet on his left wrist.

In Persona 5 Royal, Morgana temporarily attains the form of a human. He has sleek dark blue hair with side-swept bangs and blue eyes. He wears a gray jacket over a dark beige scoop neck shirt, alongside a thin yellow necklace. In addition, he wears white jeans with a black belt and black sneakers with white shoelaces, soles and toe caps. He's roughly the protagonist's height.



Persona 5 Introducing the Phantom Thieves’ Felonious Feline Mascot, Morgana!

Morgana's trailer.

"Sucks that you have to do exams even after changing Shido's heart and saving the country. It's rough being a human. But looking at you... I feel kind of jealous of humans."
—Morgana to the protagonist, Persona 5

Morgana has an arrogant, conceited personality, and can be mean-spirited towards Ryuji Sakamoto for his laziness and to a mild extent the protagonist. His conceit is obvious as Morgana himself is rather inexperienced, and though he treats his allies, especially the protagonist and Ryuji, like little kids, he's the one that gets the most support from them rather than the other way around. He is especially outspoken and can be bluntly critical of others, most commonly Ryuji. While he has a polite and eloquent way of speaking, he has an outspoken attitude and is derogatory when it comes to insulting others.

This is because Morgana is generally trying too hard to be cool, wanting to be acknowledged by others. He is especially adamant about properly acting out the Phantom Thief genre, as not only was he the one who established they should have style while stealing treasure, he was even against them using their real names because it doesn't fit their fashion. As such he presents himself as more masculine than he naturally is, and might boast in combat. Also, half of Morgana's jabs towards Ryuji, while otherwise unnecessary, are driven by said motivation to be chic.

In actuality, Morgana is a romanticist at heart, and has a much more softer and feminine side, and his crush towards Ann Takamaki brings out that side of him the best, but he ends up getting carried away. He also has a rational and responsible side, looking after the protagonist and criticizing Ryuji whenever he's actually being ignorant. He especially admires humanity for their hope and determination to tackle adversity head on. He is however reluctant to accept these feelings due to his desire to be recognized, which in itself can become a hindrance for his well-being, especially during Okumura's arc, where against his personal issues and want to have a place to belong, he put his image and pride in priority, and needed his friends' encouragement to revert that and put his true feelings first.

On Morgana's identity and appearance, it is summarized in the most basic sense that he is a cat in denial of being a cat. While demonstrating various human-like qualities such as his ability to talk or wield various skills such as lockpicking, he still meows and self-grooms, down to preserving many cat-like gestures that truly stick. The matter is complicated by his circumstances as an amnesiac, as there is at first room for speculation that he could turn out to be human, though it is merely an assumption he forgot he made. In Persona 5 Strikers, the denial is most apparent as he's practically admitted he's a cat but still goes out of his way to deny it. Otherwise, even as early as Persona 5, there are instances where he does get perfectly comfortable in his feline skin, such as in the request "Calling for Justice for Cats," where he gradually, but temporarily, discards his insecurities for the sake of avenging hurt and abused cats.

As a cat, or rather a pet, while Morgana himself is dependable, because of his archetype and circumstances he's the only that ultimately relies on others. His prideful nature prevents him from admitting he's a cat and he's embarrassed to rely on others, at one point making an excuse that "he needed pawns" and was using the protagonist, Ryuji and Ann, when in actuality he really did need their help with restoring his memories. This setting also allows Morgana to get away with his derogatory attitude without punishment as he's not held by human standards. The rule isn't straightforward and there are exceptions, as he does get called out at times whenever he's lying, and at the same time Morgana himself isn't malicious in nature and wouldn't abuse his power, and at the same time tries his best to make up for his mistakes. This is a prominent trait in Rokuro Saito's entry for the Persona 5 Dengeki Comic Anthology, where Morgana ends up causing trouble for the protagonist, but after taking responsibility, storekeeper Sojiro Sakura naturally shrugs off the incident as Morgana is just a cat. In spite of that, Morgana later apologizes to the protagonist.

In reality, Morgana's undergoing a severe identity crisis that causes him to question his reason for existing and to dread abandonment from his teammates, explaining his enigmatic temperament. Even then, Morgana seems to naturally grow out of it and come to his senses when working together with the Phantom Thieves, a cause that gives him purpose. From an external point of view the matter is simpler, as he's generally seen as an equal by his teammates even if he acts like and views himself as a pet: he proves his courage as soon as he meets the protagonist and Ryuji, and like that he earns the party's respect by the end of the game, regardless of him being a cat in the end. But they might still impulsively treat him like a cat based on Morgana's own attitude, but they make sure to be respectful towards him.

P5 MorganaConfident

A confident Morgana.

Morgana proves his self-reliance several times, through his craftiness and ability to make and teach infiltration tools, as well as his own assertiveness towards his beliefs, disregarding Goro Akechi's opinion of the Phantom Thieves and encouraging his own teammates while they're in doubt, saying that "justice is something they can decide for themselves." Morgana is usually portrayed as a rough and strict mentor, while at the same time gentle and understanding past his harsh words.

He himself isn't perfect, as he can be somewhat unreliable, which becomes more glaring over time and becomes an undeniable aspect of Morgana's disposition. Morgana himself actually struggles to preserve his pride, as he seeks a place to belong and needs to balance it out with his constant independence, often embarrassing Morgana by having him either left behind or forgotten about by the others or forced to ask for and rely on their support. Because of that, he is especially aloof at first, forcing a distance between him and the others. Morgana hates being criticized, and is openly aggressive on purpose to hide his true feelings and vulnerabilities.

Especially at first, Morgana's arrogance can go as far as to make him selfish, as he had no qualms with using the protagonist and Ryuji and the idea of afflicting a mental shutdown in Suguru Kamoshida, a criminal they targeted. He was especially pushy about having his way, and would later be called out by Ryuji for pretending to be a cat only when it's convenient. Morgana is in a way bad at cooperating with others, and has made several mistakes in negotiating with the protagonist and Ryuji, as he has ended up failing to tie a promise and has been guided along by an unmade deal, mistakenly blaming the two for not responding to his hospitality.

Morgana otherwise has a soft side, as he would become infatuated with Ann Takamaki for her looks, kindness and courage to protect others. In that state, Morgana is completely harmless, and often tries to flirt with Ann and ask her out, though he's too shy to do so. He does have a perverted side, and has made several dirty remarks towards Ann, though apparently she doesn't mind. His arrogant side never properly surfaces in this, and the most he can show is mellow envy towards the protagonist for having a study session with Ann. Morgana does make fun of Ryuji and the protagonist for their romantic failures in the same fashion that he's in denial his feelings for Ann aren't requited because he's a cat, as demonstrated during Valentine's and White Day in both Persona 5 and Royal.


Morgana encouraging the Phantom Thieves.

Past that, Morgana has a hidden, kind side that he would put aside, but would resurface in various situations. He would display kindness towards Ryuji, but only when he absolutely needs it, and isn't shy from being nice to the protagonist out of good fun. He can be gentlemanly with the girls too, though he overdoes it with Ann. He has a rational side as well, sometimes even coming out as the smartest person in the room, having a critical opinion of the actions and mistakes of his friends, though half the time he can only comment in defeat of their ridiculousness. Not even Ann is safe from Morgana's remarks, as several times he comments on her terrible acting in appal.

This pure side of Morgana surfaces eventually and his gaudily dignified self becomes less prominent, but he ends up merging both for the sake of an arrogant, but purposefully comical display. His bickering with Ryuji becomes a comical back-and-forth where they actively make fun of one-another, while he and the protagonist only tease each other. Morgana is also no longer afraid of being made fun of, and his insecurity towards being a cat is mellowed down: in Tactica, Toshiro Kasukabe's stupidity completely overshadows Morgana getting offended. Also, he's no longer afraid of being bratty once he embraces the fact he's a cat, and does not hold back from dishing out insults, especially one-sided, speaking in a far more smug tone than before. However, this is all in good fun, as Morgana has become a master of rhetoric due to his newfound tact in social situations, both in terms of communication and reading the room.

He knows how to be dignified and level-headed, and often adopts a more realistic and logical mindset, easily prioritizing important missions over his own personal agenda. He strongly believes in doing the right thing, as he's willing to stand his ground against injustice, and has voiced he'll never forgive certain deeds on several occasions, including a minor target that inflicted abuse on stray cats to relieve stress. He was also shown to consider the ideal person to be a hero figure that helps people in need, which leads him to act gallantly at times. Morgana keeps things fair, conveyed by his settling give-and-take deals between others, and never goes back on his word either, as he promised to guide the protagonist and Ryuji out of Kamoshida's Palace when they first met, on the condition that they free him from his cell. And though some of his teammates might be pressured into questioning their morals in terms of whether what they're doing is right, Morgana shows autonomous faith in his own ideals.

Morgana's Finishing Touch

Morgana's finishing touch.

Morgana is very outspoken and straightforward, and often speaks his mind. He can be irritable, and warn or scold his teammates when they're not careful. Either way, he doesn't rub salt in the wound when things have gotten south, and seriously encourages the team to get out of any ruts they're in. He also has a parental side to him, looking after others with genuine concern: this treatment includes Futaba Sakura while she was learning to open up and overcome her anxiety and distrust, having him withstand her playful animal abuse and any trouble that came his way. And though some of his teammates might be pressured into questioning their morals in terms of whether what they're doing is right, Morgana shows autonomous faith in his own ideals. Morgana completely ignores the critiques of the public and even Goro Akechi, who condemn the Phantom Thieves' actions to encourage his allies.

Morgana's overall loyal to the Phantom Thieves, treating them as equals during missions and gatherings due to the nature of their deal, having both sides require one-another to work together in order to succeed. He refers to a number of contributions or mistakes the team makes as a collective effort. Though he initially held a distant give-and-take relationship with the Thieves and had been planning on leaving the group and moving on after restoring his memory, his fruitless journey led to the Phantom Thieves growing on him and gradually began to love being with them. He's shown gratitude for their hospitality, especially since he has no other place to belong. This helped develop a sense of duty towards their goals, boosting his loyalty to a state of selflessness, to the point where he's willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect his friends.

Illustration of the Protagonist and Morgana for Playstation Awards 2016

Illustration of Morgana and the protagonist for PlayStation Awards 2016 by Shigenori Soejima.

Morgana has a stable, but special relationship with the protagonist. At first, Morgana, while appreciating the value of his friendship and bond with the protagonist, acted out of his own personal benefit, and saw him as a coveted tool and an opportunity that he'd take for his success. Supposedly, the protagonist was merely a stepping stone Morgana thought he'd leave behind for his grander schemes. But once Morgana was forced to confront the fact his dreams might not turn out to be the way he was, Morgana would gradually open up to the protagonist, and in his worries, the protagonist would always be the first person he turns to.[q 3] In the end, Morgana realizes he's been treating the protagonist like a tool, and also the fact that the two of them belong together, with the protagonist complementing Morgana as a person if not vice-versa: and the both would become devoted enough to risk their lives for one-another.[12][q 4]

Past his selfish views of their relationship, Morgana does have a gentle side that surfaces over time: not only would both actively take care of one-another, Morgana would sympathize with the protagonist's situation of being falsely accused.[q 5][q 6][q 7][q 8] Over the course of the story, Morgana would perceive potential within the protagonist, which would only appear as just a coincidence, but would soon realize he's special as if destiny is on his side.[q 9][q 10][q 11][q 7] Morgana's support is requited by the protagonist, who is not only grateful towards Morgana as a friend, but is also understanding of his insecurities, and is shown to be supportive towards him facing his fear of falling short.[q 12][q 13] According to Ryuji, Morgana would never give up on the protagonist.[q 14] Yusuke even emphasizes on how close they are by describing that should Morgana become human, he may "end up just like the protagonist."[q 15] Morgana has been frank with his thoughts on the attic: although he finds it to be messy, "drab" or generally abysmal, Morgana begins to appreciate the attic as it's where he wants to stay, at one point even calling it a "comfy little room."[12][q 16][q 17]

Although Morgana's bond with the protagonist is usually buried under many different things, whether it be his evenly split loyalty to the team, his infatuation with Ann, his materialistic desires, goals and even his own boastful routine, causing him to ramble and never speak directly towards the protagonist. Regardless, Morgana does have an underlying affection for the protagonist, as even then he's almost always with him, sometimes of his own volition. Though he expresses his feelings through his openness, there are few, rare instances where he's open towards the protagonist himself, genuinely talking to him face to face.

Morgana and the Protagonist

Morgana and the protagonist in their room.

Though he has an idea of how to be dignified and rational, deep down Morgana is more optimistic, especially while he spends time with the protagonist during his daily life: Although acting as the protagonist's voice of reason, Morgana is also very encouraging towards him, as he might not only praise him but cheer him up if things go south. Despite his limitations, Morgana is great at taking care of him. He also seems to have fun watching the protagonist enjoy himself while performing various activities. Morgana's also emotionally attuned with books and films and sympathizes with their characters, such as the movie The Cake Knight Rises; on Buchiko's Story, Morgana outright states he cries every time he reads the book.[q 18][q 19][q 20] Aside from that, Morgana's also rather meek and cowardly, as he's not good with scary stories, and it's implied he can't handle gore while watching Pach Saw.[q 21][q 22][q 23][q 24]

Additionally, he's modest with his own general value, thinking lowly of himself over others, making him naturally empathetic. This could expand towards fiction as well, making it easy for him to absorb himself in films and books and sympathize with their characters. Though at first he keeps his true feelings to himself, over time he begins to open up to the protagonist, rambling freely about his inner thoughts and dreams. Morgana also dislikes condescending people.[q 25][q 26]

He's also a heavy daydreamer: he often immerses himself in his ideal self's shoes, as he's shown to fantasize about what would happen if he were to become human, to the point where he imagines his supposed true form having the appearance a handsome man while living a luxurious life. Most of the time, Morgana wanders in his thoughts, generally daydreaming or wondering about what he is: if Morgana is brought to the confessional, he'll comment on it, having realized just how much he held back his tongue, and would be relieved by the experience.[q 27]

Not only that, but despite his reluctancy to live like a normal housecat or be treated like one, he does actually seem to enjoy the perks that come with them, or learns to like them. He wouldn't normally be allowed to eat human food, so he'd have to eat canned cat food during his daily life.[13] He would complain about it at first, but he would eventually grow to love it.[5] Morgana does seem to enjoy being pet as well. Although the protagonist and the others are normally hands-off with him, Morgana does acknowledge that his cat-like qualities can help the protagonist, and one time he would reluctantly allow him to touch his paw in place of going to an adult store to relieve stress.[q 28] Additionally, according to Morgana, resting in the sun are the most peaceful times for him.[q 29]

Morgana's very intelligent, and has a great deal of common knowledge. Morgana also knows English (in addition to his native Japanese,) but it's gotten rusty (in the English localization, that has been changed to German.)[14] He's also adaptive in blind situations, such as with handling investigations on the Metaverse and even helping the protagonist with tough questions in class. Morgana's understanding of the Metaverse yields him deep psychological knowledge, which is essential for the group to understand the nuances with dealing with people's hearts. Because of this, Morgana likes to label himself as a "smarty."[15] Morgana's also very dexterous, particularly with teaching, crafting and supplying tools for the party's mission, referring himself as their "tool specialist."

Morgana is chivalrous in nature, showing a very gentlemanly side towards women. This is most apparent with Ann Takamaki, who fits the description as she possesses an empathetic and courageous personality, alongside her beauty; he refers to her as "Lady Ann" out of noble respect. Compared to others, Morgana initially doesn't get agitated over being misunderstood by her, as what she says often came out of fear and stress, and notices that she shows the desire to understand him and his feelings, one reason why he could've developed a crush towards her. This leads to him often trying to impress her, though he's sometimes rather sheepish. In spite of his attempts, Ann never realizes he has romantic feelings for her, but she shows gratitude in his gestures nonetheless. However, despite his gentlemanly attitude, Morgana has a perverted side as well, as at first he was mesmerized by Suguru Kamoshida's cognition of Ann, which is her only wearing cat ears and bikini, even though he was aware she's a fake. Because of this, he often blurts out innuendos regardless of their appropriation, or even at one point, both him and Ryuji tried to peek under Ann's skirt.

P5R Showtime MorganaAnn

Morgana's Showtime with Ann Takamaki in Persona 5 Royal, after Morgana's "confessed his love" to Ann.

Morgana is also a hopeless romantic, and would fall in love with Ann Takamaki, referring to her as "Lady Ann" as his way of expressing his love. These feelings would be again based on superficial appearances, but the reason he developed a romantic interest is a culmination of her her kind and courageous personality, her support towards him and taking him seriously, but also because he was mesmerized by Kamoshida's cognition of Ann, which is her only wearing cat ears and bikini. Morgana tries to impress her with gestures and remarks.[16][17][q 30][18][19] Said love makes him go out of his way to be gentlemanly towards her, he that also triggers his perverted mind, as not only would he make several unapologetically amorous remarks, once he would even try to look up under Ann's skirt.[q 30][19] Otherwise, most of his pick-up lines end up being shy and if not outright cheap. They do have a rare down-to-earth dynamic reflecting their real selves, though in which case Morgana is instead more aware of Ann's eccentric nature and shortcomings. Ann herself would be kind and apologetic towards Morgana, though at the end of the game he would have earned a special respect from her. Ann would be regardless truthful towards Morgana whenever he's being dishonest.

