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Other Icon P1.png | Misc Icon IS.png Miscellaneous Skills are uncategorized skills primarily used for support or to make exploration and travel easier. However, it is not unusual to see an offensive skill be uncategorized, especially in titles where Almighty Skills are considered a type capable of being blocked or absorbed.

General Skills

Name Effect
Analyze See an enemy's info
Mapper Displays a mini-map on the screen
Estoma Wards off weak foes
Riberama Increases encounter rate
Outoma 25% chance to escape battle
Trafuri Escape from normal battles
Liftoma Temporarily nulls damage floors
Lightoma Lights dark areas
Traesto Warps you to the dungeon entrance
Toraport Warps you to the last save point
Makatora Gives MP to an ally
Necroma Summons a dead ally as undead for one battle

Rumor Magic

See also: List of Persona 2: Innocent Sin Rumors and List of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Rumors

In the Persona 2 duology, the following spells can be obtained as soon as the demon can be encountered by receiving and spreading the respective rumor through demon negotiations . The strength can then be adjusted through additional demon negotiations by receiving and spreading rumors stating the spell is either strong or weak; "...seems weak" lowers the spell's strength to "weak," the same strength as the first-tier spell of its element, while "...seems strong" raises it to "heavy," ie -dyne level, and changes its element to Misc Icon IS.png Non-Elemental.

To receive or spread demon rumors, encounter any demon with whom the party has a Pact and make it Happy, then ask for Information. Please keep in mind that if the rumor for a spell is spread that demons learn it along with personas (thus if a Persona possessing a Rumor spell is not in use, the player should spread the rumor that it is weak).

Skill Effect Target Used by (Arcana)
Atomic Bufula Seems different from a normal Ice Icon IS.png Bufula... * One enemy Jack Frost (Lovers)
Wondrous Aques Seems different from a normal Water Icon IS.png Aques... One enemy Kanaloa (Tower)
Dynamic Agilao Seems different from a normal Fire Icon IS.png Agilao... One enemy Pyro Jack (Lovers)
Ultra Freila Seems different from a normal Nuclear Icon P1.png Freila... One enemy Demeter (World)
Dangerous Garula Seems different from a normal Wind Icon IS.png Garula... One enemy Stymphalides (Temperance)
Great Magnus * Seems different from a normal Earth Icon IS.png Magnus... One enemy Barbatos (Hangedman)
Hyper Zionga Seems different from a normal Elec Icon IS.png Zionga... * One enemy Ankou (Death)
Super Megido Seems different from a normal Almighty Icon IS.png Megido... One enemy Succubus (Moon}

Navigator Skills

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth introduces a new type of skill called Navigator Skills. While technically introduced in Persona 3 on Lucia and Juno, in Persona Q they are skills learned by ordinary Sub-Personas instead of only by the Navigator's Persona.

Persona 3

Skill Effect
Full Analysis Displays detailed enemy information (stats, resistances, and skills).
Support Scan Displays all buffs and debuffs currently in effect.
Third Eye Increases information displayed on the target
(shows whether an attack will be nulled, repelled, or absorbed).
Healing Wave Party recovers 15% HP when ascending to the next floor.
Oracle Causes one of the following effects:
1. HP restored. 2. SP restored. 3. HP and SP restored.
4. All status ailments cured. 5. HP and SP reduced to 1.
Escape Route Return to the Desert of Doors.*

Persona 4

Skill Effect
Full Analysis Reveal an enemy's stats, weak points, and skills. (Excludes Bosses)
Treasure Radar Reveal the location of treasure chests on each floor.
Enemy Radar Reveal the location of Shadows on each floor over a wide area.
Third Eye Reveal the effectiveness of an attack
(after target has been attacked with the same affinity).
Healing Wave Recover 5% HP after battle (party).
Certain Escape Escape random battles successfully.
Relaxing Wave Recover 5% SP after battle (party).
Weakness Scan Reveal an enemy's affinity at the start of battle (weakness or immunity).

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth


Skill Effect
Renewal Ray Slight HP restore. (Party) [Only usable in combat]
Renewal Aura Moderate HP restore. (Party) [Only usable in battle]
Purifying Rain Remove all Binds and ailments. (Party)
Yomi Return Revive, with half HP restore. (1 ally)
Orb of Power Raise physical and elemental attack for 3 turns. (Party)
Orb of Resolve Raise physical and elemental defense for 3 turns. (Party)
Orb of Haste Raise hit rate and evasion rate for 3 turns. (Party)
Eternal Melody Extend stat buffs by 3 additional turns. (Party)
Sutakora Foot Attempt to escape from the battle and teleport to the entrance of the floor.
Heroic Wind Restore 5% of HP each turn. (Party)
Life Aid 20% HP restore at the end of battle. (Party)
Victory Cry Full HP restore at the end of battle. (Party)
Hunting Prayer Slightly higher rate of material drops from enemies.
Snake Glare High chance of preventing preemptive attacks.
Lucia Exclusive
Healing Breeze Slight HP restore at end of turn, for 3 turns. (Party)
Prayer Full HP restore and remove all Binds and ailments. (Party)
Healing Tide Moderate HP restore at end of turn, for 3 turns. (Party)
Oracle Give a random beneficial effect. (Party)
Himiko Exclusive
Spotlight Targeted ally takes their action first.
Zero Set Skill costs are reduced to 0 for 1 turn. (Party)
Tidal Wave Allow the party to act before any enemies for the turn. (Party)
Into the Void Nullifies all damage for 1 turn. (Party)


Skill Effect
Alleys of Light Slight HP restore for each step taken in a labyrinth. (Party)
Paths of Light HP restore for each step taken in a labyrinth. (Party)
Roads of Light Slight SP restore for each step taken in a labyrinth. (Party)
Faerie's Vigil Reveal nearby shortcuts.
Tengu's Vigil Reveal shortcuts in a wide area.
Treasure Hunter Reveal nearby treasure boxes.
Fortune Hunter Reveal treasure boxes in a wide area.
Clairvoyance Reveal nearby treasure boxes, FOEs, and shortcuts.
Farsight Reveal treasure boxes, FOEs, and shortcuts in a wide area.
Spotter Slightly higher rate of rare materials from Power Spots.
Magic Mallet Higher rate of rare materials from Power Spots.
Harvest Prayer Higher rate of rare materials. Rare chance to gather multiple times.
Cornucopia Higher rate of rare materials. Low chance to gather multiple times.
Safety Prayer Gather somewhat safely from Power Spots.
Calming Lull Gather safely from Power Spots.

Specific Skills

Megami Ibunroku Persona Exclusive

Skill Effect
PSP Revelations
Hieroglyphein Boss Damage ??? *
Butterfly Storm B-Storm Heavy damage+random status ailments (all foes) *

Persona 2 Exclusive

Skill Effect
Omni Dimension Instantly kill one enemy.
Another Dimension Instantly kill all enemies.

Innocent Sin Exclusive

Skill Effect
Bloody Honeymoon Deal high Water + Light damage to all enemies. May confuse.
Foamy Lover Deal high Earth + Light damage to all enemies. May charm.
Cross Fortune Deal high Wind + Light damage to all enemies. May cause status ailments.
Crescent Mirror Deal high Almighty + Light damage to all enemies. May freeze.

Eternal Punishment Exclusive

Skill Effect
Petrifying Glare Renders a group of enemies Unconscious


Persona 2: Innocent Sin skill cards
Open Door card IS.png
Open Door/Escape card, which grants Trafuri
Estoma card IS.png
Estoma Card
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