"Kaoru... Uh...! Please..."
—"Miki" begging for Baofu's help while being strangled

Miki Asai is a character in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.



Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

Miki was the assistant of Kaoru Saga (Baofu), a former public prosecutor presumed dead. She was killed by Tatsuzou Sudou due to his meddling of the shady deal between the Minister of Justice and Tien Tao Lien. Specifically, while investigating Tien Tao Lien, she was killed by Yung Pao in Taiwan.

Kaoru has since lived with regret in his heart and promises to avenge her, even if it means going from legal means to illegal ones.

In Monado Mandala, an illusion of Miki being strangled in a graveyard against a tree by Reverse Odysseus (Baofu's Persona) appears. The grave is also dug up as if Miki has been taken from her grave. This scene is meant to psychologically torture Baofu with guilt. This enrages Baofu who prepares himself to attack the Reverse Persona. Whichever option the player chooses, Baofu will either act weak or fight his own demons.

If he acts weak, he will kill the Reverse Persona but he will also feel the pain of the attack and falls to his knees. He will blame himself for the death of Miki saying that he was only thinking of himself and because of that she died, that his revenge was pointless, and he was no different than Tatsuzou.

If Baofu fights his own demons he doesn't kill the Reverse Persona, instead he admits that it was him he couldn't forgive. A ghost of Miki appears in front of him and Baofu apologized to her saying that his own selfishness was the one that killed Miki and that he shouldn't have involved her in the issue of the Tien Tao Lien. Miki tells him that it wasn't his fault, she knew the risks she was taking in the situation. She decided to help him because he never looked back, he always believed that he was right and she liked that person.

Soon after, Shadow Baofu and Shadow Maya are fought.

In the ending, Baofu and Ulala Serizawa are seen visiting Miki's grave.


Baofu and Ulala visit Miki's grave
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