Ryoji at the bridge.

The Moonlight Bridge is a location in Persona 3.


Persona 3Edit

10 years prior to the events of Persona 3, in 1999, the Kirijo Group performed experiments on Shadows on Port Island. By mass collecting Shadows, Death was awakened and escaped the facility it was in and wandered around the city.

Eventually, Aigis, an anti-Shadow weapon, caught up with Death. She sealed Death into the Protagonist / Female Protagonist. However, the battle between Aigis and Death resulted in a vehicle accident which killed the Protagonist's parents.

10 years later, on November 3rd, the Hanged Man shadow, Takaya Sakaki, and Jin Shirato are fought here.

On December 2nd, Aigis fights Death again, in the form of Ryoji Mochizuki.

Gallery Edit

Death incomplete form
Death at the Moonlight Bridge
P3M Moonlight Bridge destroyed in the movie adaption
Moonlight Bridge destroyed in the movie adaption
Duo bridge
Makoto and Ryoji at the Moonlight Bridge
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