Miyako Kaburagi is a character from Persona 5 Strikers.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Kaburagi is a police officer in the Public Security Police and is Zenkichi Hasegawa's boss. She's capable and relentless against crime, although at first, she believes that the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are suspect around the change of heart cases and orders Zenkichi Hasegawa to investigate with them. However, once the Thieves are found suspect, Zenkichi has to sell them out and arrest them.

However, word got out to Jun Owada that the Phantom Thieves are suspects and he orders their arrest alongside a bribery that Kaburagi will be secretary general. She reluctantly goes and orders large police squardon to ambush the Thieves at the Kyoto hotspring hotel they were staying in, only for Zenkichi to alert the Phantom Thieves, giving them a chance to escape. Zenkichi is then arrested in their place for interfering with an arrest and is interrogated, only for Sae Niijima to get him out. The real orchestrator of this incident, Akira Konoe, then follows up by modifying the newly made Kyoto's Jail as a trap to capture the Phantom Thieves. Kaburagi then changes her mind and decides to turn on and arrest Konoe and Owada.

After Konoe is defeated, she and Zenkichi arrest him personally, followed by Owada during the epilogue, finally preventing the Antisocial Force from re-igniting for good.

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