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  • I live in New York
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  • Thanks for fixing up the Demonbox stuff.

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  • Where is the Q2 stats template? I can't see it or access it, the template keeps making non shadow enemies categorized as shadows.

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    • There's no reference for Q2, however. It seems to have everything BUT Q.

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    • it says it on line 1010

      if gameg == 'pq' or gameg == 'pq2' then

      on line 1024 it says

      else result = result .. cate(gamegn .. ' Shadows')

      if the game is pq2, and you add the modifier |boss=1 to the stats template


      it adds the Persona Q2 Bosses category. that's what if.prop boss means.

      by that logic

      result = result .. cate(gamegn .. ' Shadows')

      means it categorizes it as Persona Q2 Shadows.

      note that you should probably consult a mod before anything

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