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"It's in the back, to your left. You know which way's left? The side you don't hold your chopsticks in."
—The Attendant guiding Nanako to the toilet

The Moel Gas Station Attendant is a character in Persona 4. A chatty youth, he first speaks to the protagonist upon his first day in Yasoinaba.



The Moel Gas Station Attendant has wavy, almost long gray hair, red eyes and a pale complexion and wears a Moel gas station uniform with orange and white lines.

In Persona 4 The Animation, he has light brown eyes and a tan complexion.


Persona 4

The Moel Gas Attendant makes his first appearance in Persona 4 during the protagonist's first visit to Yasoinaba and subsequently meeting up with his uncle and his cousin, Ryotaro Dojima and Nanako Dojima. During their journey to fetch the protagonist to their residence, Dojima stops by the Moel Gas Station, and is welcomed by the gas attendant.

Dojima later decides to take the opportunity to have a smoke, and along with Nanako go to the restroom, leaving the protagonist and the attendant alone. The attendant became intrigued towards the protagonist after learning that he came from a city, and mentions that moving to the small, urban town of Yasoinaba, the protagonist would end up getting bored quickly, and will probably take up part-time jobs or just hanging out with his friends. Offering the protagonist a job in the gas station, the attendant later gives the protagonist a friendly handshake, welcoming him to Yasoinaba.

After shaking hands with the attendant, the protagonist is caught up with a dizzy spell, which he brushes away, assuming it as carsickness. The attendant can later be interacted with during heavy rainy days at the gas station, where he would mention the town gossip, and his interest in the town's inhabitants. At one point, the attendant would even tell the protagonist the rumor of the Midnight Channel, and expressing his interest, remarking that he should try it himself some time. While adults in the town usually don't mind the attendant's appearance, younger people are suspicious around him; Nanako refers to him as "strange" and some NPCs state his androgynous appearance.

The gas station attendant revealed to be Izanami.

If the protagonist refuses to go back home on the final day and goes to Junes instead, the party will deduct that someone else might have kickstarted the whole Midnight Channel phenomenon. After discussing about Namatame and Adachi, who also obtained the power to transverse the Midnight Channel thanks to Ameno-sagiri, Kanji asks if the protagonist remembered he did something during his arrival at Inaba after reading a message by Adachi, who states that "someone" gave the protagonist, him and Namatame the power to enter the TV world at the gas station, although he doesn't remember who this is. The protagonist asks Nanako and Dojima in the Samegawa Flood Plains about the conductor's identity, and Dojima tells him about the gas station attendant that the three encountered on their way to Inaba.

The protagonist concludes that the true culprit was the Gas Station Attendant, and soon travels to the gas station to confront him. He simply evades all questions until pressured a few times. After pressuring him enough, he willingly admits that he is the conductor and reveals himself to be the human form of Izanami. Once exposed, the Gas Attendant gets a portrait (which did not exist until moments before this event) and transforms into her humanoid form of Izanami, where she bears a red gleam within her eyes, and is portrayed as a woman dressed in a draping white robe. It turns out that the handshake she gave were merely conduits for her to awaken somebody's power of persona and granting them the knowledge of the TV World she resides in, starting from the protagonist. The gas attendant also mentions that the protagonist was not the only one she awakened. Tohru Adachi and Taro Namatame, respectively being the killer and the former lead suspect, have been awakened by her this way as well. It is also revealed there that the gas attendant herself was the very person to spread the urban legend of the Midnight Channel, as the Midnight Channel projects images within humanity's desire, she hopes that, through the Midnight Channel, she would come to understand humanity's wishes better.

(For the rest of the attendant's role, see Izanami.)

Persona 4 Golden

If the attendant is exposed, she will tell the protagonist about the Bamboo Comb that Marie gave to him. It was revealed that this comb was a symbol of separation to make sure that Marie can exist as a separate entity from Izanami-no-Mikoto. Without this Comb, Marie will vanish if Izanami was ever defeated.

The Animation

In the anime, the gas station attendant's role remains the same, but he makes a cameo appearance during episode 22 in November.


Persona 4
As Izanami
Persona 4 The Animation
Moel gas station attendent makes cameo appears in Ep 22.png
Moel Gas Station Attendant makes a cameo appearance in Episode 22
Persona 4 Visualize
VisuEvo Gas Station.jpg
Moel Gas Station Attendant as she appears in Persona 4 Visualive the Evolution


  • When the attendant performs a handshake to the protagonist, if the player is using a handheld controller, the controller will vibrate.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, the attendant's voice is masculine, while the English voice is androgynous. However, in both dubs of the anime, the attendant's voice is masculine.
  • The attendant doesn't have a portrait when he speaks to the protagonist at the start of the game, or when interacted with in the overworld. His portraits only appear when talked to in the True Ending scenario, before he reveals himself to be Izanami.
  • There was a scrapped concept in the coding of the game where it was possible to start a Social Link with the Gas Station attendant. The cutscenes are unfinished, indicating that it was scrapped early on.

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