"Stupid amateurs like you really piss me off. You better not drag me down, OK?"
—Mika to Ann

Mika is a character in Persona 5.



Mika has brown eyes and long brown hair. She wears a pearl necklace, and a light blue dress.


Mika is described by Ann as similar to the villains in an anime she watched as a child in that she is beautiful, strong, and wicked. And indeed, Mika is selfish and manipulative, easily willing to play to Ann's own better nature to trick her into embarrassing herself. However, as Ann notes, she is not precisely an "evil" person, just desperate and determined, not to mention understandably bitter about the fact that Ann has very little work ethic when it comes to her modeling and yet somehow keeps on outshining Mika.

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Persona 5Edit

Mika appears in Ann Takamaki's Confidant as a fellow model. She's older than Ann but is her kouhai (junior) in modeling. After their initial meeting, Ann quickly realizes that Mika is behind the mysterious lateness of other models, which gives her more opportunities to photo shoot. After this is revealed, however, Mika has made such a good impression on the agency that she is able to get away with a rather insincere apology. Despite this, Ann decides Mika was in the right to steal some of Ann's own photo-ops, as Mika was simply being a businesswoman desperate to get ahead in a cutthroat industry, and lets her off with only a mutual promise to make sure their own rivalry is within the bounds of professional ethics.


The protagonist is given a chance to meet Mika and bid her farewell before he leaves Tokyo and ends his probation.


P5A Mika
Mika as she appears in Persona 5 The Animation
Mika as she appears in Persona 5: Mementos Mission


Even in the Japanese version, Mika's name is never rendered beyond just katakana (ミカ), which could be her preferred stage name or diminutive. One of the popular kanji rendition of the name "Mika" is "美香" which means "beauty-fragrance".

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