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The Miracles menu in Shin Megami Tensei V.

Miracles (神意, Kamui)? are a gameplay mechanic in Shin Megami Tensei V. They are said to be powerful abilities that alter the laws of nature.


Miracles grant the protagonist and the party various automatic abilities separate from regular skills, whether in the overworld or in battle. They function similarly to Apps in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey and Shin Megami Tensei IV / IV: Apocalypse.

Individual Miracles can be obtained by paying a certain amount of Glory to Sophia while in the World of Shadows. They are generally unlocked by destroying Abscesses.

Table of Miracles

Miracles are split into four categories: Supremacy (覇道, Hadou)?, Gospel (福音, Fukuin)?, Awakening (覚醒, Kakusei)? and Universe (万象, Banshou)?.

Name Glory Effect
Unbending 35 ?
Magatsuhi Wellspring 150 ?
Vengeful Opportunist 30 ?
Fell Swoop 30 ?
Counter Incentive: Resist 30 ?
Counter Incentive: Null 50 ?
Revenge 40 ?
Forestall 5 Starting a battle by hitting an enemy before it notices you greatly fills your Magatsuhi gauge.
Enhanced Summon 80 Demon allies summoned in battle will have a random stat raised by 1 rank.
Pacification 90 If a demon's mood sours mid-negotiaton, they may forgive you.
Fatal Halo I 30 ?

Name Glory Effect
Godly Hand 5 Grants a chance to obtain an extra relic when scavenging.
Warrior's Birth 50 ?
Unforgotten Memories 65 Newly fused demons will gain EXP based on the stats of the demons fused.
Compendium's Favor II 150 ?
Religious Syncretism ? ?
Forbidden Fusion ? ?
Duplication Arts I ? ?
Duplication Arts II ? ?
Duplication Arts III ? ?
Recovery Favor I ? ?

Name Glory Effect
Skill Manifestation 50 Grants demon allies a chance to learn a new skill when leveling up.
Growth Prayer Ag 70 ?
Growth Prayer Lu 70 ?
Growth Gift I 5 Level ups restore half of your max HP and MP.
Demon Skill III 150 ?
God's Bosom III 50 ?
Demon Skill I ? ?
Demon Skill II ? ?
God Skill I ? ?
God Skill II ? ?
God Skill III ? ?
God's Bosom II ? ?

Name Glory Effect
Phys Mastery I 120 Increases Nahobino's Physical skill potential by 1.
Phys Mastery II 160 ?
Fire Mastery I 50 Increases Nahobino's Fire skill potential by 1.
Ice Mastery I 50 Increases Nahobino's Ice skill potential by 1.
Elec Mastery I 50 Increases Nahobino's Elec skill potential by 1.
Force Mastery I 50 Increases Nahobino's Force skill potential by 1.
Light Mastery I 50 ?
Light Mastery II 80 ?
Light Mastery V 160 ?
Dark Mastery I 50 ?
Dark Mastery II 80 ?
Dark Mastery V 160 ?
Almighty Mastery I 120 Increases Nahobino's Almighty skill potential by 1.
Almighty Mastery II 160 Increases Nahobino's Almighty skill potential by 2.
Almighty Mastery III 200 Increases Nahobino's Almighty skill potential by 3.
Almighty Mastery IV 300 Increases Nahobino's Almighty skill potential by 4.
Ailment Mastery I 40 ?
Ailment Mastery II 55 ?
Ailment Mastery V 140 ?
Healing Mastery I 60 ?
Support Mastery I ? ?

Name Glory Effect
Kindred Favor ? ?

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