Mora (モーラ?) is a demon in the series.


One of the demons born from Mara. Mora is also an evil spirit in Slavic lore.



Megami Tensei IIEdit

Mora appears as a minor character throughout the game, providing a ferry service for the party at various points throughout the game, but only if the protagonist possesses certain key items.

The first place this is needed is just outside of the shelter, as the bridge leading to the rest of Tokyo is broken. Once the Fire Seal, left by Hiroko in her room in the shelter after checking the Terminal in Haneda, is acquired, Mora will ferry the protagonist across the broken bridge from the isolated island, containing just the shelter and Haneda, to the rest of Tokyo.

Next, he will ferry the party across the broken bridge leading to Ginza, but only once the Water Seal is obtained from an old man in Shibuya, which requires the Witch to be in the protagonist's party.

After slaying Pazuzu and going through the Gates of Mammon, Mora requests the Wind Seal to ferry the party to the Adachi and Dream Island areas.

Near Bael's Castle, he requests the Earth Seal, although rather than finding a way to the castle, he (and the party with him) gets swallowed by Zaratan.

Mora is next met in the Expanse, in the Lands of Rage, where he tells the hero he came searching for good foods. If the hero buys the Exotic Dinner from Angry Village and gives it to Mora, he will ferry the party across to where Echidna's Cave and Moloch's Temple are located.


Last Bible IIIEdit

Mora LB3
Level HP MP Attack Defense
43 450 240 138 70
Strength Endurance Intelligence Speed Luck
23 20 13 16 14
Equipment Can't Equip Card Location Mutation: Tan-ki I
List of Skills


Mora in Kyūyaku Megami Tensei
Mora in Expanse
Mora in the Expanse
Mora's swimming animation
Swimming Animation

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