Morgana is very interested in the phantom thief genre, and often integrates that into their infiltration activities. This enthusiasm is one reason why he coined the basic theme of the group to revolve around phantom thieves. Morgana also believes that a phantom thief should have an eye for art as well as discern authentic pieces from forgeries. According to the Persona 5 artbook, Morgana's hobbies include watching TV, particularly the news and cop dramas; this interest is presented when they watch TV at Leblanc, as Morgana will make comments on the news and the recurring cop drama starring the Sharp Detective Sakyo Hinoshita.[5][20] He won't make any remarks on other shows such as the broadcast special "Discovery! Town Detectives!" and the recurring "Phoenix Rangers" series; the only other instances where he'll comment is if it's a relevant activity for the protagonist, such as the Home Shopping Program or the TV Quiz Show. Morgana also seems to really like the idea of being a commander, as according to him when reading "Call Me Chief," Morgana loves how "chief" sounds and would like to be called that someday.[q 31] Morgana wishes he had a cooler code name than "Mona."[q 32]

Morgana is also fond of cuisine, referring to himself as a "serious gourmet."[21] He loves fish cuisine, especially raw fish[13] and sushi: he's enthused enough that he's knowledgeable on many types of sushi. When Morgana first wanted to become human, he considered trying Sojiro's curry afterwards.[22]


Persona 5[]

"...Not letting that happen! Human hope is a desire too! You better not underestimate it! The Phantom Thieves will yield to no one, no matter who they are! Even if only one of us remains, we'll get back up and fight to the very end. And we'll definitely... definitely...! Take the world!"
—Morgana to Yaldabaoth, Persona 5

Morgana is an amnesiac that remembers almost nothing about his past or himself, believing that the cause is the distortions within Mementos. This causes him to lose his sense of self in the process, and wishes to get it back. He also believes himself to have been human, and assumes that the distortions have also turned him into a cat. He theorizes the core of Mementos may have the answers, but access from most of it is blocked and he cannot go very deep. Although Morgana didn't know for sure if there's anything past Qimranut, he concluded there must be more to it as the depths of Mementos wouldn't possibly end at such a "normal" place.

In order to achieve his goal, he began to investigate the Metaverse, and checked on numerous Palaces for clues.

First Heist: Suguru Kamoshida[]

"...Remember how you guys asked me before about what I am? To be honest... I don't remember anything about my birth. I think the Metaverse's distortions made me lose both my memories and my true form.
There's no doubt that the distortions were what caused me to lose my real self. I'm sure that once they're they're purged, I'll finally be able to get that self back. And I have a pretty good idea on how to do it too. That's why I was in the castle in the first place.
—Morgana, Persona 5

During his investigation in Kamoshida's Palace, he gets captured and locked in a prison cell. The Shadow of the Palace's owner, Suguru Kamoshida, tortured him while he was apprehended. His memory loss would be cut from until his encounter with Kamoshida.

Morgana trapped

Morgana imprisoned in Kamoshida's dungeon.

Locked in his cell, Morgana eventually spots two teenagers scurrying outside the prison - the protagonist and Ryuji Sakamoto, and begs them to let him out. Initially, the two are confused and distrustful of him, and Morgana resorts to making a deal with them; if they release him, in exchange he'll help them escape the castle. Ryuji concedes to help and in return, Morgana fulfills his end of the bargain, guiding them towards their exit.

P5 MorganaZorro

Morgana's Persona Zorro.

When their escape route is blocked by shadows, Morgana summons his Persona Zorro and fights them off together with the protagonist. After helping the two escape, they go on their separate ways, with Morgana staying behind to investigate.

However, Morgana becomes interested in the two, especially the protagonist, believing they could be useful to helping him discover his past. Morgana would be driven by self-interest, and would be willing to use the two to achieve his goals: even if he maintained a moral code to an extent, he'd be ruthless where need be.

The day after, Morgana finds them again at the castle's entrance. He's asked by Ryuji to guide him towards the other students imprisoned within the castle. He does so, under the pretense of expecting them to return the favor, but after filling his end of the bargain, the two are only left confused, as they've never actually agreed to helping him. Morgana would not take the hint, and would think they've made him for a fool as they leave.

P5 MorganaCat

Morgana in the real world.

A few days later, he moves to the real world to search for the protagonist and Ryuji. Eventually, he finds them in Shujin Academy, the school which the two attend, appearing before them as a normal cat. He makes a deal with them to help them deal with Kamoshida: as Kamoshida's castle is deeply connected to his heart, causing it to disappear will erase the real Kamoshida's distorted desires and turn him into a good person, with the guilt of his crimes forcing him to confess.

Despite that, Morgana warns them about the potential risks behind his operation: erasing a person's desires entirely can erase their will to eat, sleep, necessities to survival. If they're not given proper care, they might even die. Although Morgana felt no remorse with accidentally killing Kamoshida as there would be no consequences, this makes Ryuji hesitate, so Morgana gives them additional time to think. Regardless, he was adamant about making them agree on his plan.

The day after, Shiho Suzui's sudden suicide attempt encourages the protagonist and Ryuji to act on taking down Kamoshida, having the three share the determination needed to take the risk of murdering him, continuing their deal. They resume their investigation in Kamoshida's Palace after school, but their infiltration is quickly interrupted by Ann Takamaki's appearance and imprisonment in the castle, having the three shift their focus on rescuing her instead. When they return back to the real world after her awakening, they agree to recruit her, giving the team the remaining manpower they need.

Morgana Deal

Morgana settles a deal with the protagonist.

The group decides to find a quick way to gather for their missions, with Morgana choosing to stay in the real world as he can't contact them otherwise. He moves in with together with the protagonist at Café Leblanc, sharing the bed in the attic. As normal people cannot understand Morgana, he imitates the life of a normal house cat. Morgana makes the protagonist to settle on a deal, having Morgana teach the protagonist how to craft infiltration tools over time in exchange for him being taken care of.

Morgana also decides to accompany the protagonist wherever he goes, mainly to look after his daily life and the effects it'll have on his Persona's strength, suggesting several methods to help boost his productivity and development when appropriate.

Meanwhile, as a Phantom Thief, Morgana takes on the role of being their mentor and guide, often leading group meetings and major decision-making. Additionally, his connections to the Metaverse grants him natural understanding of its functions and mechanics, a vital tool for traversing through the other world. He also fills in additional roles, such as analyzing enemies or serving as rear support.

Morgana Treasure

Morgana loses control over Kamoshida's Treasure.

As the team reaches Kamoshida's treasure room and secure an escape route, he explains to them that his treasure will need to manifest a physical form for them to steal it, which they can achieve by directly sending their target a calling card. On a later day, they write and set one up on the school's bulletin board, accusing him of his crimes and threatening to reveal them to the public, which triggered a reaction within Kamoshida. With the treasure now manifesting a physical form, they re enter his Treasure Room, where they discover the air of fog has turned into a giant crown.

As the thieves carry the treasure outside, Kamoshida swiftly takes it back from their hands, forcing them to battle him. They successfully defeat him and take his (now shrunk) treasure with them, right as his Palace starts to collapse. This ensured that Kamoshida would soon drop his plans on calling for expulsion, and confess his crimes. With Kamoshida's confession and their first successful infiltration, Morgana concludes that because they persuaded the Shadow without killing it and sending it back to its real self, they were able to enact a change of heart without cognitive collapse.

PhantomThieves Form1

Morgana reassures the party.

As the group has secured Kamoshida after his public confession, they sell his treasure (which has taken the form of an Olympic medal in the real world,) and using their earnings, the quartet celebrates their achievement via making a reservation at Wilton Buffet. After encountering several selfish adults, the party comes up with the idea of whether they want to continue their helping people as phantom thieves. Most of the group didn't want to return back to who they used to be, but Morgana, although stuck within his circumstances, has instead decided to support them as their mentor. The group then decides to continue their activities as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

Second Heist: Ichiryusai Madarame[]

"An artist, huh... What kind of person do you think I was? There's no way I'd turn out to be some bad guy in the end, right? I get so engrossed with the embodiment of human desires... And that's not all. When it comes to the Metaverse, I'm the only one who can transform into a car... I'm special, but it's still odd... Who could I actually be...?"
—Morgana, Persona 5
P5 MorganaIntroducesMementos

Morgana introduces the party to Mementos.

With their activities in the Metaverse having left an effect on Tokyo, Morgana can commence his own investigation. One day after school, he introduces the rest of the group to Mementos. They examine the deepest area he could access, finding the gate to the next path open before them, proving Morgana's theory that there's more to Mementos that it seemed. Furthermore, the party promises to help him retrieve his memories by scouring down Mementos.

With Madarame's heart changed, back home Morgana opens up his inner thoughts to the protagonist, deeply wondering about what he could turn out to be, as well as whether he would have been good or evil. He asks the protagonist for his input, but he won't be satisfied with his response, saying it's "half-assed." Morgana snaps out of his ponder, returning back to his usual, external self. Also, he would have dropped his prickly attitude.

Third Heist: Junya Kaneshiro[]

"Humans... Hey, do you think I'll really be able to become a human? When I touched the Treasure... some memories came back. I tried to force myself to forget, but... I really may not be human...

Now that I think about it, I gotta be human. I am the core of the Phantom Thieves, after all!
—Morgana, Persona 5

With the Phantom Thieves garnering the attention of the public, while laying low they use the opportunity for their social studies trip to a TV station at Akasaka Mitsuke to search for their third target. There, they encounter Goro Akechi, where they discuss scary rides at theme parks. Akechi's attention is caught by Morgana's mention of Dome Town which he describes as a "pancake-looking place," having Akechi misunderstand and think they were talking about cake.

After the group has set up a hot pot at the protagonist's attic, the boys discuss their woes out of Yusuke's curiosity. Morgana in particular feels like although the other allies are similar, he's the only one who doesn't fit in as he doesn't have a past like the rest of the party. The party would only encourage him otherwise, with Ryuji reminding him that he's already the biggest misfit out of all of them and they're in the process of helping him find his memories in Mementos. Yusuke reassures him that his past would certainly be "as troubled as theirs," and Ann points out that although she's felt like she's known the group for a long time, this includes Morgana as well. Additionally, Morgana relates to the protagonist's shock from his encounter with the man who got him on probation, as he understands full well the pain of not being able to remember important parts of his life.

Back in bed, right after Makoto joins, Morgana finds a sense of familiarity, as not only does he commend her intelligence, but due her motorcycle-shaped Persona Johanna, and finds reassurance in his own abilities to transform into a car, in addition that he can actually carry multiple people at once. However, while talking lost memories trigger, trying to find the importance behind the keywords "carry" and "take somewhere," only to give up and accept he can't do anything about it. Meanwhile, he's curious about the protagonist and his luck for recruiting both Yusuke and Makoto, believing he's something special, only for the protagonist to shrug it off as no big deal.


Morgana losing himself in the sight of Kaneshiro's treasure.

After infiltrating Kaneshiro's Palace and defeating him, Morgana would lose his composure at the sight of his treasure once more, causing him to restore some of his memories. He, however, suddenly snaps out of it. This bout of excitement actually helped him remember some of his past memories; but since they contradicted with his idea that he has been human, he would try to make himself forget.

Morgana would keep that a secret from the other members, but would confide to the protagonist about it, as well as his doubts on how he might not turn out to be human in the end. The protagonist reassures Morgana that he will, albeit leaving him dissatisfied with his response.

Also, Morgana would be more concerned with the justice of society, actively disgusted by the criminals they've had to target and the people they've hurt, but would also be disappointed in the members of the public for not having the courage to speak up against them, finding them to be weak.

Fourth Heist: Futaba Sakura[]

"Important memories, huh... I'll be able to remember everything if I turn back into a human, right?
I... definitely want this mission to succeed. If we can retrieve Futaba's memories, then I'd bet we can get mine back too...
—Morgana, Persona 5

While speculating on the potential circumstances of Futaba's Palace, Morgana reflects on himself by thinking about Futaba's situation, hoping that if they can restore Futaba's memory, that means they'll be able to recover his, enthusiastically going in with the mission like normal. However, he's trying to suppress his doubts about him not being human.

After rescuing Futaba and she helps the group ward off Medjed, the group would decide to help her open up to the real world over several days before their planned beach trip. Morgana would be particularly watchful of Futaba's situation aside from enduring her abuse, he worked hard together with the rest of the group to make her feel comfortable as a respected ally in their team.[23][24][25][26][27][28][29] Morgana has finally gotten accustomed to the Phantom Thieves and he truly fit like a glove.

Fifth Heist: Kunikazu Okumura[]

"By the way, it's not like I'm bothered by this or anything... But hypothetically speaking, OK? What would you do if I turned out to be some weird... thing?
If what I saw from earlier is true, is it OK for me to stay with the Phantom Thieves...? And even if I'm with the team, I'm useless at the moment...
—Morgana, Persona 5

The Phantom Thieves' victory against Medjed caused a boom in popularity, resulting in massive support and even merchandise to capitalize on their success. However, it would cause them to lose sight of their original goal, their fans subconsciously twisting their actions in an effort for them to make a name for themselves. Meanwhile, the group would wrap up their work with helping Futaba by taking her to Miura Beach, and spend their day enjoying themselves.

Morgana would however end up being alienated from the main group's dynamics: the main group would also bond through their time on the beach, with the girls ditching the boys to have fun, much to Ryuji's annoyance: though he planned to impress their teammates by picking up girls, he and the protagonist would mend their rift with Makoto and Ann as they get hit on by strangers. Meanwhile, Morgana himself would not only fail to bond with the group through small talk, as Futaba notes that he "lacks tact," but he would be left behind by everyone, opening room for an underlying feeling of unbelonging in Morgana.

Although Morgana and the others helped Futaba fit in as a member of their team and praise her for her talents, Ryuji would compare Futaba to Morgana: unlike her, he was unable to contribute as Navigator and analyst of the other world, implying Futaba's replaced him, while also muddying the intention of other members who genuinely praised Futaba for her talents as an individual. Ryuji's words would creep in on Morgana, as he was already burdened by his amnesia and ambiguous reason for existing.[30][31][32][33]

Shadow Morgana

Morgana's nightmare.

The night after, Morgana's suppressed insecurities manifest in a dream, seeing himself emerging out of sludge in Mementos, having an eye color that matches those of people's shadow selves, implying his very existence was created from the distortions of Mementos. This nightmare distressed Morgana greatly, making him worry that he could actually be a monster. All of these traits and possibilities made Morgana worry about whether he belongs with the group or not.[q 33] While having accustomed himself to his life as a cat, because of his dread, Morgana wouldn't be able to muster the courage to tell the protagonist outright that he might not turn out to be human, no matter how many times he tried.[q 34][q 35][q 36]

Morgana would return to his usual self for a while: such as getting himself pumped up to take down the instigator of the mental shutdowns, or actively being protective of Futaba and being supportive of the Phantom Thieves.[34][q 37][q 38][q 39][35][36] But that would be temporary as his insecurities of his unbelonging would dwindle, once the group kept on praising Futaba, only to be shut off and ignored by Ryuji and on accident Ann when trying to prove himself.[q 40] That would persist as the group simply never supports Morgana to make up for it.

Morgana would drown in a state of depression from that point onward, and his circumstances would only remind him of his inner torment: he'd be sad he wouldn't be able to join the protagonist and others in their trip to Hawaii, and even little things, such as how the group can have fun together chatting via IM, would upset and make him envious of his friends.[q 41][q 42][37][38] He would constantly daydream and would wonder about what he really is, while never able to confide in others about it.[q 34][q 43] Even daydreaming about it wears off eventually, as Morgana can only force himself to tell the protagonist not to worry about him.[q 35][q 44] Morgana would be especially secretive about his worries of who he might be, failing to muster the courage to tell the protagonist he might not end up being human, worrying that it'll make things worse for him, though the protagonist himself is completely oblivious to Morgana's feelings and fears.


Morgana briefly leaves the group.

Eventually, Morgana tries to force himself to fit in the group, acting as a dependable Phantom Thief and a role model, all while being unforgiving of others for their laziness. He would even suppress his own fears of who he might be, outright lying to himself that he's human. This is prominent when the group returns from Hawaii, as the group suddenly refrains from filling in the public's request for their next target, Kunikazu Okumura, unsettled by their popularity that guided their hand. Morgana, wanting to prove himself that he's a human with morals, starts an argument by accusing the group, especially Ryuji, of having become arrogant, only for Ryuji to remind him of his selfish origins by rightfully pointing out that he too came into the group of his own benefit. Morgana, wanting to be acknowledged by the group, runs away to take down Okumura by himself.

However, he would be swiftly taken down by the Palace's Shadows because he acted alone, whom would only spare him because they do not see him as a threat due to his appearance as a feline. Morgana would lose consciousness, but would be found by Haru Okumura, an outsider who followed him out of curiosity without realizing she's been dragged into the Metaverse. Morgana would band together with Haru in an attempt to infiltrate the Palace on their own.


Morgana on Haru's side.

Meanwhile, the Phantom Thieves would worry about him, visiting Okumura's Palace to look for him, only to have found him together with another Persona user, Haru Okumura, whom Morgana has taken under his wing. Morgana would try to show off to the group with the help of Haru, a plan which they have rehearsed in advance, though it would also backfire due to Haru's own shyness. Though the party was only interested in retrieving Morgana, the party would lose both due to their attempts to progress deeper within the Palace, unleashing a horde of Shadows. After the events, the group would start wondering if they've been betrayed by their friend, though they would conclude he hasn't due to his passiveness (i.e. he hasn't threatened them by exposing their identities) and return back on their efforts.

After identifying Haru and failing to recruit her via negotation, they would discover the two have been fulfilling Phan-site requests, hatching the plan to meet them by waiting for them in Mementos. To encourage and cheer up Morgana, Ann made a plan to have her and Ryuji apologize to him: although the protagonist and Ann gave a sincere sorry, Ryuji wasn't subtle, insisting that it doesn't matter if he's a cat or if he's useless, only ruining their plans and driving Morgana to go berserk, making the team chase him in car form on foot while he's ridden by Haru, forcing the party to retreat and think of another strategy.

Morgana Defending Haru

Morgana trying to protect Haru from her abusive fiancé.

The same night, Morgana, alone with Haru, would lie to himself that he wants nothing to do with the others. Eventually, Haru's abusive fiancé finds Haru and tries to abduct her; Morgana tries to save her as he blindly jumps on her fiancé's leg, only getting himself hurt as he gets kicked into a wall: his yelling for help would draw the Phantom Thieves and in turn dealing with the fiancé themselves. The group would be shocked at the sight of the harmed Morgana, especially Ryuji, who would confront the man in fury.[39] After rescuing Haru and Morgana from the fiance, he leaves threatening the kids.

Morgana, upon seeing Haru in pain, would try to apologize for what's happened, in genuine effort to beg the party to help his friend, with the group agreeing to give her a place to stay. Ryuji casting aside their differences to stand up for the injured Morgana would restore and strengthen their relationship as teammates which it desperately needed.

