P4D Midnight Stage (Stage)

Midnight Stage entrance

"That's right... an ideal world where no one hurts or gets hurt"
—Eerie Voice, Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Midnight Stage (マヨナカステージ, Mayonaka Sutēji)? is a world in Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

The Urban Legend Edit

Rise, Yu, and Naoto watch a clip on a website at midnight, but suddenly a portal appears right in front them with ribbons coming out and grabbing all three of them, transporting them to the Midnight Stage.

"Hey, do you know about that rumor? They say that if you go on a certain website at midnight, a strange video will start to play on its own. Rumor has it that at first, you can't really tell what’s going on in it, but if you watch it until the very end, you'll get taken to the other side and never wake up again."

Profile Edit

The Midnight Stage is similar to the Midnight Channel, but a song and the dancing shadows weaken people unless they dance and use their own music. Shadows are imprisoned as an audience, where the ribbons force them to dance alongside the dancers. The shadows are purified in a dance battle that pleases them and allows the dancer to move to the next stage. All forms of violence is negated in the Midnight Stange, making both Personas and weapons disappear before they can cause harm. Time functions differently than on earth. It is revealed in Chapter 7 that Mikuratana-no-Kami is responsible for creating the Midnight Stage.

If the victim gets caught by the ribbons they will lose themselves and submit to the Shadow's will and the one who controls them. The only way for them to come back to their senses is to dance by following the rhythm and beat.

Stages Edit

Like the Midnight Channel, each stages materialized by the victim's desire and dreams.

Stages Victim(s)
Kujikawa Rise Rise Kujikawa, Naoto Shirogane
Circus Tent Tamami Uesugi
Sultry Lounge Tomoe Sayama
Doll House Sumomo Ujima
Romantic Castle Nozomi Nakahara
Mechanical Castle Kyoka Ochimizu
Event Space none
Mikuratana-no-Kami's Realm none

Gallery Edit

P4D Midnight Stage, 01
The Door to the Dressing Room
P4D Midnight Stage, 02
Dressing Room
P4D Midnight Stage, 03
The Door to the Edit bay
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