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Quiz show host "On The Mark" Teddieson with Yosuke.

"With concentration, knowledge and Teddie's favor, go for the gold!"
—Teddie, Persona 4 Golden

The Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz (マヨナカ横断ミラクルクイズ, Mayonaka Ōdan Mirakuru Kuizu)? is a quiz show minigame in Persona 4 Golden. It is available through the TV Listings's Channel 3 Inaba Public Access after the Investigation Team has successfully solved the murder mystery in Inaba. Hosted by "On The Mark" Teddieson, the quiz show pits Yu Narukami against Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi.



Persona 4 GoldenEdit

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Format of the quiz show

The quiz show is divided into three stages: the Preliminaries, the Playoffs and the Finals. The three stages are unlocked as the player progresses through the story. Contestants must buzz in quickly to answer twenty trivia questions based on their life in Inaba and their adventures within the Midnight Channel. Each correct answers adds a point, and incorrect answers deduct a point. A random question may be worth two or three points but will still deduct one point if answered incorrectly. There are no tiebreakers. Winning the Finals will grant the player the trophy "A New Quiz King."

Many of these questions will involve extremely detailed elements of the game that can be easily overlooked. Therefore, in order to get a high winning record, the player must pay attention to his surroundings when playing the main game.

Persona 4 The Golden AnimationEdit

The quiz show is the focus of Episode 4, where Marie participated along with Yu, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko. The host Teddie is assisted by Rise Kujikawa and Kanji Tatsumi in pink bunny girl and black bunny boy costumes respectively. The show took place on the rooftop level of Junes Department Store. Players with the correct answers were given a golden Teddie trophy.