"At first, I only thought of this team as a temporary dwelling until I regained my memories. But I wasn’t making any progress on finding out what I am or why I was born... I wanted a reason of my own--a reason to stay with the Phantom Thieves. I don't have anyone I want to save or get revenge on. Someone like me has no reason to stay here... That's why... to me... this place is... It's the only place I can belong! I wanna stay here forever!"
—Morgana to the Phantom Thieves, Persona 5

Morgana finally pouring out his feelings for the Phantom Thieves.

Back home, Morgana has a discussion with the rest of the group: he insists that the Phantom Thieves disband, explaining to them that they have no reason to work together anymore as he might not turn out to be human, and he'd only be a burden to them if he stayed. The party does try to insist that the group's motivations exist past their agreement, but Morgana would be adamant on his position. However, Haru catches onto the fact Morgana's also been suppressing his true feelings, and encourages him to be honest and tell them how he really feels instead of binding himself to superficial reasons. With the party's support, Morgana was able to admit that he felt he had no reason to stay with the group and why he felt so left out, but even so, he wants to stay with them simply because he trusts them.[q 45][q 46] While apologizing to the team for leaving, Morgana would now be certain he belongs with the group, as his feelings are returned by the others.


Persona 5 Boss Fight 6 Okumura (1080p)

Morgana rescuing the Phantom Thieves from Okumura's trap.

The thieves' target is Kunikazu Okumura, a man that overworks and controls his workers, exploiting their trust to use them as stepping stones before discarding them to reach his "utopia" in the political world. During their infiltration of Okumura's spaceport, the group pinpoints the location of his Treasure with ease, thanks to Morgana's ability to sense treasure.[q 47][q 48] After the gang sent their calling card to him and confronted him in his Palace, his Shadow self manipulates Haru, part of a ploy to imprison the rest of the Phantom Thieves sans Morgana, who spotted his trap when he activated it.

With Haru's refusal to join her father and leave her friends behind, Kunikazu tries to bribe Morgana, knowing he's fought with the others, supposedly because he's spied on them when they were roaming his Palace.[q 49] From Morgana's enigmatic actions, Okumura would assume he also believed in personal benefit,[q 50] only for his deal to be quickly declined, as Morgana proclaims that he values his friends enough they're irreplaceable for him. He proceeds to swiftly knock his remote out of his hand with his slingshot, unlocking the cage and in turn saving his teammates. He would get really excited over successfully hitting bulls-eye, with Ryuji and Futaba coming their way to praise him.

The team then successfully takes down Okumura and his Corporobo underlings, and Morgana takes his treasure; Ann later noted how he seemed to be calm and composed when he came across his treasure, unlike previous instances where he would lose control and fawn over them. Additionally, as Okumura's Palace was on the verge of self-destructing, they used Morgana's van form to escape fast. With everyone back safely and with a job well-done, the group disperses as they wait for a change of heart.

"I've actually been thinking a bit about my actions this time... I was way too worried about who I am, and how I don't compare to the other members of our group. Turns out I just don't have any guts, huh?

I think the reason I was so hung up on wanting to be human is because I needed a goal of my own. Well, not a goal per se, but something bigger... I guess more like... a reason to live.
—Morgana, Rank 9 Confidant, Persona 5

Back home, Morgana would talk with the protagonist: after having better reflected on his actions. According to Morgana, he was worried about who he was and how he didn't compare to others, not having had the guts to simply believe in himself instead of resorting to immaturity. Also, Morgana wanted to become human simply because he wanted a reason to live. However, due to being certain he belongs with the Phantom Thieves, his goals have started to correlate with the group's overall, and he asserts he's going to do whatever it takes to ensure they succeed.

Although he has found a place to belong and has asserted his loyalty to the group, Morgana's fears of him potentially not being human would still persist, as he'd get the same nightmares from before. However, Morgana would shrug and fight them off for the time being.

Sixth Heist: Sae Niijima[]

"Hey, they're going? ...You realized it too, then. It was our conversation about pancakes, right? There's no way he could've reacted like that if he hadn't heard me.
It was your social studies trip. We met him in the hallway of that TV station... There's no way that this is the first time he's heard my voice. ...This whole deal feels sketchy.
OK... Let's get everyone on the same page right away.
—Morgana talking with the protagonist, Persona 5

After Kunikazu Okumura's death and the Phantom Thieves now being treated like murderers by the public, the Phantom Thieves are left in an uncomfortable position where Goro Akechi is able to blackmail to cooperate with him to ascertain the truth by investigating Sae Niijima. He would reveal to have seen Okumura's killer and has awakened to his Persona in his Palace. As such, Akechi demands that they help him in stealing Sae's heart as she's at risk of forging a confession.

P5 ItWasOurConversationAboutPancakesRight

The protagonist and Morgana discussing Akechi.

Although Akechi's had complete control over the group in their negotiations, it is temporary: not only do the rest of the Phantom Thieves come back to their senses and realize they were too concerned with making a name for themselves, Morgana and the protagonist secretly discuss Akechi, having figured out his testimony is fabricated as he was able to hear Morgana many months before when he talked about pancakes, when he shouldn't have and he never would have reacted with such a clam expression. They immediately contact the rest of the group and warn them about him.

The protagonist and Morgana would need to investigate Akechi, and would ask Futaba to help them eavesdrop on his phone calls, with which the group discovers that Akechi not only wanted to frame the group, but was the culprit behind the mental shutdowns, as well as sell out the protagonist and kill him. To get both Akechi and the conspiracy off their trail, Makoto and Futaba formed a plan to deceive Akechi with a decoy.

After investigating and confronting Niijima's Shadow, the party pretends to steal her Treasure as part of their plan as their final heist, only for Akechi to sell out the protagonist with his identity anonymous. The protagonist would be drugged in the process, muddying his memory and forgetting about his involvement in the case, only to be interrogated by Sae herself. Upon recollecting everything and remembering their plan, he makes a deal with Sae and gives her the phone with the intentions of showing Akechi his phone, transferring him to the Metaverse without in secret, successfully baiting him into killing a decoy, with the real protagonist escaping back home safely.

Seventh Heist: Masayoshi Shido[]

"To be perfectly honest, I don't care what happens to Shido one way or the other. But when I consider the fact that he's your enemy, I naturally think he's my enemy as well. I'm going to stay with you until the very end."
—Morgana to the protagonist, Persona 5
P5 HeaterScene

"<Protagonist>... I'm with you, all the way to the end."

With the protagonist's fake suicide a success, the party also exploited it to identify and target Masayoshi Shido, the mastermind behind the mental shutdown cases, all part of controlling public opinion and get himself elected as Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Morgana's begun to focus solely on the Phantom Thieves' activities with no distractions, enough that he doesn't even care about the fate of the outside world, only caring about securing the protagonist's safety and staying by his side. His hatred towards their target Shido only grows deeper once they meet him in person and Morgana realizes he's the man responsible for ruining the protagonist's life.[q 51][q 52]

After stealing Shido's treasure, Morgana experiences the same nightmare once more. He finally comes to terms with the possibility of him not really being human in any way, and how it might lead to him being cut from the protagonist and the others as a consequence.[q 53][q 54][q 55] However, one essential fact Morgana's known is that he might get erased from the real world alongside Mementos and its distortions, but would keep it secret from the others.[q 56][q 57][q 58][q 59][q 60][q 61][q 12]

Later, with Shido finally having confessed his crimes, and the protagonist having found his resolution, Morgana, although happy for him, thinks they should end their deal and part ways for good, as the protagonist's independent and Morgana needs to go and find his lost memories. Additionally, Morgana admits he's jealous of the protagonist for knowing his purpose in life, while Morgana couldn't figure out his own after so long.[q 62]

Final Heist: Mementos[]

"Honestly... you're amazing. There's definitely something special about you. You dodge everything the enemies throw at you like it's your destiny. At first I thought you were going to be a useful tool for me... but now this is where I belong."
—Morgana to the protagonist, Rank 10 Confidant, Persona 5

Unfortunately, the team's efforts to expose Shido are left null by the general public, which outright ignored Shido's confession and even begun to act like the Phantom Thieves don't exist. Because of that, Morgana's forced not only to stick around for longer, but also to consider getting Mementos erased while potentially making a devastating sacrifice for himself, as he knew he would disappear alongside it.

With the party out of options, Morgana decides to reveal to everyone that it's possible to change the masses' hearts by stealing the treasure from the depths of Mementos, thus erasing the Metaverse entirely: he, however, never brought up the consequences it holds for him: Instead, he warns them about other potential consequences they'll have to face, including the end of their work as Phantom Thieves and ability to steal the heart of any corrupt individuals in the future. In the end, everyone agrees to go with storming Mementos, leaving the responsibility of apprehending criminals to the adults.[q 57]


Morgana awakening to Mercurius.

That night, when Morgana and the protagonist turn back to bed, Morgana tells the protagonist that, due to all of the turn of events involving him and the protagonist, and how he's escaped death countless times, he asserts that he's amazing and special, as if it's by fate. Not only that, but he even gave Morgana a place to belong to the core, unlike before where all he thought of the situation was that he was useful for him.[q 62][q 63][q 2][q 7] Morgana realized that he belongs where the protagonist belongs, and emits strong trust towards him.[q 17][40][41] Having fully exposed his true feelings to the protagonist, Morgana's Persona reawakens into Mercurius. When the protagonist falls asleep, Morgana shows pity for the protagonist's own destiny that might've brought them together, saddened by the unfair circumstances he's been forced into after how much he's fought.

The morning when he wakes up with the protagonist, while preparing to erase the Metaverse, Morgana spends a short moment to appreciate how much the Phantom Thieves have grown over the year. However, during their mission in Mementos, Morgana will hesitate several times, before casting his worries aside. Haru and Ann notice at one point that something's off about him.[q 58][q 59]

On their way down to the Depths of Mementos, Morgana slowly starts to regain some of his memories, recognizing parts of that place that he's forgotten. He remembers seeing the humans that have trapped themselves in the cage, thus why he's assumed he's human himself, before having randomly checked his Palace, with his lost memories cut off after his encounter with Kamoshida.[q 64] Later on, they find the mysterious Quarantine Cell, which Morgana also recognizes. He remembers he was born inside, created by someone to fulfull his role as a guide, though his memory is still foggy and can't remember anything else.[q 1]

Once they find the Holy Grail at the bottom of Mementos, Morgana shows another hint of hesitation when they prepare to battle, but quickly ignores it and focuses on the task at hand. When their efforts to defeat it are rendered null, Morgana admits his frustrations about what humanity has turned into, as they're going against the reason why he admires them in the first place.

Before being thrown back in reality, however, Morgana remembers a mysterious voice, heavily implied to be Igor's, making him remember who he really is.[q 65]


Morgana is erased from the general public's cognition.

When the party is defeated by Yaldabaoth at the core of Mementos, they're thrown back in Shibuya. This is when Morgana regains all of his memories and understands his true purpose vividly. However, the act of merging Mementos and the real world starts to erase the group from the public's cognition, to which Morgana feels deeply responsible for.

Later, everyone else wakes up in the Velvet Room, and after the protagonist encourages the rest of his party to free themselves from their cages, Morgana shows up as well, explaining everything to them: Before being imprisoned and replaced by Yaldabaoth, Igor created Morgana out of the last remaining traces of human human hope, and his role is to assist the protagonist in his journey.[q 66] Additionally, the true identity of the Quarantine Cell is actually the Velvet Room. Lavenza bids Morgana words of gratitude before parting for his mission, fully aware of the burden of his responsibilities.[q 60][q 2]


Persona 5- Final Boss Fight

The Phantom Thieves against the "God of Control" Yaldabaoth.

The Phantom Thieves then return to Tokyo, which has been fused with Mementos. Although a majority of the public has forgotten the Phantom Thieves exist, as Morgana is able to emit a special glow now that he's remembered his purpose, some nearby bystanders actually notice the Phantom Thieves' presence.[q 67]

The Phantom Thieves then climb the Qliphoth World to confront the Holy Grail and steal back the world: they do so by cutting its supply laines, and later confronting Yaldabaoth and his deadly sins. However, despite defeating Yaldabaoth fair and square, he obstructs their attempts abruptly via his rays of control.

Morgana Yaldabaoth

Morgana resisting Yaldabaoth.

When Yaldabaoth tries to muffle their voices and rid all hope from the Phantom Thieves by using force, Morgana stands up for everyone and declares that they're not going to give up until the bitter end. His words of determination reach the public, making them remember the Phantom Thieves, before they motivate each-other into cheering for the Phantom Thieves.[q 68][q 69] This proves that the people do not want Yaldabaoth to rule above them, and he can no longer use force or control against them.[q 70][q 71]


Morgana getting erased alongside the distortions of Mementos.

Once they successfully defeat Yaldabaoth, Morgana's duty is complete. Although he gives all the credit to the humans for remembering their faith, his peers direct their gratitude to Morgana, as their journey was all thanks to him. Even then, Morgana is only happy he could've helped humans: knowing what will happen to him, he takes the treasure back with him.[q 12]


The protagonist reaching for Morgana.

This would destroy the distortions of Mementos and restore the world back to normal, but in doing so, Morgana's existence tied to Mementos causes him to dissipate from existence as well, leaving the Phantom Thieves heartbroken.[q 72]

Regardless, they accept his fate, and the group moves on with hopes for the future of society, as well as making plans for a Christmas celebration.[q 73]


"Hey! Morgana'd be ashamed of us sitting around here moping like this! Honestly, I don't know what we should do... but if we give up, we'll never save <Protagonist>! Didn't he save all of you!? If we aren't gonna act now, when will we? We gotta do something...!"
—Ann Takamaki, Persona 5
P5 AnnMorgana

Ann encouraging the rest of the party to save the protagonist.

Unfortunately, the protagonist would turn himself in to Juvenile Hall, as his testimony was necessary to indict Shido as well as to protect his teammates.[q 74] The remaining members of the group, upon finding out about this, are openly upset at the unfair turn of events.

However, after thinking about Morgana and what he would do, they do what they can to free their leader, even without using the Metaverse to their advantage. Starting next year, over the next month, the protagonist's party and his Confidants would actively try to prove the protagonist's innocence. Although Morgana hasn't done anything directly, he was key to their mission of freeing the protagonist.[q 75][q 76][q 14]

"Now this is just a guess...but I think I'm still here because you all remained cognitive of me... Even after the world's distortions disappeared, you kept me in your minds... That means you guys think there's a place for me in the real world."
—Morgana, Persona 5

Morgana pays the party a surprise visit.

On the day the protagonist is freed from his confinement, as soon as they remember Morgana they return to lamenting their loss and wishing he'd return, only for him to make a surprise visit to Café Leblanc, all safe and sound.[q 77][q 14][q 78]

Morgana lost his Metaverse self and returned in his normal cat form: he speculates that it's likely due to the Phantom Thieves keeping him in their minds, meaning he belongs with them.[q 79] While he reappeared back in Shibuya, he decided not to follow the Phantom Thieves home, instead waiting until the protagonist's release from juvenile hall to return.[q 80]

Now that the case is over, Morgana decides he wants to find a way to become human, because even though he's not actually human, it does not mean he cannot become one. Regardless, believes there's a reason he came back like this, firing him up to live regardless.[q 81] With the protagonist's departure next month, Morgana decides to go with him, as he's special.[q 82]

In the epilogue, Morgana is seen sabotaging a car with two spies targeting the former Phantom Thieves before leaving Tokyo together with the party.


For a list of the available dialogue options during Morgana's Confidant, see Confidant/Morgana.
For more information on infiltration tools, see Infiltration Tools.
"Skillful infiltrations and escapes to all manner of places... There's even the possibility that you used special tools and had someone who manufactured them... ...Answer me!"
Sae Niijima talking about Morgana, Persona 5

Morgana's Confidant unlocks automatically on April 15th and ranks out during fixed events in the story. Maxing his Confidant will evolve his Persona Zorro into Mercurius and will unlock the fusion of Futsunushi.

Morgana's Follow Up attack, gained after reaching Rank 3 of his Confidant after the completion of Madarame's Palace, has him transform into bus form and strike all enemies on the field for a critical hit.

Morgana's farewell gift after maxing his Confidant is Morgana's Scarf, allowing the protagonist to use Pickpocket in New Game+ once their Confidant has been established. Unlike other Confidants, Morgana's Scarf cannot be skipped and will always be obtained. According to Morgana upon receiving it, it is the only remnant of his original thief costume when returning to the real world.

Rank Available Ability Description Summary
An amnesiac talking cat who moved in with you after you met in the Metaverse.
1 April 15th Infiltration Tools Allows you to craft basic infiltration tools. A mysterious being who claims to be a former human...
2 Enter Kamoshida's Treasure room after sending a calling card. Baton Pass Allows you to pass your turn over to other Baton Pass users after a 1 More. A mysterious cat(?) who is familiar with the Metaverse. You are providing results...
3 Clear Madarame's Palace Follow Up Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker's attack does not down the enemy. As he talked about becoming human once again, you were able to hear his inner thoughts...
4 June 20th Kitty Talk Chance to step in after Shadow negotiation fails, allowing a retry. The phrase "take somewhere" seems to have triggered something in his memory...
5 Clear Kaneshiro's Palace Pickpocket Chance to obtain an item when Joker performs a melee attack. He shows a weak side, but swallowed his words. Who is he really...?
6 July 25th Ace Tools Allows you to craft all infiltration tools. He is full of spirit and hopes that returning to human form will restore his memory...
7 August 29th Harisen Recovery Chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members. A nightmare made him think he could be a monster. Fixing Mementos should solve it, but...
8 September 17th Endure Chance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining. He has realized that he wants to be with you simply because your trust has deepened...
9 Clear Okumura's Palace Protect Chance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack. He has found purpose in carrying out the objectives of the Phantom Thieves.
10 December 23rd Second Awakening Transforms his Persona into a mythological trickster. He has realized he belongs where you belong. It does not matter who he was; he is a true comrade.

