Mitsuo Shimazaki is a character from the Persona 2: Innocent Sin Novel by Mie Takase. He is a member of the journalism club at Seven Sisters High School and is a friend of Anna Yoshizaka.

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Innocent Sin Novel[edit | edit source]

"Despite the dyed brown hair and piercings, the boy had a baby face and was hardly intimidating."
—Anna Yoshizaka, Persona 2: Innocent Sin Novel

Mitsuo is a charismatic boy, often seen hanging out with Anna Yoshizaka at Club Zodiac. He is always chasing after Anna for a good story for the club journal ever since Anna was hit by a drunk driver. Mitsuo wears a Seven Sisters Highschool uniform, with the school emblem torn off for fear of the Emblem Curse. He is acquainted with Chika Ueda and Miyabi Hanakouji.

In contrast to the cold and anti-social Anna, Mitsuo is very expressive and quick to fool around. He is constantly talking about rumors and is a way for Anna to be informed on what goes on at school in her absence. 

Mitsuo is the one who informs Anna of the Joker game where one dials their own phone number and is given the opportunity to have their wish granted or turn into a shadowman. Eventually leading her to call Joker herself and by extension, becoming a member of the Masked Circle

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