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The Mitama (御魂 or 御霊, mitama, lit "Honorable Soul") are of one of the four aspects of the human soul in Shinto teachings. They all resemble the Magatama but in 4 different directions, colors and expressions. Literally, Ara Mitama (荒御魂) represents "fluster/bravery" (hence the angry expression), Saki Mitama (幸御魂) "happiness/love," Kusi Mitama (奇御魂) "wonder/wisdom" and Nigi Mitama (和御魂) "peace."

Mitama is always created from 2 Element demons. In gameplay, each Mitama has one high stat and the other low, usually at the same number, however the Mitamas' special abilities are not for battling but rather for fusing. Mitamas act like an add-on to the other demon which fuses with it. The "recipient" demon will have one stat boosted a few points depending on the Mitama used and getting some additional skills from that Mitama. They belong to the Elementals family and are Light-Neutral, except on Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE where they are Neutral-Neutral.


List of demons[]

Unlike most races in the series, Mitamas have always been constant; there has never been a change on which demons belong to the Mitama race. The only things that change are the Mitamas' levels and stats.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne[]

Mitamas can be formed through regular fusion but can also be purchased from Rag's Jewelry. Mitamas can only pass on their skills if the recipient demon has vacant skill slots to fill. Depending on Mitama being used, the demon will receive a 20% boost (rounded down) to two stats, with a minimum of +1 to a stat. There is a limit on how much Mitamas can increase a demon’s stats. A demon’s stats can be approximately doubled before hitting a plateau, at which point the demon will need to be leveled up again to increase its base stats before another Mitama can be used.

Demon Level Stats
Ara Mitama 25 Str/Agi
Nigi Mitama 29 Mag/Luc
Kusi Mitama 32 Vit/Agi
Saki Mitama 35 Vit/Luc

Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE[]

Mitama are used in a special fusion process with highly rebirthed demons. After being fused with a mitama, a demon will have its resistances and features changed.

Demon Level
Ara Mitama 15
Nigi Mitama 19
Kusi Mitama 22
Saki Mitama 25

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey[]

Demon Level
Ara Mitama 21
Nigi Mitama 26
Kusi Mitama 31
Saki Mitama 36

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner[]

Demon Level
Nigi Mitama 20
Ara Mitama 25
Kusi Mitama 30
Saki Mitama 36

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers[]

Demon Level
Ara Mitama 20
Nigi Mitama 25
Kusi Mitama 30
Saki Mitama 35

Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon[]

Demon Level
Ara Mitama 22
Nigi Mitama 25
Kusi Mitama 30
Saki Mitama 32

Devil Survivor[]

Demon Level
Saki Mitama 35
Kusi Mitama 38
Ara Mitama 41
Nigi Mitama 44

Devil Survivor 2[]

In this game, Mitamas cannot be fused in the first playthrough; they must be unlocked by purchasing the ability to fuse them via the Titles and Rewards system.

Demon Level
Saki Mitama 35
Kusi Mitama 40
Ara Mitama 45
Nigi Mitama 49


Shin Megami Tensei IV[]

In this game, Mitamas only appear as enemies in DLC quests, and cannot be used by Flynn; in place of their typical role as fusion fodder, Incense can be used on demons to increase their stats. Here, Mitamas take incredibly reduced damage from attacks while they themselves have very low HP, but defeating them grants special items, like drops that sell for high amounts of macca, Grimoires that grant free experience, App point cards or incenses.

Demon Level
Saki Mitama 17
Kusi Mitama 20
Ara Mitama 27
Nigi Mitama 30


Like the previous game, Mitamas only appear as enemies in the DLC farming quests, "A Godslayer Needs Levels/Macca/Apps/Items/Jewels," dropping and trading Grimoires, high-selling items, AP cards, incense and jewels. The number of Mitamas appearing in the Mitama mobs scale with the Nanashi's level, beginning with one when Nanashi is below level 30, increasing to groups of 3 of the Mitama specific to the mission and groups of 2 for the others at levels 31-60, and maxes out at groups of 5 mission-specific Mitamas and groups of 3 for the rest, with the exception of the Jewel quest which maxes out at groups of 3, but each Mitama type only drops and trades jewels instead of its usual item, making all of them the "quest-specific" type for that quest.

Demon Level
Ara Mitama 30
Saki Mitama 30
Nigi Mitama 30
Kushi Mitama 30

Shin Megami Tensei V[]

The Mitama can be found roaming Da'at, where they fulfill the role similar to what they do in the DLC for the Shin Megami Tensei IV duology, in that defeating them will give players highly coveted rewards, these being high-priced regional Relics to sell to Gustave, EXP-boosting items for either the protagonist or his demons, and varying sizes of Glory Crystals to purchase Miracles from the World of Shadows. They have a very high change to run away if it is their turn in combat, though they can also use Debilitate, the only skill in their movepool. Their levels are dictated in which region of Da'at they are found.

To complicate matters, their resistances are randomly chosen - even in a group, each individual Mitama in the fight is weak to one specific element and negate the rest of them, and Mitama will always negate all ailments, aside from the insta-kill-inducing Chaotic Will. Normally, Spyglasses are needed to pinpoint their weaknesses without losing Press Turns trying to find it, but to balance this out, they take nine times the amount of damage from their struck weaknesses compared to typical demons. They are additionally resistant to Almighty Skills, except on Safety Difficulty. Otherwise, one has to make a demon built specifically to Pierce the defenses of the Mitama, such as Cleopatra if she inherits Impaler's Animus from Titania if the Fairy Queen is created by fusing with Melchizedek, among the first demons to learn the Piercing support skill.

Their spawn rate can be increased by purchasing the Mitama Dance DLC packs, which can then be toggled in the Options tab between Standard and Increased. While it isn't known exactly how much the spawn rate is boosted, the effects of the boost are rather drastic.

Demon Items
Ara Mitama Grimoires (Demon EXP)
Kushi Mitama Gospels (Protagonist EXP)
Saki Mitama Relics (Macca)
Nigi Mitama Glory Crystals

Digital Devil Saga series[]

Mitamas are only encountered after each field hunt is finished. They give tons of Atma points if devoured but will flee randomly in very few turns.

In the first game, they will only appear when the party has destroyed all weak demons in an area and successfully struck the Mitama at the end within the time limit. Each Mitama type has a different weakness and gives different amounts of Atma Points. They respawn after a few Solar Noise cycles, though the more Atma points they give, the more cycles they take to respawn.

In the second game only, the likeliness of their retreat roughly depends on the party's performance during the field hunt. The more weak demons the party has hunted, the longer the Mitamas will remain in the subsequent battle.


  • Like Elements, in Devil Survivor, the Mitamas fusion quotes are mostly the same with some small changes, except with Saki Mitama, which has unique quotes.

In Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of the United States English Mitama Honorable Soul
Flag of Japan Japanese 御魂 (Mitama)
御霊 (Mitama)
Honorable Soul
Honorable Soul
Flag of France French Mitama Honorable Soul
Flag of Italy Italian Mitama Honorable Soul
Flag of Germany German Mitama Honorable Soul
Flag of Spain Spanish Mitama Honorable Soul
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