The Mikage Hospital (御影総合病院?) is a location in Megami Ibunroku Persona.



The Mikage Hospital is located in the Northeast ward of Mikage-cho. It is a three stories tall building in which Maki Sonomura has been hospitalized for a long time. Masao Inaba visits her frequently. At the beginning of the game, the protagonist, Masao, Kei Nanjo and Yukino Mayuzumi visit the hospital for a check-up after being hit by lightning and are waiting outside the ICU when the DEVA System is activated and demons enter the place. It is also there where they and Eriko Kirishima awaken to their Personas. In the first floor of the building, a nurse is trapped under a vending machine and whether the player decides to help her or not will change the number of Ultimate Personas available at the end of the game.

In Maki's Mikage-cho, the Hospital does not exist due to Maki's resentment towards the place due to her long hospitalization. Instead, Mana Castle exists in its place.


Demon Order Level HP Weak Resist Void Absorb Reflect Item
Mr. Zombie Grave110Element, Force -Guns - -QQ Helmet
Slime Foul118Element, Force - - - -Silver Prayer Wheel
Pixie Fairy212Force - - -WindLife Stone
Poltergeist Spirit220Sword, Fire, Expel -Guns, Tech, Rush - -Life Stone
Preta Haunt330 -Magic - -GunsDis-Poison
Zombie Boy Grave330Element, Force -Guns - -Metal Card
Knocker Jirae440Wind, Blast - -Earth -Arm Guard
Zombie Girl Grave440Element, Force -Guns - -Magical Guard
Quicksilver Spirit550Sword, Fire, Expel -Guns, Tech, Rush - -Core Shield
Zombie Nurse Grave550Element, Force -Guns - -Medicine