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"I know he's always looking after me, but... I get worried about him, too."
—Miyazu Atsuta, Shin Megami Tensei V

Miyazu Atsuta is a character in Shin Megami Tensei V.



Shin Megami Tensei V[]

Miyazu Atsuta is Yuzuru Atsuta's younger sister and only relative. She is shy and physically weak, so she frequents the school nurse's office. She genuinely cares for others, and wants to help them however she can. Miyazu is striving to become a nurse. She expresses concern that Sahori is being bullied, though Sahori herself does not talk to her.

She gets involved in the demons raid of Jouin High School, protecting Ichiro Dazai, but not putting up a fight, getting abducted in Da'at. She would later be found in the Fairy Village in Da'at, safe and sound with the other students.

Unfortunately, Miyazu suffers a terminal illness, and doesn't have much time to live. While looking for the human who wields his Knowledge, Khonsu finds her, but upon discovering the truth of her short life, he's decided to abandon his ambition to take the throne, instead giving her his Magatsuhi to delay her death. But it's her earnesty to make the most out of the little time she has left why he has began to care about her.

Assuming the protagonist spares Khonsu in the subquest "The Egyptians Fate," Khonsu will try to make Miyazu immortal by ascending her into a god. However, Miyazu herself doesn't want this, and the protagonist will have to intervene in his plans. Khonsu's advisor, Isis, reminds him exactly why he's grown so fond of Miyazu in the first place, letting him leave things as they are without regrets.

If the protagonist kills Khonsu in the quest "The Egyptians Fate", Miyazu will somehow sense his death, stating that she doesn't feel good.

In Other Languages[]

Language Title
Flag of the United States English Miyazu Atsuta
Flag of Japan Japanese 敦田 ミヤズ
Flag of South Korea Korean 아츠타 미야즈
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China.svg Traditional Chinese 敦田 宮津


  • The existence of Miyazu and Khonsu's situation is foreshadowed by Isis, who tells the protagonist a story that's modeled as a regular old story. The story revolves around a prince who gives a girl his blood in secrecy to ease her suffering from a terrible disease.
    • In addition, there is another coincidence at play, where the unaware Miyazu shares a dream with the protagonist, telling him a prince from another country would come specifically for her. Whether that's from the effects of Khonsu's Magatsuhi or a symbol of fate is unclear.

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