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This article is about the entities appearing in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. For more uses, see Mirage (disambiguation).

Mirages (ミラージュ, Miraaju)? are entities from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Beings that traverse into the modern world from a plane of existence called the Idolasphere. They are attracted to humans with Performa; a manifestation of creative energy. Some are benevolent and aid the player-characters, while others appear as enemies and seek to drain humans of all their Performa.

The Mirages come from a world where they have engaged in endless battle, eventually losing unnecessary parts of their original self in order to become more efficient in combat. They are heroes of this world they come from. Humans that have their Performa drained by malevolent Mirages are susceptible to turning into a corrupted form of the Mirage.

The most prominent are based on characters from the Fire Emblem series, while the common encounters are derived from the traditional roster of Shin Megami Tensei demons and Fire Emblem classes.

Allied Mirages[]

Enemy Character Mirages[]

Side Quest Bosses[]

  • Pheros: killer of idol Azusa Maekawa one year prior and tried to kill Chouten Sawafuji. Class: Dark Flier (Tsubasa's third Side Quest)
  • Abel: a Cursed Mirage turned Riku Suzumoto's Mirage partner. Class: Dark Knight (Touma's third Side Quest)
  • Bord and Cord: rogue Golem Mirages Tharja created for a flirting exercise. Classes: Barbarians (Kiria's third Side Quest)
  • Blair: 4 Blairs to avenge the slain Regans. (Ellie's second Side Quest)
  • Lorenz: a Mirage Draug looked up to, but has since became Cursed. Class: General (Mamori's first Side Quest)
  • Whampa: a Mirage Yashiro found to better synergise with Ellie for their roles in the TV drama "Out of Season UFO". (Yashiro's second Side Quest)
  • Lon'qu: Chikaomi Tsurugi's Mirage partner following his death. Class: Myrmidon (Yashiro's third Side Quest)
  • Cervantes: the attacker of Uta-loid Tiki composers, including Tiki=Waifu. Class: General (Tiki's third Side Quest)

Legendary Hero Mirages[]

These Mirages were the ones alongside Marth participated in the Opera of Light to combat the Opera of Shadows to stop Medeus and Gharnef in the past. In the present, they gave the party a series of combat trials within the Illusory Area of Memories to see if they had the strength to perform the Opera of Light, then enhance their souls with their own.

  • The First Trial consists of a Sage, two Generals, and a Sniper. Completing this trail grants Kiria, Mamori, and Eleanora the means to pull off the Opera of Light.
    • Linde - Class: Sage. Also the voice who granted the start of the trial.
    • Dolph - Class: General
    • Macellan - Class: General
    • Gordin - Class: Sniper
  • The Second Trial consists of a Paladin, a Hero, and a Falcon Knight. Completing this trail grants Touma, Tsubasa, and Yashiro the means to pull off the Opera of Light.
    • Jagen - Class: Paladin. Also the voice who granted the start of the trial.
    • Ogma - Class: Hero
    • Palla - Class: Falcon Knight
  • The Third Trial would have consisted of fighting Marth to grant Itsuki the means to pull off the Opera of Light, but was intercepted by Yatsufusa Hatanaka and Gharnef, who were defeated, but offering Marth's soul to Medeus to complete the Opera of Shadow.

Request Exclusive Mirages[]

Savage Mirage/Arena Exclusive[]

  • Chaos Conqueror
  • Chaos Falcon
  • Chaos General
  • Chaos Paladin
  • Chaos Sage
  • Chaos Sniper

Normal Encounter Enemy Mirages[]









Pegasus Knight[]


Wyvern Knight[]





  • A Famitsu interview with members of the staff behind the game mentions that the Mirages were designed to give off a machine-like impression in order to differentiate them from the human characters and highlight the fact that they're from another world.
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