Rank Available Ability Description Summary
An amnesiac talking cat who moved in with you after you met in the Metaverse.
1 April 15th Infiltration Tools Allows you to craft basic infiltration tools. A mysterious being you met in the Metaverse who claims to be a former human...
2 Enter Kamoshida's Treasure room after sending a calling card. - - A mysterious cat(?) who is familiar with the Metaverse. You seem promising...
3 Clear Madarame's Palace Follow Up Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker's attack does not down the enemy. As he talked about becoming human once again, you were able to hear his inner thoughts...
4 June 20th Kitty Talk If negotiation with an animal-type Shadow fails, you can try again. The phrase "take somewhere" seems to have triggered something in his memory...
5 Clear Kaneshiro's Palace Pickpocket Chance to obtain an item when Joker performs a melee attack. He showed his weak side, but swallowed his words. Who is he really...?
6 July 25th Ace Tools Allows you to craft all infiltration tools. He is full of spirit and hopes that returning to human form will restore his memory...
7 August 29th Harisen Recovery Chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members. A nightmare made him think he could be a monster. Fixing Mementos should solve it, but...
8 September 17th Endure Chance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining. He has realized that he wants to be with you simply because your trust has deepened...
9 Clear Okumura's Palace Protect Chance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack. He has found purpose in carrying out the objectives of the Phantom Thieves.
10 December 23rd Second Awakening Transforms Persona into a mythological trickster. He has realized he belongs where you belong. It does not matter who he was; he is a true comrade.

Persona 5 Royal[]

P5R Portrait Morgana

Morgana's updated portrait in Persona 5 Royal.

Morgana's role in Royal is nearly identical to its Persona 5 counterpart, but he's portrayed as far more dependable in Royal, supporting the party in Kamoshida's Palace with far more tools, even supplying the grappling hook he's made in secret. One side event involves him spending time at a summer festival together with the protagonist, Ryuji and Yusuke.

Otherwise, Morgana's relationship with the protagonist has been fleshed out with additional scenes of the two together. Morgana's taking care of the protagonist has been put on better display, as he would one day prepare an umbrella for the protagonist on his way to school, preceding a scene with him and Kasumi Yoshizawa in the rain. The protagonist's own appreciation towards Morgana has been emphasized on, and he would not only think of buying him a souvenir at Hawaii, but can later be found depressed over his running away, while displaying sorrowful gratitude for Morgana having taken care of him.

On a certain day during the Phantom Thieves' infiltration on Okumura's Palace, upon Kasumi Yoshizawa's request, Morgana and the protagonist accompany her to investigate the construction site at Odaiba, which accidentally causes the three to intrude into an unknown palace. After Kasumi awakens her Persona Cendrillon, Morgana invites her to join the party, to which she declines, as she needs to focus on her gymnastics. Back home, Morgana and the protagonist conclude that they shouldn't burden the rest of the Phantom Thieves with the stress of knowing there's another Persona user amiss, and decide to keep it a secret.

Later on, when the Phantom Thieves begin the process of tackling Masayoshi Shido, Kasumi meets up with the two again at Café Leblanc. She asks them to join the group in fighting him off, but her offer is rejected: not only are the Phantom Thieves getting wrapped into a dangerous conspiracy, Morgana believes that Kasumi doesn't understand how dangerous their target really is, and should not get involved.

P5R MorganaSojiro

Morgana returning to Leblanc on Christmas day.

After defeating Yaldabaoth, if the protagonist maxed Takuto Maruki's Confidant beforehand, Akechi appears having survived his battle in Shido's Palace and will turn himself in to the police in the protagonist's stead. In the process, the group's Christmas celebration is carried out. Not only that, but because Morgana doesn't have to wait for the protagonist's return, he will return back to Café Leblanc in Sojiro's hands as soon as Christmas Day.

Taking Back Reality[]

P5R HumanMorgana

Morgana as a human.

On December 31st, Morgana would watch a television celebrity famous for his looks and talent, and wished that he could become a human like that, to give him a chance to impress Ann. On New Year's Day, just like the other thieves, he was given his ideal reality, that where he has the form of a handsome young man, resembling the TV celebrity from before. Despite his dream coming true, Morgana's old habits still remain, as he's seen sitting at the counter in the café, and later sleeps with the protagonist, who was left surprised. In reality, this human form is an alteration created by Takuto Maruki, who has overwritten reality by using his own mysterious powers.

Morgana is the first of the Phantom Thieves to remember the truth, and once the rest of the group decides to deny Maruki's reality at the end of the week, his appearance will revert back into a cat in the real world. United, they go infiltrate Maruki's Palace, and protect the protagonist and Akechi from Yoshizawa's berserk Persona, and give them a hand in fighting her off.

After everyone's been brought back to reality, a night before bed, Morgana wants to talk to the protagonist, and expresses shame that he fell victim to his dreams and chose to live in ignorant bliss, despite everything that's happened between him and the others: he realizes he's been too reliant to the protagonist, and obsessed in a similar fashion with Ann as well. He asserts to him he'll work hard to become independent from then on, before he awakens to his third Persona, Diego, a fusion between Zorro and Mercurius.

After infiltrating Maruki's Palace and defeating Adam Kadmon, Morgana transforms into a helicopter so the party can escape the collapsing debris. After the protagonist is dragged down by a powerless Maruki for a final stand, he departs both of them alongside the rest of the thieves out of Odaiba. Once the protagonist has been released from juvenile hall, Morgana will return soon after. Unlike the base game's ending, however, Morgana no longer wishes to become human. It was then revealed that the star that Jose gave to the protagonist was what triggered Morgana's transformation, giving the last of its power to transform Morgana into a helicopter, losing its luster.

Should the protagonist cut a deal with Maruki, regardless of a direct offer or not, Morgana will forever remain human, and will consider enrolling in Shujin. He can be seen shopping with Ann and carrying all her bags in the credits.

Persona O.A.[]

POA Morgana

Morgana in Persona O.A.

Morgana is the Persona O.A. protagonist's initial partner in the game, and no requirements need to be met for him to be unlocked.

His events begin with the protagonist meeting Morgana in Shibuya, who arrived to teach him how to be a Phantom Thief, and he decides they begin with exploring Mementos. Over time, Morgana teaches him the basics on how to be a Phantom Thief.

During his teachings, Morgana remarks that the most important quality for a Phantom Thief to have is "belief," as those who don't have their own beliefs cannot change other people's hearts. Additionally, Phantom Thieves are always on the side of the weak, which he has the protagonist practice by helping out a lost tourist.

Event Japanese Title
Encounter with Morgana モルガナとの出会い
Phantom Thief Knowledge 怪盗の心得
Belief is Important 大切なのは信念
Covert Skill 隠密スキル
Hide-and-seek Showdown かくれんぼ対決
Skillful Negotiation 巧みな交渉術
Sense of Notice 予告状のセンス
With One Fingertip 指先一つで
Phantom Thieves of Hearts 心の怪盗団
License Everyone's Biography 免許皆伝

Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers[]

Morgana is first seen in the subway with the protagonist, Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke. Morgana transforms into a van and they enter Mementos.

Later, Morgana acts as a sound signal when Kazuya Makigami and his gang raid Café Leblanc. Morgana helps fight Kazuya in the Mementos and delivers the key to Naoya Makigami.

Persona 5 (Manga)[]

Morgana's role in the manga is mostly the same as in the game. In the manga adaptation, Morgana appears before Ryuji and Akira after they confront Kamoshida for his role in Shiho's suicide attempt. Not only does Morgana agree to help the two, but he also reveals he found the Treasure of Kamoshida's Palace before meeting the boys.

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight[]

P5D Morgana Opening

Morgana in the opening animation of Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight.

Morgana appears as a playable character in Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, partaking in an established competition between the Phantom Thieves and the members of S.E.E.S from Persona 3.

Morgana's dance style is sometimes improvisational, as he integrates theatrical performance to tell a story via body language. While dancing normally, however, he might show off or integrate cat-like gestures to his choreography. When dancing with partners, he may imitate their dancing and style in complementation. One unique trait is that Morgana's dance partners may circle over him while he's idle.

P5D screenshot of Morgana design

Morgana in "Tokyo Daylight."

In "Tokyo Daylight" (ATLUS Kozuka Remix), Morgana replicates real-life activities, such as summoning via clapping, eating with utensils and dancing with a partner, relating to a theme of a life of luxury. All of the dances with partners are purely with the intent of entertainment.

"With the Stars and Us" (tofubeats Remix) instead reflects Morgana's story, during late segments of his dance, he acts out a story relating to his relationships, whereas he's in a position where he pushes the other figures away, but they reconcile at the end of the dance. This most likely alludes to his story of getting accustomed to his new home at Leblanc.

  • If partnered with Ren, the two will dance together in sync, although Ren has freedom in movement. The dance ends with Morgana giving Ren a high-five on offer, before the boys turn with their backs facing one-another to pose.
  • Morgana's partnership with Ryuji follows the same routine as Ren, except that Ryuji is generally disobedient and breaks the choreography and cinematography, but will still partake as a partner and give Morgana space. The final part ends with Ryuji faking a high five.
  • If partnered with Futaba, she will at first copy Morgana and dance like a cat, but will move all over the stage, interrupting Morgana and leaving him upset on the side. Futaba comes up with an idea and invents a duet, where they not only take turns to dance, but they also do so simultaneously in perfect sync. The cinematography jumps back and forth between both characters, dividing their attention.
  • If partnered with Ann, the same scenario as Futaba's will occur. Instead, she will be doing her own routine entirely, but invites Morgana to support her. The general composition of Morgana's dance is nearly the same as Futaba's. The cinematography is handled so that the attention is evenly shared between both characters.


"Humans are full of possibility, after all. Being with you just reaffirms that fact. By the way, do you... Do you think I'm full of possibility, too?"
—Morgana to the protagonist, Rank 8, Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight

Persona 5- Dancing in Starlight - Morgana Social Events -PS4-

Morgana's Social events are unlocked bit by bit as more challenge modifiers are unlocked.

In the 1st event, Morgana expresses his excitement to tackle their mission. Albeit, much to his embarrassment, he slips out to Ren that he also wants to impress Ann. Morgana proceeds to beg him to be his wingman, and Ren decides to help him out, much to Morgana's delight.

In the 2nd event, Morgana, while attempting to be impressive with his dancing and display a cool image, has his perception immediately undercut when Haru remarks it's "cute." Upset with himself, Morgana's convinced he's just "another dumb mascot" and believes he might need to change his approach as he can't portray himself in a mature light. Haru and the protagonist encourage him otherwise as they like his style, and Morgana realizes his cuteness is a good thing and that's his irresistible charm, lifting back his spirits and helping with stopping him from doubting himself on the stage.

P3D-P5D Illustration of Aigis and Morgana

Morgana with Aigis, promotional artwork of both P5D and Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight.

In the 3rd event, Makoto tries to gather any additional skills they could use in their Phantom Thief missions, albeit she never gets anything that applies directly in her context, as Morgana instead brings up his gourmet skills. Makoto has him dig deeper, as he remembers and remarks his undying loyalty to those that have won his trust. Although at first he doubts if his devotion is too much, he is reassured that his isn't detrimental.

In the 4th event, Morgana and Ryuji discuss alone how they can be more attractive to girls. They go over the concept that they might look better if they're already taken. However, while bringing up ideas, Ryuji mentions a "catwalk," which Morgana irrationally takes as him being made fun of how he walks (specifically like a cat,) and goes berserk. Eventually, Ren walks in and the situation is cleared up, with Morgana apologizing for losing his temper.

In the 5th event, Morgana considers how being human would improve his routine, while in response, Yusuke proposes a different perspective: he suggests that he should instead work with what he has, and he can change up certain factors like his posture to highlight what he wants. Upon examining what his defining features would be, such as his paws, ears and even his "aura," it's decided his next step would be figuring out how to integrate it into his dance via practice.

DengekiPlaystation Vol663

Morgana with Aigis on the cover for Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 663.

In the 6th event, Morgana, Futaba and Ren primarily discuss their anonymous opponents in the dance battle, S.E.E.S.

In the 7th event, with Ann's arrival, Morgana sets his plan to impress her into motion, but it's immediately halted as Ann is only around temporarily. She brings up theory on dreams in sleep, and how they are said to predict the future. As per their situation, she brings up the dream of dancing and how it implies that one wants to express their true self, and even suggests that dancing with a partner predicts romantic success, which excites Morgana tremendously.

In the final event, Morgana is alone with Ren at the attic. He remarks about the topic of possibility and how humans are brimming with it, but eventually seeks Ren's approval, asking him if he thinks he's full of possibility as well. The protagonist reassures Morgana, who promises to keep working hard.

P5D Morgana Social
Social Unlock Requirements
Social Card P5D 1
Morgana's Fervor Unlock 1 challenge modifier.
Social Card P5D 2
The Team's Mascot Unlock 3 challenge modifiers.
Social Card P5D 3
Morgana's Devotion Unlock 5 challenge modifiers.
Social Card P5D 4
I'm Not a Cat! Unlock 7 challenge modifiers.
Social Card P5D 5
I Wanna Be Human Unlock 9 challenge modifiers.
Social Card P5D 6
The Other Side Clear tracks with 3 challenge modifiers on.
Social Card P5D 7
Morgana's Dream Unlock 11 challenge modifiers.
Social Card P5D 8
Infinite Potential Clear tracks with 5 challenge modifiers on.

Persona 5 Strikers[]

Morgana, since departing from Tokyo, now lives with the protagonist. While still being conflicted with whether he's a cat or not and how he should be referred to, he no longer wants to become human, and is more comfortable with his appearance and being alone in general.

First Heist: Shibuya[]

"Hoo boy, does this bed bring back memories. It's nice to see everyone doing so well. Chief seemed to be the same as ever, too. This place is just as great as I remembered. So we're camping in a couple days, huh? Talk about a way to kick off your summer vacation!"
—Morgana talking with the protagonist, Persona 5
P5S Morgana and the Protagonist

Morgana and the protagonist back in the attic at Café Leblanc.

In late July, months after the events of Persona 5, Morgana and the protagonist travel back to Tokyo for their summer vacation, as well as to reunite with the former Phantom Thieves before traveling and camping together. Morgana expresses that he's a little nervous meeting them, after all the time has passed. Upon their return to Café Leblanc, they're greeted by their friends, who have been awaiting their return inside. They spend the day celebrating their reunion upstairs in the attic.

The next day, Morgana, the protagonist and Ryuji travel to Shibuya to buy camping tools in preparation for their trip. There, they encounter a popular idol named Alice Hiiragi hosting an event around the area. She gives the protagonist a card that instructs the reader to input "wonderland" in the EMMA app. After the three examine it, the protagonist does as the card says, which causes them to be teleported and trapped in an unknown location in the supposedly destroyed Metaverse. There, other people who have done the same are attacked by Shadows and have their desires stolen in the form of gems.

With the trio being able to summon their Personas again, and with Morgana's Metaverse form restored, they try to fight their way out, only to be surrounded and captured. They are sent to Alice Hiiragi for interrogation, who dumps them in a junkyard after she fails to gather any information. After looking around, they find Sophia, a mysterious AI taking the form of a young girl. Shown to be capable in combat, she helps the group escape back to the real world.

Morgana regularly develops theorems on the other world. At first, he makes the assumption it's a Palace.

Second Heist: Sendai[]

P5S Ending Photo 1

A photograph of Morgana and Ann in the credits of Persona 5 Strikers.

During the events of Sendai, Morgana is focal to the "Lending a Paw" subquest: after completing Ann's "Sendai Sweets," Morgana will want to make Ann smile himself by finding her even better sweets than those she's requested. After an extensive search around the locale with the protagonist, they get their hands on the secret Zunda Supreme and give it to Ann: the story ends with both Ann and Morgana smiling.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth[]

Persona Q2 Kamoshidaman Poster

The protagonist and Morgana stealing in a Kamoshidaman mock-up poster.

Morgana and co. are on a recon mission in Mementos when Morgana in mobile form loses control of his wheels and drives them through a portal into a movie world. After escaping it, they wind up in the Cinema where they encounter Hikari and Nagi, and later the Velvet Room residents.

As the group venture into the movie worlds to find the keys needed to escape the new world, they encounter members of SEES and the Investigation Team. With their forces combined, they solve the mystery and are able to return to their own worlds, though the memory of the event was erased.

During the game, Morgana acquires two unison skills while taking Special Screenings. One of the attacks allows him to jump on Ryuji Sakamoto's back with Ann Takamaki and Ken Amada to perform an airborne attack; in the other one, he transforms into mobile form and rams at the enemy with Teddie and Koromaru.


Mascot Match-Up -Side Quest- - Persona Q2- New Cinema Labyrinth

"Mascot Match-Up" feat. Morgana, Teddie & Koromaru.

Meanwhile, during the "Mascot Match-Up" Screening, involving finding a treasure, Teddie makes up a mascot competition, ropes Morgana into it using Ann, although he was otherwise not interested. Teddie and Morgana both fail to find an appropriate gift, in Morgana's case it being unappealing and hazardous, Koromaru ends up winning the competition by finding flowers with a plaque, symbolizing one's love to another.

This would spark Teddie and Morgana's tension between one-another further due to their pride, eventually drawing them in a brawl, which the P4 Hero, like some others, doesn't go against, and explains that a friendship can be formed unless several punches were exchanged. After the fight, Koromaru, who hasn't been invested in the competition to begin with, explains that they're still valued members of the team. Both apologize for losing their tempers, and Morgana promises to make up for the trouble.

At the end of the game, Morgana is seen watching a movie with the rest of the team in a movie theater.

Persona 5 Dengeki Comic Anthology[]

Chapter 1: The Curry's secret and the treasure that Joker can't steal[]

P5Dengeki Ch1 Cup

The protagonist covering for Morgana.

Written by Rokuro Saito, the story follows Morgana starting a one-sided fight with the protagonist, thinking that he doesn't take their deal seriously as he doesn't want to go to Mementos. In an attempt to claw the protagonist's face, Morgana ends up accidentally spilling Sojiro's curry, but also nearly broke a invaluable cup, which the protagonist rescued. Upon discovering this, Sojiro assumes the protagonist's responsible, but the protagonist kept quiet about Morgana as he didn't want Sojiro to kick him out, especially not over a misunderstanding. Angered over nearly losing said cup, Sojiro threatened to throw out both of them should they not replicate his curry.

