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  • The Japanese version calls this enemy "Hakurou Musha" and it uses Hakurou Musha's model, not Rain Leg's model. It might be a blind idiot error.

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      As for reference, Rain Leg Musha looks like this. The one Enlil sent is defintely not Rain Leg but Hakurou.

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      just showing that they call it rain leg in the dub

      it took an annoying amount of tracking down, and the JP version uses 白狼の武者 which isnt 雨脚の武者 so I guess youre right

      checked P3 as well in JP, and they use 白狼の武者 so yeah, localisation error. shame, they were doing so well

      "For talk page do not add to main.png" - aw, I was gonna add it

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