Michiko Matsudaira is a minor antagonist in the Snow Queen Quest of Megami Ibunroku Persona.

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Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Michiko appears as the cruel and self centered master of the Nemesis Tower and, much to the party's surprise, has suspended the time limit over her tower. She has captured Kenta Yokouchi and Tsutomu Kurouri and tortures them for being ugly, hoping to use their suffering to empower her Persona. When the party reaches the torture chamber, she attempts to buy more time by offering them a Mirror Shard and a hint to defeat her if they take a lengthy detour.

Though she claims to have been bullied and ignored, in life she was a bully who took the part of the Snow Queen solely to spite the Drama Club president (whom she claims "stole" her boyfriend), and regularly bribed teachers to get better grades.

Once the party reaches the top of the tower, Michiko absorbs the emotion energy from Kenta and Tsutomu and, depending on the player's previous choice, is either delighted to feed on their suffering or is confused and enraged over their gratitude to the party for saving them. Regardless, she then fuses with Nemesis and attacks the party, but is defeated.

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