Their friends Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke try to help him figure out how to make the curry and gather money for the ingredients in Mementos, but they would only fail spectacularly. The situation would get Morgana guilt-ridden over the protagonist's impending eviction, even if he himself was previously afraid of becoming stray. He would confess to the others himself, who would later approach Sojiro themselves and try to clear up the misunderstanding, but apparently Sojiro overreacted and didn't mean what he said involving his threat, as that cup was simply important to him.

The protagonist would later have found a scribbled "SORRY" on a piece of paper implied to have been written by a sleeping Morgana. It is implied the both of them would apologize to Sojiro the next day.

Chapter 2: The Queen's Orders[]

Morgana plays a major, but temporary role in "The Queen's Orders." Morgana would essentially act as the voice of reason for the group.

Upon talking with Yusuke and worrying about his eating habits, he holds a group meeting for everyone to split their money to financially support Yusuke, which the group agrees to help him out with. This responsibility includes the group buying their own equipment for combat, which the protagonist will arrange with Iwai.

When Morgana examines their use of their money, the results would be unsatisfactory. Makoto Niijima in particular's would be concerning, as she made use of that opportunity to exploit her sadistic and vengeful habits by buying custom fists. Meanwhile, Ryuji and Ann didn't buy any equipment for themselves: Ann used the money to buy herself a purse and sneakers, according to Ryuji who snitched on her. Yusuke bought equipment for himself, but used his money for food for a fine arts book, substituting for salt and water.

Morgana would offer that he and the protagonist return to handling their money, only for Makoto to offer managing Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke, letting her take over; this concludes Morgana's role in the chapter. The story ends with the protagonist returning to managing them after a discussion.

Creation and Development[]

Persona 5[]


Morgana's concept art.

Persona 5's illustrator, Shigenori Soejima, took great care in drawing Morgana so that he wasn't overly cute, with the goal of preserving his uniqueness and individuality. One aspect that reflects that is his slanted eyes.[7]

His Persona Zorro was designed around that point as well, being made big in contrast to his minuscule size. Aside from his attitude, Zorro and his massive difference in size was used to reveal Morgana's strong personality within his body, and to express that he's a great being. But since Morgana has a side of him where he doesn't know who he is, Zorro was deliberately designed to look like a balloon, as if asking him "No matter how big you are or have a splendid beard, aren't you still empty inside? Aren't you being arrogant?"[7][42]

Soejima believes that a mascot characters's duty is to be loved by everyone, so he designed Morgana based on that idea. He decided to make Morgana a cat based on the "thief cat" concept, which refers to cats entering other people's houses to steal food.[5][43]

Morgana's color palette goes with Soejima's personal rule of designing mascots (using the "toy color" set of red, yellow and blue); this rule applied to Aigis and Teddie as well.[7]

Some inspirations involved in the design process are Perman. As it's one of Soejima's favorite shows, Morgana was designed with the same mask in mind.[7] Additionally, the key point of Morgana's design is his mask.[5]

During a class question in Persona 5, when discussing the silver ratio (1:1.414) in architecture, mascot design is also brought up: it is stated that mascots' faces that are seen as cute follow this ratio.[44][q 83] The scene directly alludes to Morgana,[q 84] but whether this implies that this principle was used in designing him or not is not directly confirmed.

Persona 5 Royal[]

Morgana's human overlay, or more accurately, the celebrity's appearance overlaid on him, is based on a real-life celebrity.

Early Concept[]

P5 Concept Art Old Morgana

Morgana's early design.

Morgana's gender wasn't determined until later on, so early designs of Morgana were done with a feminine image in mind and one that directly reflected the "thief cat" concept. He was given a shiny rubber body, with the head being fluffy instead. He was also able to transform into anything, not just a van.[7][45] Soejima initially wanted Morgana's vehicle design to have been a sports car, however, he would have been too small to fit the entire gang, before resorting to a van.[7][46] Early Morgana's cat form had similar proportions to the final design, but would instead retain his scarf in place of his collar.

Unused models in the game point to another old version of Morgana's design as a normal cat: he had a heftier and more grim face, compared to his current slim and slender appearance. This model also had the scarf on.[47] The model is actually used on regular stray cats in the final game, although the breed is different.[48][49]

A slightly older model of Morgana's final cat form design is only different in terms that the head is smaller, the fur is less defined and his irises are small enough that his sclera are visible.[50]

Before Zorro's design was refined, his Persona would originally look like a hairy bandit.[7] His muscles were also too vivid, hence the more comical direction of his balloon-like arms.[42]

Unveiling and Promotion[]

Persona 5[]


A Morgana mascot made numerous appearances in publicity events.

Morgana was first unveiled during the first Japanese PV trailer for Persona 5, on February 5th, 2015, together with Ryuji Sakamoto and Ann Takamaki. The trailer was first dropped during the Night of the Phantom concert in Tokyo.

Morgana would also appear to directly promote the game during certain events, such as in Take Tokyo Tower and the English side of E3 2016.

During E3 2016, Morgana's English voice would be the first to be revealed out of the cast of the game.[51]

During Take the Treasure on July 19, 2016, Morgana's car form was revealed for the first time.[52]

Morgana would also receive a life-size mascot costume, which would be used during various public events, and he would also partake as a representative in collaboration with other companies and brands, Jagariko being one commonplace.


"This official Persona Twitter account was taken by the Phantom Thieves! (From a mysterious Phantom Thief)"
—Morgana, @p_kouhou
P kouhou-Morgana

The @p_kouhou account's profile picture with Morgana.

The official Japanese Persona PR account on Twitter, @p_kouhou is handled by Morgana, who directly promotes upcoming releases and events related to the Persona series, as a majority of the account's tweets are written from his perspective. In photographs, he is also portrayed via the aforementioned real-life mascot costume, or simply via his Persona 20th Anniversary Festival plushie.

The account was originally handled by Teddie, but it has been "hacked by a "mysterious thief" on September 17, 2015, later revealed to be Morgana.[53] He's been the one speaking through this account ever since.

Persona 5 Royal[]

Morgana's Report[]

P5R MorganasReport

Morgana's Report logo

Morgana's Report was a mini web series streamed on Atlus' YouTube channel, atlustube, and hosted by Morgana, that spanned during the promotion of Persona 5 Royal in Japan, serving to introduce viewers through new features and quality of life changes to the game. 6 episodes have been posted, with a time frame between each video spanning from 3 weeks to over a month.

During the game's promotion in the west, an English counterpart to Morgana's Report, titled Morgana's Phantom Thief Crash Course[1], was released, which stars Morgana and Sumire Yoshizawa. It is only a single episode.

DJ Morgana - Everyone's P5R Daily Song Ranking[]

DJ Morgana

Morgana in the opening screen of DJ Morgana.

To promote the 2022 remasters of Persona 5 Royal, DJ Morgana - Everyone's P5R Daily Song Ranking, a ranking poll hosted by Morgana that showcases 30 songs handpicked by fans daily, was held during the month right before the games' release.

Persona 5 Strikers[]

Traveling Morgana's Newsletter[]

P5S MorganasReport

Traveling Morgana's Newsletter logo for Episode 1, featuring Shibuya

In the same format as Morgana's Report, Traveling Morgana's Newsletter would be produced to promote Persona 5 Strikers with the same purpose in mind. It had 5 episodes in total, with each being published around every 3 weeks. Each video had a theme, revolving around a certain major location the Phantom Thieves would visit in the game, as well as its Jail.

Persona 25th Anniversary[]

Persona 25th Times[]


ペルソナ25thタイムズ Vol.1【2021年9月号】

Morgana in Persona 25th Times Vol.1

Morgana would also host the first volume of Persona 25th Times (ペルソナ25thタイムズ*)?, a segment announcing upcoming events that took place in the first half of the Persona 25th Anniversary. Although the host of volumes 2 and 3 was instead Teddie, as teased beforehand,[54] he and Teddie collaborated in volume 4. Unlike previous web-series, Persona 25th Times is captioned in English.

The format would be carried over to the Western promotion of the event, titled Persona 25th Times West. It was only a single episode, but Morgana and Teddie would host together.[2]

Persona 3 Portable & Persona 4 Golden[]

Invited by Morgana / Morgana's Guide[]


モルガナが誘う『ペルソナ3 ポータブル』『ペルソナ4 ザ・ゴールデン』の世界!

The Japanese version of the overview video feat. Morgana.

During the promotion of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden's 2023 remasters, Morgana would host a short overview of both games on December 14th, 2022 on @p_kouhou on Twitter,[55][56] and would later be uploaded on YouTube on the 17th, roughly titled "Invited by Morgana" (モルガナが誘う, Morugana ga izanau)?. In-between on December 16th, the video would be localized in English on YouTube, titled "Morgana's Guide".[3]

Persona 5 Tactica[]

Nyahoo! News[]

Morgana is again the newscaster for the mini-web series "Nyahoo! News", to promote Persona 5 Tactica in Japan.

Morgana's Splendid Tactical Instructions[]

A short sub-series based on "Nyahoo! News", titled "Captain Morgana's Splendid Tactical Instructions" (モルガナ隊長の華麗なる戦術指南*)?, represents brief tutorials on the gameplay of Persona 5 Tactica, all compiled in clips of 4 on YouTube.


Unlike the rest of the Phantom Thieves, Morgana's name isn't Japanese, and is written in Katakana (モルガナ). His name is a direct reference to Morgan le Fay, who is a powerful enchantress (or fairy, hence "le Fay") in the Arthurian Legend. Her name has multiple variations, with one of them being "Morgana." Morgan's name likely comes from Old Welsh or Old Breton "Morgen," meaning "Sea-born." This meaning likely relates to the fact that Morgana's birthplace is in Mementos, or the Sea of Souls. Otherwise, both are reference to the collective unconscious, an important topic in Carl Jung's psychology which in turn is the basis behind the Persona series. Additionally, Morgana's ultimate Persona, Mercurius, is also a symbol of the human unconscious.

In Persona 5, Sadayo Kawakami makes a brief reference of Morgan le Fay, during a class question about femme fatales and uses her as one of the examples of the trope.[q 85]

Morgana's codename, Mona (モナ), aside from being an abbreviation of "Morgana," is a direct reference to Monā (モナー), the Shift_JIS art anthropomorphic mascot cat created by 2channel textboard users. Coincidentally, Mona is also the name of the island where William Kidd (who is also Ryuji's Persona) reportedly buried his fortunes. The island was also used as a refuge by pirates and privateers, including the aforementioned Captain Kidd. Ryuji was also the one who came up with Morgana's codename.

Since Morgana doesn't necessarily need his codename, as he has no reason to cover his identity to the public, it can also be used as a nickname, or even a term of endearment, usually by Futaba, Haru (Mona-chan), or even Ryuji.

In Other Languages[]

Language Titles
Flag of the United States English Morgana Mona
Flag of Japan Japanese モルガナ (Morugana) モナ (Mona)
Flag of South Korea Korean 모르가나 (Moleugana) 모나 (Mona)
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China Traditional Chinese 摩爾加納 (Mó'ěrjiānà) MONA
Flag of Hong Kong Simplified Chinese 摩尔加纳 (Mó'ěr jiānà) MONA
Flag of France French Morgana Mona
Flag of Italy Italian Morgana Mona
Flag of Germany German Morgana Mona
Flag of Spain Spanish Morgana Mona


General Characteristics[]

P5 New Years 2017 Illustration of the Protagonist and Morgana

Artwork of the protagonist and Morgana celebrating New Year 2017.

  • Morgana is the only member of the Phantom Thieves who can summon a Persona without having to take off his mask.
  • Morgana's ties to the Velvet Room would be hinted at long before they were revealed:
    • While the party travels to Madarame's shack via train, Morgana would insist the group calls him "Master," specifically to be put in Igor's shoes.
    • When Morgana attempted to take Okumura alone, while on his last legs, he would hallucinate Igor, referring to them as "Master" before blacking out.
  • Although a majority of the Phantom Thieves need to use the Meta-Nav app implanted on their phones, Morgana is able to enter the Metaverse on his own due to his connections with the Metaverse. He still needs to follow the same rules to enter Palaces, however.
  • Morgana is the one who thought of the protagonist's codename, "Joker," as he is the team's "trump card when it comes to fighting strength."
Morgana Koromaru NewYears2018

Artwork of Morgana and Koromaru celebrating New Year 2018.

  • Morgana has strong feelings for the scarf he's wearing.[q 86]
  • Morgana's favorite nut is the cashew.[q 87]
  • When the protagonist goes to sleep, there's a rare chance for Morgana to sleep on top of him unbeknownst to him, making it difficult for the protagonist to fall asleep.
  • If the protagonist lacks the train fee to make a return trip to Yongen-Jaya, Morgana will use his secret savings to give him the needed amount of money to return there, preventing him from getting stuck with no way to progress.
  • People are aware of Morgana when he's carried around in the protagonist's bag, and might comment on it.[q 88][q 89]
  • Sojiro and Sae eventually learn that Morgana can talk, but because they haven't entered the Metaverse, they don't actually understand him.
  • During the Depths of Mementos arc, when the protagonist was looking for his imprisoned teammates within the Velvet Room to free them, he couldn't find Morgana. It turns out he was hiding in the protagonist's cell.[58][q 90]
  • Morgana is actually not the first talking cat in the series: the first being Gouto-Douji from the Devil Summoner series, followed by Lieutenant General Zula from the PSP rerelease of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

Biology & Abilities[]


Morgana shining.

  • According to Morgana, he didn't get hungry when he was stuck in the Metaverse at first.
    • Afterward, according to Mementos dialogue, Morgana would become thirsty and hungry in the Metaverse too, implying he needed to enter the real world first.[q 91][q 92]
  • Unlike cats in the real world, Morgana can consume human food without experiencing adverse effects:
    • According to one of his dialogues in Mementos, he was able to eat an onion without getting sick. Onions are toxic for regular cats, and contain chemicals that can destroy their blood cells if ingested.[q 93]
    • In Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, while Morgana talks about his passion for sushi, Makoto remarks that she thought cats don't eat it. This is because it can break down thiamine, an essential chemical in cats, which can cause neurological problems, as well as convulsions.
    • Otherwise, Morgana's cat form has the standard biology of a cat's: in Strikers, he'll make reference to his sensitive tongue.
Morgana FixingCar

Morgana repairing a ride.

  • Morgana knows how to lockpick, but he struggles to do so with cat paws.
  • Morgana can also write in spite of his paws, as he's apparently written a calling card for Shinya Oda in his Confidant.[q 94][q 95] While in the tutorial phase of Kamoshida's Palace, Morgana's put up information on various mechanics in the game that cannot be directly explained, such as attribute affinities and ailments.
  • In Persona 5 Royal, Morgana can play darts in the real world like normal, in spite of being a cat.
  • According to Morgana during the events of Persona 5 Strikers, he still has more infiltration tool tips that he can teach the protagonist.[q 96]
  • On the biology of the Morgana Car:
    • Morgana considers his tires to be his "feet" and interprets his driving as "running."[q 97][q 98][q 91]
    • The lower part of Morgana's interior is his "stomach."[q 99][q 100]
    • The car seats are body-temperature warm.[q 101][q 102][q 103]
    • The Morgana Car's eyes glow in the dark, as they're the headlights.[q 104][q 105][q 106][q 107]
    • Morgana's engine, although its meaning is unspecified, is described to sound like a cat "purring."[q 108]
P5 MorganaBus Inside

The inside of the Morgana Car. Note the button in the center.

      • The engine apparently doesn't need to run for Morgana to be conscious.[q 109]
      • The engine is started by a special switch near the steering wheel at the center of the car. The switch is explicitly shaped like Morgana's head.[q 109]
      • Morgana at one point describes it as his "meowtary engine."[q 109]
    • The Morgana Car is equipped with airbags, as well as baggage carriers.[q 110][q 111]
    • Morgana can't drive himself and needs someone on the driver's seat.[q 112]
      • Normally, the protagonist is on the wheel, though several scenes have Makoto take over, and in one case: Haru.

In-Game Properties[]

  • Morgana is the first Navigator in the series that can do fighting and navigation at same time. Before Futaba joins, Morgana doesn't faint if he is knocked out in battle. Instead, he runs away to the back stage and becomes the Navigator. Any party member can still use any revival item or skill on him and put him back on the front row.
    • Due to this, he also becomes the first one whose dialogues become affected by the ailments he gets inflicted with.
P5R Showtime MorganaLevelUp

Morgana's level-up screen references his Showtime with Ann.

  • In Persona 5 Royal, while driving Morgana in his van form in Mementos, gently rubbing the touchpad on the PS4 controller will make Morgana purr. Pressing it firmly, on the other hand, will make him meow in protest. Both of these sound clips come directly from the controller's speakers.
    • The mechanic has been transferred onto the Nintendo Switch port of the game via the console's touchscreen.[59]
  • In Royal, if Morgana levels up after his Showtime with Ann is activated, his Level-Up portrait will change. The same applies for Ann.

Localization Differences[]

  • Compared to how some characters broadly interpret Morgana as a "monster cat" in English, in the Japanese version, they refer to him as a "bakeneko" (化け猫*)?, a cat with supernatural abilities, a type of Japanese yōkai. They can shapeshift into, curse and possess humans. They can also speak human words, which is likely why they misinterpret Morgana to be a bakeneko.

ペルソナ5 8週連続テレビCM② 「モルガナ編」

Morgana's Japanese trailer.

