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Mirai Kaname is a character in the Devil Children series. She is the protagonist of Devil Children Red Book. Her demon partner is Veil, the Griffon.



Devil Children Red Book

Mirai chooses to enter the Expanse in order to find out the identity of her father. Her desire to find him leads her down a similar path to Setsuna Kai. Eventually she finds out from the ghost of her mother and Mammon that her father is none other than Lucifer himself, and that the one she has met before is Azazel in disguise. She frees her father and her story follows a similar one to her half brother Setsuna's near the end, though with her killing Nagahisa Kai in his place.

Devil Children White Book

Mirai has a minor role in the game, and is currently living in the same apartment as her half brother Setsuna. The two are dragged into Masaki Kuzuha's adventure unknowingly when demons attempt to hunt down Masaki, who is a threat to the angel's plans. She learned about Masaki from her friends younger sister and the two decide to help him. In the playable epilogue she can swap demon partners with Masaki.

DemiKids Light & Dark

Mirai is a A-Rank BattleNet opponent who appears after winning two A-Rank battles. She awakens to her demonic power after giving her first demon to the player, and gains an inverted star upon her forehead along with demon like eyes. Defeating her 15 times earns a Gef, 25 times a Meta Gef, 30 times a Neo Gef and 40 times a King Gef.


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