Question Answer
What is the full name of the replacement 2nd year in class 2, Ms. Kashiwagi? Noriko Kashiwagi
At Okina Station, on which side of the stairways are the escalators? Both sides
How many horse statues line the walls at the entrance to Yukiko's Castle? 6
There is a statue of a frog in the middle of Shiroku Store. What does it have in its mouth? A pipe
There is a cafe famous for its sublime coffee in front of Okina Station. What is the name of this coffee shop? Chagall
Every character has victory poses after battle. Which of these actions does Chie mostly perform? Backflip
Most of the floors in Yukiko's Castle change, but the top floor is always the same. Which story is the top floor? 8th
The "Exhaustion" ailment makes you lose SP every turn and decreases defense. Which item cures Exhaustion? Royal Jelly
The Yomenaido Bookstore sells a number of different books, including the hit "___ Teacher" series. Fill in the blank! Bullied
What is the 11th major tarot arcana? Strength
What is the last name of Hanako, Yasogami High School's larger-than-life student? Ohtani
What skill allows the party to escape from most battles? Trafuri
What color pipe was Shadow Rise holding onto? Gold
Everyone knows the home shopping program "Tanaka's Amazing Commodities". Which of these phrases are in the theme song? Granter of your desires
What item would be useful to strike Yukiko's weakness? Ice Cube
Who is the plain teacher who teaches geography? Yamada
In the Quelorie Magic commercial, Rise says "Enough with going to the gym! Good thing there's something..." what? "...even I can handle!"
Who is the boy's P.E. teacher who always wears a red track suit? Kondo
Which skill allows party members to get back up after being knocked down? Re Patra
Who is the English teacher who has only been outside the country once, and only for a week? Kondo
Cafe Chagall in front of Okina Station is known for its owner's original blend. What is the owner's name? Mumon
In the show logo that appeared with Shadow Kanji, fill in the blank: "___! Kanji Tatsumi in Rosy Steam Paradise!" Men Only
What is the name of the employee at the Okina Station costume shop, Croco Fur? Reiko Osa
When Teddie became available to fight, what was his default weapon? Spikey Punch
"Your soulmate will appear if you stare into a television set on a rainy night..." What rumor did I just describe? The Midnight Channel
Which skill does Yukiko's Persona Konohana Sakuya NOT have when she first join the team? Media
What color ribbon does Nanako Dojima wear in her hair? Pink
Among the boys of Yasogami High, what is the ritual of asking Yukiko out on a date called? The Amagi Challenge
What ailment does the skill "Soul Break" cause? Exhaustion
Who is the contemporary writing teacher who teaches class with a hand puppet that his wife made for him? Hosoi
What weapon does Yosuke's Persona Jiraiya carry? Shuriken
What elementary school grade is Nanako-chan in? 1st grade
Which of the following items is NOT sold at Shiroku Store? Peach Seed
Which is the name of the weekend shopping program with the catchy tune? Tanaka's Amazing
What skill raises one ally's critical hit rate? Rebellion
What was on Shadow Naoto's back? Airplane wings
Yosuke had many things to say about the curry he ate on the school trip. Which of these adjectives did he NOT use? Sticky
What is the name of the item needed to open the locked door in the Steamy Bathhouse? Bathhouse Key
What was the name of the skill Shadow Rise used? Supreme Insight
What is written on the back of Chie's bike helmet? 29
All the lockers at the entrance in the Steamy Bathhouse have the same number. What is that number? 201
How much is a ganmodoki at Marukyu Tofu? 200 yen
What skill has the same effect as the Purifying Salt item? Dekunda
What Shadow does the Shadow "Positive King" summons? Secret Bambino
What is the name of the now-closed electronics store in the north side of the central shopping district? Ichikawa Electronics
Which of the following items recovers the most SP? Cough Drop
Which skill has the effect "Deals medium Physical damage to 1 foe?" Assault Dive
There are many special classrooms at Yasogami High School. Which of these is NOT on the Practice Building's 1st floor? Art room
The first victim of the serial killings was Mayumi Yamano... Her lover was Taro Namatame. Who is Namatame's wife? Misuzu Hiiragi
Which of the following armors has the lowest defense? Kevlar Vest
Several skills consume HP to perform. Which of these skills costs the most HP? Swift Strike
What is the name of the now closed pharmacy on the north side of the central shopping district? Nakanishi Drugs
Which of the following items recovers the most HP and SP? Chewing Soul
What is the name of the now closed bicycle shop on the north side of the central shopping district? Bigstone
The skill "Navas Nebula" does medium physical damage to all foes, as well as causes an ailment. Which is it? Exhaustion
During the "Miss" Yasogami Pageant, Yosuke was given a catch phrase. What was part of it? Pure disappointment
Ms. Sofue, AKA "Queen Tut" always carries a rod. Which hand does she carry it with? Right
The shopping district doesn't have much car traffic, though there is a road. What's the speed limit there? 30 kph
The bulletin board by the police station of Okina Station says, "It's everyone job to keep __ __ safe?" Fill in the blank! Your neighborhood
Many symbols are shown on the walls of the Void Quest. What hangs above the doorways that lead to stairs? Sword
Yasogami High has a classroom building and a practice building. Which of these is NOT on the 2nd floor of the classroom building? Nurse's Office
What was the distinguishing feature of the fortune teller at the Yasogami High Culture Festival? Long nose
What was Yosuke holding at the Summer Festival on August 20? Corn on the cob
One of these weapons makes a different sound than the others. Which is it? Golf Club
How many vending machines are there at the central shopping district? 4
At the entrance to the TV world that you get in from the TV at Junes, who is standing just to Teddie's right? Chie
Which of the following items recovers the most HP for a single ally? Antibiotic Gel
The Samegawa River that flow through town is often used as a place to go. Which class of river is it considered? Class 2
What is the second to last stop on the train line going to Yasoinaba? Higashi-Inaba
How many student desks are there in Class 2-2 of Yasogami High School? 28
What stuffed animal is located on the bottom row around the corner of the lockers at the back of Class 2-2? Panda
"Daidara Metalworks" in the central shopping district is known for its scar-faced owner. What does the dot after "Daidara" mean? Daidara Bocchi
When Kanji joined your team what was his default weapon? Folding Chair
Which of these skills did Shadow Teddie use in battle? Nihil Hand
Which of these animals DOESN'T have a picture drawn of it near the Junes food court? Panda
What is the weakness of the "Pursuing Pesce," which appears in the Steamy Bathhouse? Light