  • Morgana's Japanese speech has several unique quirks:
    • When he states other people's names, they're written in Katakana, rather than Hiragana (Haru would be ハル, rather than 春.)[60] The protagonist's name is naturally unaffected due to being selected manually.
    • Morgana doesn't speak in polite Japanese, but rather uses plain and masculine speech.[61]
    • When he's referring to himself in first-person, he uses "wagahai," (ワガハイ, lit. 我輩(わがはい)) an archaic phrasing used by older men that indicates a noble status, giving Morgana an arrogant tone. It can be translated to "my fellow."
    • When referring to second-person, he uses "omae" (オマエ, lit. お前(おまえ)). It has a casual and masculine tone. It is used by him, the protagonist, Ryuji, Akechi and Igor.
    • When converting to plural pronouns, he maintains his original pronouns, only adding "-tachi" at the end like normal. ((ワガハイたち*)? / (オマエたち*)?)[62][63]
    • Morgana also uses the "-Dono" (殿) honorific when referring to certain women, particularly Ann and Lavenza, such as "Ann-Dono" instead of the English equivalent "Lady Ann." Unlike previous instances of names and honorifics, "-Dono" is written in Kanji.[60] The honorific roughly means "lord," "master" or "milord." It is normally used to indicate that the person referred to has the same (high) rank as the referrer, but it commands respect from the speaker.
  • The word "human" has very nuanced speech, as Morgana would use in two different ways: in both its kanji (人間) and katakana (ニンゲン) variant, and would go back-and-forth between both versions.[64][65][66]
  • Morgana's Confidant has unique flavor text from the protagonist.
    • Morgana's Rank 10 Confidant message is "I can sense Morgana's trust in me...", or translated to "I feel strong trust from Morgana" (モルガナからの強い信頼を感じる*)?.[41]
    • Morgana's Rank 10 Confidant description in Japanese is more detailed: "Morgana realizes that where you (the protagonist) are is where he belongs. No matter what he is, they are true comrades who can now risk their lives to support each-other." (<Protagonist>の居る場所が自分の居場所だと自覚したモルガナ。正体が何だろうと、今や命を懸けて支え合える真の同志だ。*)?[12] The English translation has been condensed, and no mention of the two characters "risking their lives" has been made.

Design & References[]

  • Morgana's dialogues in the real world are accompanied with the onomatopoeia "Meow~/Nya~" to indicate that other people cannot understand his words.
  • Morgana's first-person pronoun in Japanese, "wagahai," may be a reference to Natsume Sōseki's 1905 satire novel I Am a Cat (吾輩は猫である, Wagahai wa Neko de Aru)?. As the title suggests, the story is told from the perspective of a regular cat that, ironically, speaks in phrasing used by higher-class noblemen, and talks about his observations on the human world and its ecology.
Morgana All Out

Morgana's All-out Attack portrait. Note the nose.

  • Morgana's design foreshadows his connections to the Velvet Room, with its assistants following a color palette of blue, white and black clothes, with yellow eyes. In Morgana's case, the color of his eyes and scarf are reversed in contrast to the designs of the standard Velvet Room attendants, specifically with their uniforms and eyes.
  • Shown only in a few concept artworks and his All-out Attack portrait, Morgana has a small black nose tucked underneath the edge of his mask. The shape is similar to the one of his cat counterpart.
  • Shown in his sprites and some promotional artwork, there are two dents on the sides of his mask. In some artwork, they are depicted as holes.
  • The model of Morgana's anthropomorphic form has retractable claws from his hands. Whether they're used in-game is unclear.[67]
MorganaCar P5

The Morgana car carrying the party. Note the license plate.

  • The license plate on Morgana's Van form is "築地 343 も 2-22."
    • "築地" refers to Tsukiji, a district of Chūō, Tokyo. For many residents and visitors to Tokyo, the Central Wholesale Market, better known as the Tsukiji fish market, is synonymous with sushi, sashimi and seafood products of every kind, referencing Morgana's passion for sushi.
    • 343 can be read in Japanese as goroawase for the word "Sashimi" (刺身*)?.
    • 2-22 could be a reference to the Japanese onomatopoeia for "meow:" "Nya-Nyanya."
  • From the inside of the van, an emblem resembling biped Morgana's head can be seen.[67][68]
  • At one point, Morgana explains that a cat transforming into a vehicle is something engraved into (Japanese) people's minds, indirectly referencing the Catbus from the animated movie My Neighbor Totoro, directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
  • When Morgana is about to transform into a vehicle, his pose is similar to the transformation poses of Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider Ichigo.
  • Morgana's running animation in the Metaverse, which transforms his legs into a swirling vortex, may reference Doraemon’s comical expression.[69]
    • Additionally, when thinking of a way to reach the floating bank in Kaneshiro's Palace, Ryuji asks if Morgana can fly. Morgana retorts that he is not some "robot cat" (Doraemon) who can source all kinds of futuristic gadgets from his fourth-dimensional pocket, with the most recurring one being the Take-copter for flight.
    • In Persona 5 Strikers Morgana also has cartoonish jumping and landing sound effects.
  • In the Japanese version of Persona 5, when Morgana is transformed into a mouse in battle, he will make noise reminiscent of Pikachu who is also voiced by Ikue Ōtani.
    • Also, in one of the phone texts, the protagonist may say "Morgana, I choose you," a probable reference to "Pikachu, I choose you."
  • While the protagonist is cooking curry, during one of the segments, Morgana will make a reference to Tony Tony Chopper of One Piece, saying "you have the wrong idea if you think I'm some dumb reindeer!"[q 113]

Promotion & PR[]

PQ2 LINE Stamp 16

A Persona Q2 LINE Sticker of Morgana in bed.

"Let's go to sleep for the day."
—Morgana, Persona 5
  • In Persona 5, when the protagonist didn't have free time during the evening, when Morgana telegraphed he was too tired to go out, Morgana makes the protagonist sleep in, intervening with the player's freedom of movement.
    • The interaction would become a meme. In Japanese, it would specifically be the line he'd say, which translates to "Let's go to sleep now" (今日はもう寝ようぜ。, Kyō wa mō neyou ze.)? down to the letter.[70][71] The quotation itself would have become an inside joke in the series, by having Morgana actively repeat it in later material, including Strikers.[72][73][74] That might bleed in onto his playstyle as well, as Morgana can learn Dormin Rush in the same game, which afflicts Sleep.
Teddie and Morgana 200000 Followers

Artwork of Morgana and Teddie celebrating 200,000 followers on @p_kouhou.

    • This design issue itself would be fixed in Royal, as there is more liberation with the protagonist's free time.
  • One of the meanings behind the Japanese release date (2.20.2020) for Persona 5 Strikers involves its pronunciation: The "2's" seem to be pronounced as "Nya," and the "0s" as "o." This serves as wordplay for the Japanese onomatopoeia for "Meow." It's used as part of a jingle to advertise the game, sung by Morgana: "Persona 5S; 2020.2.20!" (ペルソナ5S・にゃおにゃおにゃにゃお, Perusona Faibu Essu; Nyao Nyao Nya Nyao)?. Before the game's release, it could be played at the bottom of the Persona 5 Strikers website.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Title Details Date External Links
Lord of Vermilion Re:3 Collaboration event
* Playable Familiar, 1-star
December 12, 2016 - December 25, 2016[75]
Chain Chronicle Collaboration event
* Mona, Cleric class, 4-star
January 19, 2017 - January 31, 2017[76] Article on the Chain Chronicle Wiki
Granblue Fantasy Collaboration event
* Mona, NPC
* SSR Dark Summon as Morgana Car
June 18, 2018 - June 29, 2018[77] Article on the Granblue Fantasy Wiki
Puzzle and Dragons Collaboration event
* Morgana, Monster Exchange exclusive character
July 16, 2018 - July 29, 2018[78]
Wonderland Wars Collaboration event
* Morgana, Special Assist Card (Level 4)
August 27, 2018 - September 17, 2018[79]
Phantasy Star Online 2 Collaboration event for Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight
* Morgana Suit
June 6, 2018 - June 11, 2018 Article on
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle * Color swap for Naoto Shirogane
* Color swap for Teddie
* May 31, 2018 (Japan)
* June 5, 2018 (North America)
* June 22, 2018 (Europe)
Puyo Puyo!! Quest Collaboration event for Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth
* Morgana, Balance Type, 6-star
December 3, 2018[80] Article on Puyo Nexus
Catherine: Full Body * Cameos as a nesoberi plush in Stray Sheep with Teddie and Koromaru
* Cameos as a plush in Rin's room
* Morgana's mask can be found on a mannequin in Rin's room
* February 14, 2019 (Japan)
* September 3, 2019 (West)
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party Collaboration event
* Costume for Michelle
February 17, 2019 - March 6, 2019[81]
Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Collaboration event
* Morgana (Kotodaman); Normal (5-star), Phantom Thief (6-star)
March 5, 2019 - March 28, 2019[82]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Part of the Joker DLC
* Part of Joker's taunts, victory screen, Mementos, and his Final Smash
* Primary Spirit (Ace Class, Grab type)
* Customizable hat for the Mii Fighters
* Appears in the mural, despite not being a playable fighter
April 17, 2019 Article on SmashWiki
Identity V First collaboration event
* Mona (Pet, A-tier)
August 8, 2019 - August 29, 2019[83]
Star Ocean: Anamnesis Collaboration event
* Accessory as a plush[4]
October 10, 2019 - November 7, 2019[84]
Another Eden First collaboration
* Playable character
December 12, 2019 [85] Article in Another Eden Wiki
Earth UFO Catcher SEGA's 60th anniversary special event
* Prize (No.109, Rank 3 ★★★)
June 3, 2020, 01:00 (GMT) - June 9, 2020, 14:59 (GMT) Tweet
Dragalia Lost Collaboration event for Persona 5 Strikers
* Mona, Playable Character
January 31, 2021 - February 12, 2021 Article in Dragalia Lost Wiki
Love Live! School Idol Festival Collaboration event for Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5
* Morgana meets the characters in a special storyline only available during the event[86]
October 31, 2021 - November 25, 2021
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Collaboration DLC
* Mona, Playable Character
November 2, 2021 Trailer on ATLUS West's YouTube page
Last Cloudia Collaboration event for Persona 5 Royal
* Mona, Playable Character
May 26, 2022 Website
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    "This feels way better than having some dumb cat guide us!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    End of IM
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    * 2nd IM has the whole group cheer and praise Futaba, but Ryuji further muddies their intent, making them sound as if Futaba's replaced Morgana.
  33. Via IM
    "Whoa, this approval rating's insane. It's over 60% now!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Aw, you're making me blush."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "I'm not talking about you!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "No, this is definitely thanks to Futaba silencing Medjed."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "See??? How about that!?"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    * Direct proof of Ryuji's muddied intents. He wasn't praising Futaba like the others either, and if he were to do so, he only compared her as "better than Morgana."
  34. "The culprit forcing mental shutdowns... If you think about it, there's no bigger target than that. If we can change his heart and get a confession outta him, we'll be on top of the world for real. Should we reveal our identities then? I bet chicks are gonna be all over us!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Whoa, whoa, you want us to show our faces...!? ...I guess that might be OK?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "I see. If the true culprit confesses, the existence of the Metaverse will become known... There would be no need for us to remain in hiding in such a questionable manner..."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Hey! We're not doing this to stand out, you know!"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Being "unknown" is the allure of being a phantom thief."

    * Makoto is the voice of reason within Okumura's arc.
  35. Via IM
    "I want to go to Akihabara. I wanna buy a game, but I'm scared to do it alone. Do you think you can help?
    (Dialogue choices and responses)
    OK, it's late so let's just meet there! I know how to ride the train after that trip to the beach, so I can get there fine. Well then, I'll be waiting."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    End of IM
    "Wait, we're meeting in Akihabara? Is Futaba really going to be OK? We'd better get over there."
    —Morgana, Persona 5
  36. "Is this where we're supposed to be meeting? Is she not here...? Try checking around."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Are you all by yourself? Where did you come from?"
    —Policeman, Persona 5

    "I... Ummm..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "Hey, over there..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Did you run away from home? What's wrong, little girl?"
    —Policeman, Persona 5

    "Uhhh... Ah..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "That looks bad! What are you gonna do!?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">Let's help.
    >Let's watch.
    >Let's ignore her."
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    ">Yeah, hurry up!
    >Now's not the time for that. Go save her!
    >You're supposed to be watching over her today! Go save her!"
    —Morgana's responses, Persona 5

    Lots of dialogue skipped.
    "Futaba, are you OK?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "S-Sorry... I thought I conquered my fears back at the beach..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "What happened?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "There wasn't anyone I knew with me, so I panicked. Felt like my heart was gonna pop... I got so scared all by myself... then I just sorta curled up into a ball... Then all these people started staring at me... and the police came... and then it was all over..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "Look, Futaba. If you're ever in trouble, just call <Protagonist>."

    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    More dialogue
    "Urgh... Couldn't even go buy a game by myself. I'm a failure..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "But I'm OK outside as long as it's with <Protagonist>. ...Is he some kinda key item?"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    More dialogue
    "All right! Now that that's over with, let's goooo!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "Hm? Where?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Need. Buy. Game."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "...Weren't you bawling your eyes out just a second ago?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Yeah, but I have my key item now! Victory conditions met! C'mon, let's roll!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5
  37. "You're leaving for your school trip next Wednesday... Maybe we should take care of what we can before then."
    —Morgana, automatic, Persona 5

    "Have fun on that school trip for me, OK...?"
    —Morgana, daytime, Persona 5

    "I wish I could go with you on your school trip..."
    —Morgana on the sofa, Persona 5

    "You guys have it so easy..."
    —Morgana, evening Persona 5
  38. "All anyone talks about anymore is the Phantom Thieves. I kinda miss when no one knew who were were..."
    —Morgana after-school, Persona 5

    "...... Oh, it's nothing. I was just daydreaming a bit..."
    —Morgana, first time only, Persona 5

    "You're heading off on your school trip the day after tomorrow, right? Just go have fun for me, OK?"
    —Morgana, second time onward, Persona 5

    "I'll hold down the fort, so don't worry about me."
    —Morgana on the sofa, Persona 5
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    * In the Japanese version, Ryuji refers to Morgana and Haru in plural, also singular possessive ("my friends," rather than "our friend.")
    * Either way, Ryuji will turn to look at Morgana like the others, followed by a double exclamation mark, and Ryuji's aforementioned remark.
    * Ryuji's reaction (Shocked to see Morgana) and Sugimura's response (Haru and the "lover's quarrel") contradict. One scenario is that Sugimura explains the harm he's caused Morgana.
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    Also, Morgana's Rank 10 flavor message from the protagonist is unique. Read trivia section for more details.
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  49. The Orange Cat's model ID is 4696, and is grouped with other colorations: grey is 4697, black/white is 4698. The beta Morgana model is 8003, set in bulk at the end of the list with other beta models.
    (The only lead towards verifying where beta Morgana came from is to examine the black/white cat model and see if the textures match. If so, it'll likely prove a link, as the black/white cat's design is directly based on Morgana's pre-established breed, rather than a mere coincidence.)
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    "We found them! The escapees are in front of the isolated cell! Alert! Alert! Capture them at once!"
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    * Note: When Haru is referring to "inside the prison", she's referring to the cell inside. Timing itself proves it, but there's direct proof he was born inside later on.
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  3. "Humans... Hey, do you think I'll really be able to become a human? When I touched the Treasure... some memories came back. I tried to force myself to forget, but... I really may not be human..."
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  4. Prompts before confronting the Holy Grail in the Qliphoth World
    1st time:
    "That thing is waiting up ahead... This will most likely be our final battle... Are you ready, Joker?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">Let's go."
    —>Not quite yet., The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    ">...I guess that was a foolish question to ask. Well, come on!"
    —>OK. Give it as much thought as you see necessary., Morgana's responses, Persona 5

    2nd time:
    "Are we ready, Joker?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">Let's go."
    —>Not quite yet., The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    ">...Understood. Let's do this together, Joker!"
    —>Make sure you've done everything you want to first., Morgana, Persona 5
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    ...It's not like me to say all that embarrassing stuff. But still...I think it's fine. For tonight, at least."
    —Morgana, Rank 10 Confidant, Persona 5
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    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Ain't that a Treasure? Right, Mona?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Thanks for everything, gang."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "Humans have the power to change the world. They just forgot about that a bit..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Thanks to you guys, I was able to complete my duty..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Everything was thanks to you, wasn't it, Morgana...?"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    ">You're amazing.
    >Thank you."
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    "I got to be useful for humans that I admired so much. Nothing could make me happier. ...This place will soon disappear too.
    Time to go home."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ペルソナ5 ラストダンジョン〜最後の戦い (1:10:56), YouTube (Verloren's Videos, March 20, 2018)

    *Morgana's gestures are important. Again, right in the middle of his final line, he thought about his demise. It's a small head-shake, shaking off his worries. The consistency, as well as the timing of this one specific event, proves that Morgana knew about his fate.
    * Morgana touching the treasure proves he's taking it back with him.
    * The protagonist's dialogue choices in Japanese are literally: 大したやつだ and ありがとう. The 1st, he's roughly calling him a "hotshot", a "big guy" or "You're the big deal." The 2nd is a straightforward, casual thank you.
    * "Time to go home." is literally 帰るとするか。, a rhetorical "Do you want to go home?" Almost like a parental nod.


