Micon (ミコン?) is a location in the series, located atop the Tower of Daedalus.



Megami TenseiEdit

Micon is the starting area in the game. There are shops and a healer in the area, as well as two chests contain a jewel and 500 Macca. It is on the eighth floor in the Tower of Daedalus.

Megami Tensei IIEdit

Just like in the previous game, it's the starting area, but Micon (as well as the rest of the Tower of Daedalus) is shown in an overhead view. Rather than being a real-world location, it is a town located within the game of Devil Busters.


Megami TenseiEdit

Weapon Attack NOA Sex Price
Jackknife 1 1 Both ћ80
Nunchaku 2 1-2 Male ћ130
Dagger 4 1 Male ћ190
Scorpion Whip 3 1-2 Female ћ280

Armor Type Def Sex Price
Combat Suit Body 3 Male ћ140
Chain Mail Body 5 Male ћ800
Oak Shield Arm 2 Male ћ150
Helmet Head 3 Female ћ130

Megami Tensei IIEdit

None of the equipment from Devil Busters can be carried out into the real world.

Weapon Attack NOA Sex Price
Jackknife 1 1 Female ћ100
Bronze Sword 1 1 Male ћ200
Scimitar 4 1 Both ћ400
Broad Sword 7 1 Male ћ1500

Armor Type Def Sex Price
Battle Suit Body 1 Male ћ200
High Leg Armor Body 1 Female ћ400
Kevlar Vest Body 2 Male ћ900
Iron Head Head 1 Male ћ600


Megami TenseiEdit

  • ћ500 / Jewel

Megami Tensei IIEdit

  • ћ1000 + Jewel


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