What animal is in the playground at the Junes food court? Panda
What is the name of the Shadow that self-destructs at the Steamy Bathhouse? Iron Dice
What was the name of the Shadow you fought in Heaven to save Nanako-chan? Kunino-sagiri
There are several banners about ramen at Shichiri Beach. How many are there? Four
Which food is the object on the counter in the middle of the Junes food court? Soft serve
What color afro does the host of the "Miss" Yasogami Pageant have? Pink
How many chairs are there in Class 2-2 of Yasogami High School? 29
What is pinned to the right side of Teddie's shirt when Chie and Yukiko dress him for the first time at Junes? Nothing
Rare Shadows in the TV world glow gold. Which of the following ISN'T the name of a real rare Shadow? Glory Hand
If you buy two Balms of Life and one Value Medicine, how much have you spent? 11600 yen
If you were watching the band show at Junes on October 10th, who would be on the far right of the stage? Naoto
How many human outlines are drawn on the floor at the entrance to the TV world? 18
Who is the student council president of Gekkoukan High School? Chihiro Fushimi
How many fire extinguishers are located in the hallways of Yasogami High School's Practice Building? 9
What effect does using the Orange Smash have? Recovers health
Which of the following is NOT found in the Yasogami High nurse's office Instant soba
What is the jingle in Junes commercials? Every day's great
What is the name of the special meal at Aiya that you can have for free... if you manage to eat it all? Mega Beef Bowl
How many days were forecast to be clear the entire day during the month of May? 6
Who is the world history teacher with the nickname "Queen Tut"? Sofue
What accessory increases the evasion rate against fire attacks? Fire Suppressor
What is the name of the shrine located at the north side of the central shopping district? Tatsuhime Shrine
Which of the following Shadows does NOT appear in Yukiko's Castle? Phantom Master
How many rows from the front is Chie's desk in her class? 3
Which of the following doesn't come out of the capsule machine in front of the Shiroku Store? Bamboo Dragonfly
Which of these was Shadow Kanji wearing on his feet? Black loafers
What was the name of the hotel in Seaside City that the class stayed in on the trip to Tatsumi Port Island? Clamshell Inn
What did Class 2-1 do for Yasogami High's Culture festival A play
During the "Miss" Yasogami Pageant, Kanji was given a catch phrase. What was it? Runaway express train
To attract customers for the group date café, you pretended to be customers. Who sat across from Chie? Kanji
How many stools are there at the entrance to the Steamy Bathhouse? (JP/PAL version only) 9
How many chairs are in the dressing room at the entrance to the Steamy Bathhouse? (NA version only)
How much does a ticket to the "30 Frame" movie theater in Okina Station cost? 1500 yen
What design is printed on the fox's apron? Hearts
What vegetable does Daisuke of Yasogami High School's soccer team hate? Green Pepper
Portraits of famous composers line the walls of Yasogami High School's music room, Whose portrait isn't there? Chopin
What arcana does the Shadow "Lying Hablerie" in Yukiko's Castle belong to? Magician
What color flowers grow at the entrance to the Void Quest? Blue
How many horse statues are outside of Yukiko's Castle? Six
Which of the following status ailments can be cured by the "Mutudi" skill? Mute
Teddie had cats on both sides of him when he appeared in front of the school trips hotel what color was the left cat? Black and White
What was the name of the teacher who gave you the special lecture at Gekkoukan High School? Edogawa
What is the name of the spell Shadow Mitsuo used? Gigadyne
What item would be useful to strike Yosuke's weakness? Ball Lightning
How much is a Steak Skewer from Souzai Daigaku? 320 yen
Which of the following skills does the Shadow "Monopolizing Cupid" from the Steamy Bathhouse use? Pulinpa
The Faculty Office of Yasogami High is on the first floor.  Which of these is in the room next door? Nurse's Office
What color are the shoulders of the Shadow "Steel Machine" found in the Void Quest? Black, white characters
The drama club at Yasogami High does not have its own room. Which room does it use for its club activities? Meeting Room
What is the word President Tanaka uses to introduce his products on TV? Wonderfulness
There are two elevators at the entrance to Junes. What color are their doors? Red
What color and pattern hood does the lady at Shiroku Store wear? Red polka dots
What is the full name of Mr. Morooka, more popularly known as King Moron? Kinshiro Morooka
The skill "Seal Bomb" does medium physical damage to all foes, as well as causes an ailment. Which is it? Silence
What ailment does the skill "Evil Touch" cause? Fear
Who is the leader of the Phoenix Rangers on the popular children show "Featherman R"? Feather Hawk
Out of the following? whitch item is the most expensive at Shiroku Store? Macca Leaf
What item did you need to open the sealed door in Void Queen? Orb of Darkness
How many TV's are there at the entrance in the TV World? 3
Which of the following, is a character on the popular kid's show "Featherman R"? Feather Crow
Who is the youngest member of the Phoenix Rangers in the popular children show "Featherman R"? Feather Swan
How much does it cost to attempt Alya's Rainy Day Challendge Mega Beef Bowl? 3000
What series of stickers that comes with candy is popular with children? Tankiriman Sticker
"Konishi Liquiors" on the north side central shopping district, has a soda machine. Which of these ... Orange Smash
What way the Shadow you fought at "Magatsu Mandals World 8"? Envious Giant
The "Angry Table" that appears in Heaven has several weapons floating around it. Which of the following sword
The entrance to Magatsu Inaba is known as the "Desolate Bedroom." Which color paint is NOT used in that room? blue
What was the name of the character Shadow Mitsuo transformed into? Mitsuo the Hero
Teddie had cats on both sides of him when he appeared in front of the school trip's hotel. What color was the left cat? Black an white
What is the price of receiving a fortune at Tatsuhime Shrine, known for their powers in assisting matchmaking? 200 yen
What color were the unlocked treasure chests in Heaven? Blue
Shadow Teddie used the skill "Ultra Change." Where did the energy ball appear when he used it? Left Hand
How many angel statues are there on Heaven's top floor? 13
Which of these stores is not to the left of Okina Station, if you were facing towards its entrance? Okina Books
What hospital room member was Namatame being held in? 209
The skills "Patra" and "Me Patra" can heal most status ailments. Which of the following can they NOT heal? Poison
What is the weakness of Izanagi, the first Persona you obtained? Wind
How much money does the Reaper drop? 13 yen
Who is the shortest girl on the Investigation Team? Naoto
In Yukiko's Castle what item does the Black Raven drop? Black Lamp

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