    MAKOTO: 全部、モルガナのおかげだったんだね…
  13. "I've actually been thinking a bit about my actions this time... I was way too worried about who I am, and how I don't compare to the other members of our group. Turns out I just don't have any guts, huh?"
    —Morgana, Confidant Rank 9, Persona 5

    ">It's OK.
    >It happens to everyone."
    —The protagonist's responses, Confidant Rank 9, Persona 5

    ">Come on, I've known you long enough. No need to be modest.
    —Morgana's responses based on dialogue choices above, Confidant Rank 9, Persona 5
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    "Mona totally woulda done something, right? That cat would never quit on you."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto talking to the protagonist, Persona 5

    "He was always there to pull us forward."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "Morgana truly was the engine of the Phantom Thieves."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "He was a car, after all!"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "I wanna see Mona again..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5
  15. "Sheesh, what an assertive little guy... I wonder where he got that from."
    —Sojiro Sakura referring to Morgana, Persona 5

    "If Morgana becomes human, he may end up just like <Protagonist>"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Oh, I can see that."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "Totally possible."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "Me be like him...!? ...Well, that wouldn't be so bad. I definitely don't want to be like Ryuji though."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "What was that!?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    * In the Japanese version, Sojiro's question is most likely the beginning of the discussion.
    * Sojiro also specifically refers to him as "self-assertive."
    * The full line is: ったく、自己主張の強い猫だよな… 一体誰に似たんだか?
    * Roughly asks who's Morgana's lookalike.
    Persona5 特番 Stars and Ours 回想 後編 (1:06:49), YouTube (Verloren’s Videos, Jul 13, 2019)
  16. "We've had so many talks, here in this room... ...This really is a nice and comfy little room."
    —Morgana on the night of 12/23, Persona 5
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    ">Are you sad about that?
    >That's good.
    >Stay here forever."
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    ">Well, maybe in regard to this attic place. But... this is where I want to be.
    >...Yes. Yeah, you're right.
    >Aren't you only going to be here for a year? Still... it makes me happy to hear that."
    —Morgana's responses, Persona 5
  18. "Buchiko... The story about this dog makes me cry every time..."
    —Morgana when reading Buchiko's Story, Persona 5
  19. "A dog who kept waiting for his master in Shibuya, huh? A noble and loyal friend to the end... I have to admit that this story moves me. Can't you feel its gentle warmth in your heart?"
    —Morgana when reading Buchiko's Story, Persona 5
  20. "The faithful dog that waited for his master to the end, huh? I'm so moved by his loyalty. You better not abandon me, all right? It's not like me to be the one waiting."
    —Morgana on the Buchiko's statue in Shibuya, Persona 5
  21. "There are portraits covering the walls in there... b-b-but they all have such scary faces..."
    —Morgana on the music room in Shujin Academy, Persona 5
  22. "Whoa, why are you reading that...? Whatever you do, just don't read it out loud, OK?"
    —Morgana on Ghost Encounters, Persona 5
  23. "Ah, these stories are way too spooky for me. Don't talk to me about any of them, OK? Although... you do seem a lot more dependable now that you've read them."
    —Morgana on Ghost Encounters, Persona 5
  24. "I-I-I-I can t-t-totally handle th-this sorta s-s-stuff...!"
    —Morgana when watching Pach-Saw, Persona 5
  25. "The picture of the author... That smug grin just irritates me."
    —Morgana when reading Playing the Game, Persona 5
  26. "Is this philosophy? I'm not sure if I like this writer. He seems a bit condescending..."
    —Morgana when reading Wise Men's Words, Persona 5
  27. "Talking like that makes me feel so much better. I didn't realize I held back my tongue so much..."
    —Morgana in the confessional, 2nd time, Persona 5
  28. Context: Adult store in Shinjuku
    "Well, I'm here, aren't I? I'd rather you didn't, but you may touch my paw if you must."
    —Morgana, Persona 5
  29. "Sitting in a sunny patch on a clear day... Those are the most peaceful times for me."
    —Morgana in Mementos dialogue, Persona 5

    JAPANESE (Specifically refers to him "healing"
    —Morgana, Persona 5
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    "Ow ow ow... This road's so bumpy."
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "I can feel it... The tender touch of a soft butt...!"
    —Morgana in car form, Mementos Dialogue, Persona 5
  31. "I love the sound of the word "chief." I'd like to be called that too, someday."
    —Morgana when reading Call Me Chief, Persona 5.
  32. "You heard her, Joker. Pretty good name, if I do say so myself. I kinda wish I'd given myself a cooler name..."
    —Morgana on 11/4, Persona 5
  33. "By the way, it's not like I'm bothered by this or anything... But hypothetically speaking, OK? What would you do if I turned out to be some weird...thing?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    (The protagonist & Morgana's dialogue responses.)
    "If what I saw from earlier is true, is it OK for me to stay with the Phantom Thieves...? And even if I'm with the team, I'm useless at the moment... It's nothing."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    * Emphasizes on Morgana's worries for morality.
    * Connects Morgana's fears of who he is to said worries.
    * Confirms Morgana's been affected by the "useless" remark.
    * It's all in his head and he tries to keep it a secret.
  34. 34.0 34.1
    "Sorry for waking you in the middle of the night. I had a really strange dream... It was probably just exhaustion."
    —Morgana, automatic, Persona 5

    Quotes below are during nighttime
    "So if Mementos expands as the Phantom Thieves get more famous... What exactly am I...?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Tomorrow's the last day of summer vacation, right? Let's make sure that you make the best of it."
    —Morgana on the sofa, Persona 5

    "Do you remember what I said to you last night? I... I might... Uh, never mind. Let's get to sleep!"
    —Morgana when the protagonist goes to bed, Persona 5

    * Leblanc dialogue and IM are all direct follow-ups of the party's first visit to Mementos, implying the game expects the location to be visited that day. Dialogue will play regardless, however.
    * Morgana's curious about what he is based on Mementos' mechanics. Meaning is unclear.
    * Sofa quote is there just to establish Morgana has nothing else to say there on that night.
    * Morgana's reluctant to tell the protagonist he might not be human. This pattern goes on for the next week.
  35. 35.0 35.1
    "...What? Everything's fine. You don't need to worry about me... You should just focus on your trip. It's tomorrow, right...?"
    —Talking to Morgana on 9/6, Persona 5

    "...Go to bed already. Don't blame me if you oversleep."
    —Morgana on the sofa, Persona 5

    "Hey... Uh... Never mind. Have fun on your trip..."
    —Morgana when going to bed on 9/6, Persona 5

    * Morgana's sad tone contrasts his passive-aggressive behavior the next morning.
  36. "...Hey, got a minute? ...You look sleepy."
    —Morgana, automatic, Persona 5

    "Let's talk some other time. You should go to sleep for tonight though. You look exhausted."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Our popularity has gone through the roof while you guys were gone."
    —Morgana on the sofa, Persona 5

    "Actually, there's something I want to talk to you about... Never mind, you should probably get some rest. Don't worry, it's nothing important."
    —Morgana when going to bed, Persona 5
  37. "I never expected what happened to Futaba's mother would be connected to those incidents in the city. We can't leave this be...!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">You're right.
    >What's gotten into you?"
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    >Well, this is truly our time to shine!"
    —Morgana's responses, Persona 5

    "Though this scoundrel has the same power as us, they're triggering people's mental shutdowns... If they truly exist, who can stop them? ...Only us. This is getting interesting!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">You seem fired up.
    >Can we win?"
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    ">We've got a new addition to the team, so it's time I flex my veteran skills!
    >We can't have you pussyfooting now. Don't worry, I'll back you with my wealth of experience!"
    —Morgana's responses, Persona 5

    "(Morgana seems awfully excited...)"
    —The protagonist's thought, Persona 5
  38. "No sushi, and we got dragged around by Futaba... What a terrible day."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "When I turn back into a human, I'm gonna eat so much sushi... Maybe Lady Ann can come too."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "It's kind of sad that summer vacation is about to end..."
    —Morgana on the sofa, Persona 5

    "Sushi... I feel like I might dream about it tonight."
    —Morgana when going to bed, Persona 5

    * Morgana's bad day characterizes the fragility of Morgana's dreams. The context of the moment in the story does so too.
  39. "Looks like we're finally being recognized here across the country."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">You think so?
    >Don't exaggerate.
    >Let's stay calm."
    —The protagonist's dialogue options, Persona 5

    ">In all honestly, I think you guys are managing great. It's all thanks to my amazing guidance.
    >That humility of yours is favorable. I bet you stole that from me, huh?
    >Even though you have ambitions, you remain cool, hm? I bet you stole that from me."
    —Morgana's responses, Persona 5

    "Let's find clues on that case as soon as we can too, and resolve it ourselves. ...For Futaba's sake too."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "...You two really get along, don't you? You're gonna be late if you don't get going soon."
    —Sojiro Sakura, Persona 5

    * The common theme in all responses is that Morgana makes light of his role as their guide and mentor.
    * Sojiro, regardless, puts their conversation in a positive light, implying Morgana's words are sincere.
  40. "I don't really get all this, but you're amazing as always, Futaba! I guess it's called an information war? It's so high-tech and modern, it kinda reminds me of a movie."
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "We're the Phantom Thieves, so it's not that big a deal. I mean, I can turn into a car and stuff too..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "C'mon, don't try and compete with her."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "What did you say!?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "You're fine the way you are, Morgana. Like, you're cheeky cute?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Cute... Lady Ann... I..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Welp, we'll continue this when we get back from the trip! I can't wait to see how much the Phantom Thieves' popularity has increased by then!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "What the hell..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5
  41. "Either way, this overseas trip has been truly long-awaited. I expect Japan will be a great eye-opener for us. This is a wonderful opportunity, so we should be able to enjoy it."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa via IM, Persona 5

    "Don't forget souvenirs!"
    —Futaba Sakura via IM, Persona 5

    —Morgana, Persona 5
  42. "Now regarding canvas size, bigger is better, yes?"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa via IM, Persona 5

    "What're you asking us for!? What I mean is, you shouldn't take shit like that with you!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto via IM, Persona 5

    "Being able to talk to each other openly like that must be nice..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5
  43. "Just... what am I...? ...... ...You're wondering too, right?"
    —Morgana, first time only, Persona 5

    ">What are you talking about?
    >Is something wrong?"
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    "...... It's nothing..."
    —Morgana's resopnse, first time only, Persona 5

    "Never mind... Just forget it."
    —Morgana, 2nd time and after, Persona 5

    "You're going to Hawaii now? But we just went to the beach."
    —Morgana on the sofa, Persona 5
  44. "Monaaa, I'm gonna be your master from tomorrow on!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Aren't you gonna ask for any souvenirs from Hawaii? No hula doll or anything?"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Heyyy, Mona's acting weird!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    ">Is something wrong, Morgana?
    >Seems normal to me.
    >Do you wish you could come?"
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    ">No, nothing in particular...
    >Not necessarily..."
    —Morgana's responses, Persona 5

    "Hey, don't let the cat up on the counter, OK?"
    —Sojiro Sakura, Persona 5

    "...Weird Mona."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5
  45. "Uhh, so... well... ...I'm sorry I worried you guys. This is where I belong! My mind's all set! I'll make sure to work hard to pay my dues. It's too late to cancel our deal, got it?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">Let's do it, together.
    >I expect great things."
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    "We're re-forming our give-and-take deal."
    —Morgana, Persona 5
  46. PERSONA 5 - Gameplay & Walkthrough Part 40 - Haru's Awakening! (No Commentary) (1:48), YouTube (SphericAlpha, May 26, 2017)
    "Will you be OK on your own? If you need, I can go with you."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "You belong here, don't you, Mona-chan?"
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    (In-between lines, Morgana and Joker turn around to look at each-other)
    "W-Well, yeah..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    IMPORTANT: This dialogue is one piece of evidence Morgana was worried about his place with the protagonist. Other, key information involves Morgana's overall story and theme: the general idea is that he belongs where the protagonist is.
  47. "Look, the building is where the Treasure is! We're not far."
    —Morgana while infiltrating Okumura's Palace, Persona 5
  48. "All right, we made it. The Treasure's in here, yeah?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto while infiltrating Okumura's Palace, Persona 5

    "Just past this building. We're definitely getting closer."
    —Morgana while infiltrating Okumura's Palace, Persona 5
  49. "What about you there? Don't you want to get out of here alive? Want to board my ship? You're fighting against the others, are you not?"
    —Kunikazu Okumura to Morgana, Persona 5

    "Hmph. So you were spying on us."
    —Morgana, 'Persona 5
  50. "You'll gain nothing by staying with them... That's what you believe, isn't it? You are absolutely right. Sell them out! Cut them off for your own personal gain! I'll even give you the switch once we take off. So, do we have a deal?"
    —Kunikazu Okumura, Persona 5
  51. "Guess you won't be going to school for a while. Don't worry about it. This'll be a breeze compared to what we've had to face so far. And we'll have all the time to come with the plans together! To be perfectly honest, I don't care what happens to Shido one way or the other. But when I consider the fact that he's your enemy, I naturally think he's my enemy as well. I'm going to stay with you until the very end."
    —Morgana to the protagonist, Persona 5
    "Wait... He's the jerk you told us about before...!? The same guy!? For real!? Seriously!?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "You're sure... aren't you?"
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "Shido's the one who ruined your life..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Holy shit... I don't believe it..."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "...Let's get going, OK?"
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5
  53. "Damn. How many times have I had this dream...? Or... could it be that it's not a dream at all? My memories aren't any closer to coming back to me... But might there be something I'm supposed to remember...? ..... If... If I'm really not human... And if the truth of that comes to pass down in the depths of Mementos, I... Could it be that I'll... ..... <Protagonist>..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    PS4 ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル#121 コープ交流【P5R】 (5:27), YouTube (Nouvelle Parfum Games, Nov 10, 2019)
  54. "That black thing was... me? ...That can't be true. I'm supposed to be human... I should be... If we get rid of the distortion in the depths of Mementos, I'm sure--I'm sure it'll all be fine...!"
    —Morgana, Rank 7 Confidant, Persona 5

    First nightmare establishes Morgana's fear of abandonment via the weight of the possibility of him not being human, which he tries to bury with half-hearted optimism. The fear is not fleshed out enough by the 1st nightmare on its own, but is directly proven to be fear of abandonment when he asks the protagonist about validation of what he'd be like. Morgana's fear of being ditched by his friends directly is, however, only one perspective on the matter, as it's directly tackled during Okumura's Palace. The nightmares still persist after it's proven the group wants to stay with Morgana and vice-versa.
  55. Second nightmare acts as a foreshadowing tool, or rather establishes that Morgana's subconsciously known he'd get erased ever since his first or second nightmare. It establishes a pattern by tying the first and third nightmare together.
  56. "(It doesn't look like it's going to open...)"
    —The protagonist's thoughts, Path of Sheriruth Area 14, Persona 5

    "Guess people don't accept us enough for this door to open."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Path of Sheriruth Area 14, Persona 5

    "Th-There's nothing we can do right now. This is as far as we can go. So, should we turn back, Joker?"
    —Morgana, Path of Sheriruth Area 14, Persona 5
  57. 57.0 57.1
    "So what are we gonna do? Should we change the hearts of all Shido's followers?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Even if Futaba were to research all of them, it'd take time."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "There's too little information..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "We can only target individuals... Are we no match against the national power?"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    ...If we use Mementos, we might be able to do something."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "There's something we can do there?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Like I told you before, Mementos is the Palace of the general public. It's the source of all distortions, and is maintained by the people's "collective unconsciousness.""
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Wait... Do you mean that there's a Treasure even in Mementos? And if we go after that--"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "The collapse of Mementos should affect the public as a whole. The state of society would change too. If everyone's hearts grow to hold Shido responsible for his actions, things might start going our way."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "...That's a bold plan, but an interesting one."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Sounds good to me!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "...But if we're gonna do this, there's one thing you all need to realize. To begin with, why does something like the human cognition exist as another, substantial world? The reason for that is most likely sleeping within Mementos. ...We'll be destroying that, you know."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "...I don't see where you're goin' with this."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "The human cognition will lose substance, so you can't sneak into people's Palaces anymore! So if other criminals appear, you won't be able to steal their Treasure and change their hearts. It means... the Phantom Thieves will be going out of business."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "We'll have to discard this way of life..."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "I think we need to do this. I mean, we're the group who's reforming society, right?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "<Protagonist>... What do you think as our leader? You'll lose your powers if Mementos is erased. Will you still do it?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">We have to.
    >>Morgana: ...I see. All right.
    >Fine by me.
    >Yes. For our justice.
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    "...It seems there are no objections."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Did you come up with a plan?"
    —Sae Niijima, Persona 5

    "Whether it succeeds or not is another story though."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Miss Prosecutor... looks like this is gonna be our last job."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Last job...?"
    —Sae Niijima, Persona 5

    ">We're erasing the Metaverse. (said. there's no response. try other dialogue options.)
    >The rest is up to you.
    >Get Shido for us."
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    "Once we accomplish our duty, we entrust the world to respectful adults. This is our condition for accepting this job."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "This is a "deal" then... That's certainly a heavy condition. But very well, I accept. I swear to make Masayoshi Shido stand and be tried in the court of law. Besides... my pride won't allow me to be continually saved by you all without doing anything in return."
    —Sae Niijima, Persona 5

    "We'll be counting on you."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Looks like it's decided then?"
    —Sojiro Sakura, Persona 5

    "You're the leader, <Protagonist>, and this is officially our last mission. C'mon, say something!"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    ">Let's fix this country.
    >I'm going to miss this.
    >>Ryuji: Don't bring that up! It's on our minds anyways!
    >>Yusuke: Actually, that's something you should be saying after we've accomplished our goal.
    >We should be careful.
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    "We don't have much time, right? We should carry this out tomorrow. ...I'm counting on you guys. No matter what happens, you better see it through!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5
    Dialogue in itself does not imply anything, but the other pieces of evidence give his silence context and flavor. Including these lines: "...I see. All right." after the protagonist agrees to erase Mementos, & "...I'm counting on you guys. No matter what happens, you better see it through!"
  58. 58.0 58.1
    ""The door to the depths of Mementos has been opened..." Wait, does that mean--"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "...We're really gonna do this, right?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Of course!"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Why're you askin' now?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Well... I-I just thought, what am I gonna do if you guys freak out and bail on me! We're going to erase Mementos, aren't we? Come on, let's go, you guys!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Mona sure seems hyped up!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "Say... Isn't Mona-chan behaving... a little odd?"
    —Haru Okumura to Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "You know, you're right..."
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "I shouldn't have brought that up. Shall we get going?"
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5
  59. 59.0 59.1
    "There are no other passages leading out of this room. It appears this is our final destination... the depths of Mementos."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "In that case, is the Treasure of Mementos somewhere in here?"
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    >That should be the case.
    >>Morgana: I think you're right.
    >I don't know."
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5. 2nd response skips and goes straight to next line.

