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Mick the Slug is a character appearing in the Digital Devil Saga duology.



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Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner[]

The leader of the Solids tribe, Mick is a cruel man who seems to enjoy devouring others as part of his newfound demonic power. He has no qualms with devouring his own Tribe members after they have gone out of control. He bears the "Solar Eclipse" Atma and transforms into Rahu. In the Japanese version, he was also named "Mick the Nick."

Mick was seen first in the tribe leader summit at the Karma Temple, where he listens to what Angel had to say about the new laws of the Junkyard as well as how to reach Nirvana.

As the leader of the Solids, he is approached in his Anahata base by Bat, his rival Jinana's lieutenant, with news of the Maribel's alliance to the Embryon tribe against Anahata. Mick, a very careful man, agreed to take Bat's proposal to join forces against both Jinana and the Embryon.

He was seen later at the gates of Anahata, having easily escaped the Embryon's ambush, brutally beating up Jinana and driving her into a frenzy. His forces later invaded Manipura and destroyed the remaining Maribel power structure. With information gathered by Bat, he invaded Muladhara and abducted Sera to the abandoned ruins of Coordinate 136.

At the top of the castle's last tower, he confronted the Embryon and attempted to use Sera as a hostage. When that failed, he dangled her over the balcony's edge to cow her into submission. However, Sera psychically forced him to drop her, and had to be rescued by Bat. At this moment, Bat announced his intentions to betray Mick and join the strongest tribe, the Brutes. Almost in response, Embryon member Cielo appeared that instant to use his lasers against Bat, giving Mick an opening to flee.

However, Gale caught him in the act and the party surrounded Mick in seconds. To defend himself, he had transformed into his formidable demon form and was killed after a struggle. The leftover might of the Solids were subsequently added to the Embryon's forces.

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2[]

Mick's Solar Data bars the way of the party at the end of the 4th Layer of the Sun. He will engage the party as they enter the chamber with the elevator to the 5th Layer.


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