    "I've never been here... but I can sense it. There's no mistaking that presence. If we get rid of it... ...... ...If we get rid of it, the public should come to its senses!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5
    Dialogue, including visual cues, further imply he knows something else.
  60. 60.0 60.1
    "*chuckle* Excellent... There is nothing to fear. You already possess the strength to oppose this evil god. *chuckle* I am truly looking forward to this!"
    —Igor, Persona 5

    "Our mutual friend knows where the exit is. Morgana, please guide them. And thank you for all that you've done. It's a cruel responsibility that's been cast upon you..."
    —Lavenza, Persona 5

    "I will accept your words of appreciation fully when everything is over. Now follow me!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5
  61. "Ngh...!"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Rhg...! That thing's on a totally different level!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "Can we defeat something like him?"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "This is the best possible outcome...! We're fighting against a god who's not holding anything back, right? What bigger target could there be for the Phantom Thieves to tackle?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Although... it's still way too big for my liking."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "All right, I'll give the navigation everything I've got!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "We can do this if we all work together!"
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "Let's take him down!"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Crowning our glory by defeating a god... Now that is true art."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "We basically just gotta beat that thing, right!?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Man... You guys are the best, stupidest group I could ask for. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of your team..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">Let's win this.
    >It's not over yet.
    >>Morgana: Heh... You're right."
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    "We'll take it all back... Our future... And this world!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    * Note: Morgana's referring to the entire team, not just the protagonist.

  62. 62.0 62.1
    "The case is finally closed. There are no shacked on you anymore. We changed the heart of someone huge like the next prime minister. There's no better finale than that. This may be the opportune time to end our deal. I'm sure you'll be fine now. You can manage without me being with you."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">Yeah, I'll be fine.
    >What are you saying...?"
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    ">Heh... Of course.
    —Morgana's responses, Persona 5

    "Don't worry. I won't leave immediately. But if I just stay here, I won't recall anything...
    I'm a bit envious of you. Here I am... Still haven't found anything about myself... If only I could find out what's in the depths of Mementos... ...Let's go to sleep. You must be tired."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    * Morgana considered cutting ties with protagonist.
    * Morgana is even then reluctant to leave, and decides to take his time.
    * Morgana is still sad about not having found anything about his past, and is envious of the protagonist.
    * Mindfulness of the context of nearing events, especially up until Morgana's Rank 10, is important. Note the changes of progression.
    * Doing so is vital to proving that Morgana and the protagonist's relationship is built on fate.
  63. Morgana Confidant Rank 8
    "Well, in the end, wouldn't you say that your encounter with us was destiny?"
    —Ann Takamaki to Morgana, Persona 5

    "That's right... "Encounter"..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    * Ann mentions "destiny" to Morgana, albeit her remark was ignored.
    * "Encounter" might've triggered something in Morgana's memory.
  64. "It doesn't matter what this guy's talkin' about... We're gonna erase all of Mementos anyways! C'mon, let's keep goin'! Mona! The Treasure's in the deepest part, right!?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "I do remember this place... I saw the humans in here... and realized I looked different than them for some reason... ...Right! That's when I started to think I wanted to turn into a human!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Is that why you thought you would regain your true form if we destroyed Mementos?"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Sorry... I'm still missing a lot of my memories... But I know I started randomly checking a bunch of Palaces... Then my next memory is about that bastard Kamoshida's. ...Yeah. I'm starting to remember more..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "What are you doing here?"
    —Guard, Persona 5

    "Guards again!? And there are more of them this time!"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Man in a Business Suit, Persona 5"

    "The Phantom Thieves?"
    —Coat-wearing Woman, Persona 5

    "Oh yeah, that's right! I completely forgot about them!"
    —Brown-haired Man, Persona 5

    "This is different from how it was before. Do they see us...?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "It doesn't seem to be everyone though. Only a handful of people in this large crowd."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Maybe it's 'cause of Mona's light!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Either way, they remember the Phantom Thieves!"
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "The key of hope..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "Mona, guide us. Where must we go?"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Over there! The bastard from earlier should be in that temple!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    Morgana being able to remind others of the Phantom Thieves, or rather, their hopes, becomes prominent later on.
  65. "...What was this again?"
    —Attentive Male Student, Persona 5

    "...The Phantom Thieves?"
    —Veteran Officer, Persona 5

    "Weren't the Phantom Thieves those--"
    —Young Officer, Persona 5

    "They haven't given up yet..."
    —Timid Female Student, Persona 5

    "Can they even do anything about a situation like this?"
    —Young Man in a Suit, Persona 5

    "No, it's impossible... There's no way..."
    —Introverted Young Man, Persona 5
  66. "Those Phantom Thieves... Get him... Take him down!"
    —Brown-haired Young Man, Persona 5

    "Why... Why have I forgotten about them...? They inspired me too...!"
    —Jacket-wearing Young Man, Persona 5

    "We probably haven't been thinking straight for a while now... It's about time we snap out of it! Running away from things won't help!"
    —Brown-haired Young Man, Persona 5

    "Phantom Thieves!"
    —Jacket-wearing Young Man, Persona 5

    This is the motivational scene without Mishima. Directly focuses on the public motivating each-other due to having remembered the Phantom Thieves.
  67. {{Q|You hear that!? Those are the voices of the humans you made fun of! No one wants you to rule over them! Isn't that right, <Protagonist>!?|Morgana, Persona 5
  68. "Hey, god. Foolish humans are prayin' down there. They're prayin' there's no place for someone like you in this world!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Give that evil god his final warning, <Protagonist>!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5
  69. "Morgana..."
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "The Meta-Nav... It's gone... Mementos must have disappeared too..."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "We can't see Mona anymore... can we?"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    ">Probably not...
    >Who knows...?
    —The protagonist's dislogue choices, Persona 5

    ">It's fine. I already know the answer.
    >It's fine. I already know..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "...What're you all so gloomy for? Mona would laugh at us for it..."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "That reminds me, what about the public? Were we able to change their hearts?, Persona 5"
  70. "I'm gonna be late for my date..."
    —Dressed-up Woman, Persona 5

    "All alone on Christmas, huh..."
    —Poor-looking Young Man, Persona 5

    "It's kinda hard to tell."
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Aren't we going into the new year without a prime minister? Will this country be all right?"
    —Middle-aged Man in a Suit, Persona 5

    "But, there's no way we're getting Shido. There are tons of shady rumors about him, you know?"
    —Young Man in a Suit, Persona 5

    "I wonder how things will go... I hope they go well..."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "Let's believe in the adults. Sis promised us, after all."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "From here on out's the prosecutor's job, huh..."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "If we can't enter the Metaverse, that means we've been relieved of being Phantom Thieves."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "It feels a bit sad..."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "...Brr, it's chilly!"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "It's snowing...!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "No wonder it's cold."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Is this what they call a white Christmas?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "It's still Christmas Eve."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Christmas... I completely forgot about it..."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "Anyhow, we'll have to see what happens for now. We should probably break for today. Let's meet at Leblanc tomorrow, and have a final meeting on the situation."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Yeah, let's do that."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "...Hey! It'll be Christmas, so why don't we do a last celebration party!?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "I like the sound of that! There better not be anyone that's got plans already!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "It's settled then!"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Make sure you persuade Boss to let us reserve the store for the party."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    ">Sure thing.
    >A celebration..."
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    ">We're counting on you.
    >We're counting on you.
    >(Probably the same)"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Well then, see you all again tomorrow."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "I'm worried about Sojiro, so I'm gonna head home."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "We should go home too."
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5
  71. "We succeeded in changing not only Shido's heart, but that of the general public as well... The cognitive Metaverse has disappeared too, along with that malevolent god... However, it sounds like my testimony is necessary for them to find Shido guilty... But there's no knowing what the police would do. They'd never let a Phantom Thief be the hero... Having said that, my testimony would at least keep my teammates safe... They'd know I was acting out of line while under probation though... ...... This might be the only way to ensure all our efforts don't go to waste..."
    —The protagonist thinking to himself, Persona 5
  72. "What the hell!?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "I don't comprehend. The hero who saved this nation is now living in juvenile hall?"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "It's just how the system works. Don't let it get to you."
    —Sojiro Sakura, Persona 5

    "I did my best to discuss the options... but nothing I said could change the outcome..."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Dammit! This can't be happenin'!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Are we supposed to just agree to this? I can't do that!"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Me neither!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "I must object as well."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Wanting to interrogate him makes sense... but the measures following were questionable at best."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "All that crap about his record and probation was bullshit! He didn't do any of that!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Won't everything just cancel out if Shido tells the whole truth!?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "That won't be enough. Remember what my sister said before? In order to overturn a sentence, you need definitive evidence that proves the subject's innocence."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Evidence!? How're we gonna find anything like that...!? I mean, the police were in on all that crap too, so any proof they got's prolly been destroyed..."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Futaba, is there any way you can use your computer to find information?"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "I'll do what I can... But don't put too much faith in it. It's not some kinda almighty device."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5
  73. "The Metaverse doesn't exist anymore either... Boss, can't you think of another means by which we can help him...? I wonder what Mona-chan would say if he were here right now..."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "He'd likely laugh and tell us how foolish we all are."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "And he would say it in that high and mighty tone of his..."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "That guy was real annoyin', but now that he's gone it feels... y'know... Guess we really did count on him a lot."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "The hope of humanity..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "I wish I could do something to help our leader..."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Hey! Morgana'd be ashamed of us sitting around here moping like this! Honestly, I don't know what we should do... but if we give up, we'll never save <Protagonist>! Didn't he save all of you!? If we aren't gonna act now, when will we? We gotta do something...!"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Yeah! Now's not the time to be hangin' our heads!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Hm... What can we do without using the Metaverse...?"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Maybe we'll be able to find something if we search around."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "Let's just calm down and think about it. We've escaped death countless times before... There's no doubt we can do this!"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "That's right! Let's go!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "We're gonna save our leader, no matter what it takes!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    Persona5 特番 Stars and Ours 回想 後編 (40:21), YouTube (Verloren's Videos, Jul 13 2019)
    (Yusuke rhetorically "quoted" Morgana:)
    『オマエら大したことねーな』 と笑うだろう。
    (Makoto's comment:)
    Yusuke: "You are no hotshots after all." Then he'd laugh at us.
    (To get an idea of the intent of the scene.)
  74. "They treated you fine, right? Actually... did you lose some weight?"
    —Ann Takamaki talking to the protagonist, Persona 5

    "It would be understandable... I've heard the food in prison is quite foul... So... what did you eat?"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Was it bugs? Fermented mackerel? Or maybe durian?"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "You're missing the point."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Eh, you're gonna get some good food soon enough though. Boss is out gettin' stuff for our party right now. C'mon, everyone's back together! It's time to celebrate!"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "Well, not quite everyone..."
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    (Yusuke, Ryuji, Makoto, Ann and the protagonist realize they've forgotten about Morgana. Via ! exclamation.)
  75. "Huh? That was quick, Boss--"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "Someone call for me?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5
  76. "Now this is just a guess... but I think I'm still here because you all remained cognitive of me... Even after the world's distortions have disappeared, you kept me in your minds... That means you guys think there's a place for me in the real world."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Of course! This is where you belong, Mona!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "*giggle* She's correct."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5
  77. "What're you doing here!? I-I mean, didn't you disappear!?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Looks like the only me that disappeared was the one in the Metaverse."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "So... you stayed in reality as a cat?"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "When I woke up, I was out in Shibuya looking like this."
    —Morgana, Persona 5
  78. "It's great that you're back and all, but what're you gonna do now?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Hm? Well, I've been thinking..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "About what?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "How to become human, of course."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Oh really?"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "I might've learned that I'm not a human now, but that doesn't mean I can't turn into one! Plus, I think there's a reason I survived like this."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Regardless, I'm glad to see you're safe."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5
  79. "Ahem... I know this is sudden, but I've decided to go with <Protagonist>. He's pretty special, after all. If I stay by him, I might be able to figure out how I can become human too. Plus, we need someone in there in case he turns back into a delinquent!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    ">I'm counting on you.
    >I've never been a delinquent.
    >Let me think it over."
    —The protagonist's dialogue options, Persona 5

    ">Leave it to me.
    >Come on, we've known each other long enough. You don't have to say that kinda stuff to me."
    —Morgana's responses, Persona 5

    Persona5 特番 Stars and Ours 回想 後編 (1:05:19)
    Morgana's comment: それに、またグレるかもしれないだろう?
    Protagonist's second response: グレたことはない
    グレ - to stray from the right path, to turn delinquent;
  80. "Oh yeah, I hear that mascots that are seen as cute have faces that are close to this ratio. In other words, if you use this ratio, you can make cute things."
    —Ms. Usami during event on 5/21, Persona 5
  81. "It is true that mascots tend to have round-ish faces... Huh? Why are you looking at me like that?"
    —Morgana during event on 5/21, Persona 5
  82. "The answer is femme fatale. Literally translated, it means "fatal woman." Some famous examples are the witch Morgan le Fay from Arturian legend and Queen Salome from the Bible. Not to mention the wild, seductive dancer of opera, Carmen."
    Sadayo Kawakami (5/7), Persona 5
  83. "Hey, um... I actually have a present for you too, <Protagonist>. (MORGANA'S SCARF) For some reason, this scarf was the one thing that remained when I got thrown out of the Metaverse. It's always been a special possession of mine... But I want you to have it, as proof of everything we've been through together."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    NOTE: The Japanese version translates "got thrown out of the Metaverse" as "came back to reality."
  84. "Ah... nutmeg. My favorite nut is the cashew though!"
    —Morgana when the protagonist is making curry for the 15th time, Persona 5
  85. "You still carrying the cat arojund in your bag? I'm surprised you don't get stiff shoulders..."
    —Sojiro Sakura (daily life, Leblanc), Persona 5
  86. "They told me to look for someone in a Shujin uniform with a cat..."
    —Natsuhiko Nakanohara, Persona 5
  87. "I am Lavenza, a resident of this place as well. We have been waiting for all of you."
    —Lavenza, Persona 5

    "Velvet Room...?"
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "My master has just been released from a long period of imprisonment. His powers have not fully returned. Though it may be presumptuous of me, I will speak on his--"
    —Lavenza, Persoan 5

    "Hey, where's Morgana?"
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Would you like to see him?"
    —Lavenza, Persona 5

    ">Of course we do.
    >You know him?"
    —The protagonist's dialogue choices, Persona 5

    ">...He's right over there.
    —Lavenza, Persona 5

    "That's where you were hidin'!?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5
  88. 91.0 91.1
    "Phew... all this running... is making me thirsty."
    —Morgana, Persona 5
    "A balanced diet is important. Otherwise you won't have energy when you need it!"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "I'm so hungry... Right now, I'd eat anything!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5
    "I ate an onion and didn't even get sick, so I'm definitely not a cat."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Whoa, for real...? Geez, you seriously love a challenge."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "W-Well, I suppose it's good that you aren't picky about your food."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    Especially in the Japanese version, both Ryuji and Makoto are worried about Morgana, referring to a potential after-effects?
  91. "A calling card...? What are we going to steal?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Oh, how about the home page? I already hacked into it, so it's as good as stolen!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "Hm, OK. I'll write a calling card saying that we're going to steal the Gun About home page. After that, you'll need to leave evidence that the Phantom Thieves hacked into it. The King will have no choice but to believe it was really us."
    —Morgana, Persona 5
  92. "Any progress with the Phantom Thieves? Calling card...? Huh? HUH? There's something written on it... "Thanks for your support. Please help those in need. This is a promise to you from the Phantom Thieves: We're going to post a secret message, just for you, on the game's official website." ...... Is... Is this for real?"
    —Shinya Oda, Persona 5
  93. "This is where you made them... One of these days, I'll teach you some more of what I know."
    —Morgana, Persona 5 Strikers
    "Ugh... Running on the tracks really does a number on my feet..."
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "You mean tires... right?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5
    "This course looks like it would be fun to race on!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5

    "I'm the one doing the running here! Be more careful, OK?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5
    "We should get this interior decked out. Maybe add a mini fridge?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "But then my stomach's going to get cold!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "It would be useful. O-Oh... Sorry Mona, I-I know that's not possible."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Ooh, and a massage chair! Get on it, Mona!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5
    "Inspiration is within reach... How do we increase the speed?"
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "Yowch! Don't kick at my stomach!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Hey, what are you going to do if he crashes?"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Yeah, yeah, do it!"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5
    "What do you think? Isn't my ride the best?"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "Yeah, 'cept for the body-temperature seats..."
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5
    "My drink's getting warm. There's no fridge in this car?"
    —Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5

    "It IS warm in here. Is this Mona's body temperature?"
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5
    "This ride's... putting me to sleep."
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "Maybe it has to do with the warmth of the seat. It's like a cat."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5
    Several lines involving night vision & light.
    "I can't see ahead with this darkness..."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "*chuckle* You only need my light to illuminate the darkness!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5
    "It's quite dark in here... Well, I suppose that's to be expected, since we're underground."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "No need to worry! I'll light the way forward!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5
    "It's quite dark here... but it appears we can see what we need."
    —Goro Akechi, Persona 5

    "It's all thanks to my light!"
    —Morgana, Perona 5

    "Mona and Oracle are backing us up where it counts."
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Your method of exploring is quite similar to Joker's."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5
  105. MAKOTO: This engine doesn't sound so bad either. Wait... engine...?
    Morgana: You can tell the difference between engine noises? You have sharp ears, Queen!
    ANN: I was wondering the same thing. How does this car run, exactly?
    HARU: What a nice sound. It reminds me of a cat purring...
  106. 109.0 109.1 109.2 PERSONA 5 - Gameplay & Walkthrough: Part 12 - The Twilights Is Formed (No Commentary) (1:09:55)], YouTube (SphericAlpha, Apr 12, 2017)
    "Does this car have airbags?"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Don't worry, I'm fully equipped!"
    —Morgana, Persona 5

    "I'd like to see the moment they engage, myself."
    —Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

    "We'll make sure we don't need them. Drive safely, Joker."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5
    "I bought new fertilizer for the flowerbed, but it was difficult to carry 30 kilograms back..."
    —Haru Okumura, Persona 5

    "You know, you have plenty of baggage carriers in this car."
    —Ann Takamaki, Persona 5

    "You... carried 30 kilograms of dirt to school on your own?"
    —Makoto Niijima, Persona 5

    "Whoa, that's crazy, Noir! Can I hang on your arm next time?"
    —Futaba Sakura, Persona 5
  109. PERSONA 5 - Gameplay & Walkthrough: Part 12 - The Twilights Is Formed (No Commentary) (1:09:05), YouTube (SphericAlpha, Apr 12, 2017)
  110. "Hm, what were those twigs you put in...? You have the wrong idea if you think I'm some dumb reindeer!"
    —Morgana when the protagonist is cooking curry: 13th segment involving cinnamon, Persona 5

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