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Dante, handing over the Menorah of Knowledge, one of eleven Menorah.

Menorahs (メノラー, Menoraa)?, noted as Candelabra in the original localization, are important artifacts in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax.


Candelabra is the term traditionally referring to a pair (or more) of large, decorative candlesticks often shaped as a column or pedestal and having several arms or branches for holding candles. A single example of such lighting devices is known as a "candelabrum." A special kind of candelabrum is the Jewish menorah (which is used in the original Japanese release and the remaster).

The menorah is a seven-branched candelabrum which has been a symbol of Judaism for almost 3,000 years and is the emblem of Israel. It was used in the ancient Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Lit by olive oil in the Tabernacle and the Temple, the menorah is one of the oldest symbols of the Jewish people. It is said to symbolize the burning bush as seen by Moses on Mount Horeb (Exodus 3). The plural version of the word menorah is menoroth, menorot or menorahs.



Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

The Lady in Black gives the Demi-fiend a Menorah when he is summoned to the Labyrinth of Amala for the first time, claiming that it "will be your guide" in the Demi-fiend's quest for power. After defeating the first Fiend, Matador, the Lady in Black mentions that the Menorah attract each other, and prompts the Demi-fiend to enter the Labyrinth of Amala, and thus challenge the Fiends for possession of the artifacts (as the Candelabra essentially serve as the keys to the Labyrinth's lower levels). Upon arriving, the Lady in Black reveals that nature of the Candelabra in greater detail, explaining their function and purpose:

"Here is what my master has to say... The Candelabrum that you acquired... It was part of his prized collection. The Candelabra are flames of life that control the flow of Magatsuhi within the Labyrinth of Amala... But, they were stolen by terrible Fiends. The Candelabra grant to their possessors access to the Labyrinth of Amala. However, that privilege is not intended for just anyone. This place is strictly forbidden to all but those my master has permitted entry. That is why we would like to ask you a favor. Is it possible for you to retrieve the Candelabra--the flames that light the floors of the Labyrinth--and return them here? That is my master's recover the eleven Candelabra."
—Lady in Black

Later on the Demi-fiend finds out that the Menorahs weren't stolen, but instead given to the Fiends as part of a training program for him. By challenging and conquering the Fiends, the incarnations of Death, Lucifer was hoping to create a new demon of chaos who would lead his army to the "final battle" against God.

When the Demi-fiend retrieves a Menorah from a defeated Fiend, he will have to place it on the pedestal in the corresponding floor of the Labyrinth to reach the deeper parts.


First Kalpa
Second Kalpa
Third Kalpa
Fourth Kalpa
Fifth Kalpa

Shin Megami Tensei V

"Nahobino, I have something for you. […] This is a menorah. It was brought here by another world. I am certain my giving you this raises many questions. However, I am not permitted to answer. But hear me well: this menorah can bring you great power or deliver you to an untimely end. Those who carry the menorah beckon the avatars of death. You must always be wary."
—Sophia after giving the Menorah of Knowledge.

"Ah. So you've encountered a Fiend in possession of a menorah, have you not? They have come here from worlds beyond, guided here by the menorahs. And though you still breathe, many more trials lie ahead. Death, it seems, follows the same path as you. Nahobino, you have have been ensnared by a most cruel fate. I suggest you proceed with utmost caution."
—Sophia after returning from defeating Hell Biker

"You have defeated another Fiend, I see. With every Fiend you vanquish, your power grows. Perhaps this is why I was to hand you the menorah. I am interested to see the outcome of your next encounter."
—Sophia after returning from defeating Pale Rider

"So, you have defeated many Fiends and will soon challenge the Demi-Fiend, or so he is called. It seems he is expecting you at the Hall of Chaos. I have heard of such a place before... Nahobino, I believe that, with your power, you may be able to use the leylines to reach a new destination. I will you my power to illuminate the way. The path to the Hall of Chaos is now open. Make your way there when ready."
—Sophia after returning from defeating Trumpeter

"Astounding. I sense an entirely new power within you, one I have never sensed before. I am certain this is why the menorah had found its way into your hands. Now, Nahobino, use this newfound power, and make your way for the throne. This world can place nothing more between you and your ambition. Abide by the Great Will, and create a new world."
—Sophia after returning from defeating the Demi-fiend

The Menoroth return as a central item within the Return of the True Demon DLC.

Starting this DLC will have Sophia, as soon as unlocking the World of Shadows, giving the protagonist the Menorah of Knowledge. Just as before, the 11 Menorah attract each other, and as such, he will encounter and fight the other Menorah-bearing Fiends that the Demi-fiend once fought within the Labyrinth of Amala one-by-one within Da'at, sans Dante/Raidou (as they held the Menorah of Knowledge).

When a Fiend is defeated, like before, that Fiend is able to be created for the Nahobino through special gusion. They also drop their Menorah, which makes the next Fiend in the lineup appear in a specific part of Da'at to fight. In the overworld, the spots the Fiends are located are marked as interactible giant, crackling violet pillar of light.

Upon meeting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse for the first time, beyond where the prtoagonist fought Surt in Chiyoda, they will heavily imply that Lucifer had gathered the Fiends from across time and space to act as a test for the protagonist, to see if they can truly break the cycle of destruction and rebirth, to break free from the Mandala System. Once all 9 of the Labyrinth of Amala Fiends are defeated and their respective Menorah taken, Sophia will open the way to the Hall of Chaos, where the Demi-fiend, the final Fiend the protagonist has to face, awaits.

Upon defeating the Demi-fiend, the protagonist will gain the Demi-fiend's Essence, granting either the skills the Demi-fiend used in the fight or granting same affinities as the Demi-fiend when he has equipped the Masakados Magatama via Essence fusion. Once the battle is over, the mission is deemed complete, and the protagonist gains the final Menorah and 666,000 Macca. Afterwards, the protagonist can challenge the Demi-fiend again to obtain more of the Demi-fiend's Essence.


World of Shadows
  • Sophia - Menorah of Knowledge
Da'at - Minato
  • Matador - Menorah of Foundation
    Close to the Tamachi leyline fount
Da'at - Shinagawa
  • Daisoujou - Menorah of Eternity
    On a ruined building side nearby the Tennozu leyline fount
  • Hell Biker - Menorah of Dignity
    On the highest track of broken freeway in Konan 4th Block, between the Mitabashi and Konan 3rd Block leyline founts
Da'at - Chiyoda
  • White Rider - Menorah of Compassion
    In the chasm close to the Ginza leyline fount
    Must beat Surt first to continue the fight.
  • Red Rider - Menorah of Insight
    Up the climbable cliffs to the south in Iwamotcho close to the Nihonbashi leyline fount
  • Black Rider - Menorah of Wisdom
    Up on a rooftop close by the Akibahara Electric Town leyline fount, adjacent to where the area's Abscess was
  • Pale Rider - Menorah of Majesty
    To the far left hand side of Tokyo Station
Da'at - Taito
  • Mother Harlot - Menorah of Beauty
    Up on a hill in the Ueno Park within Grecian demon territory
  • Trumpeter - Menorah of Glory
    Up on a cliff in Kuramae
??? - Hall of Chaos
  • Demi-fiend - Menorah of Sovereignty


  • The eleven menorahs/candelabra are named after aspects of the Sefirot, the eleven attributes that God created through which he can manifest not only in the physical but the metaphysical universe in Kabbalah tradition.
    • Matador's Menorah of Foundation (基礎のメノラー, Kiso no Menoraa)?: Yesod
    • Daisoujou's Menorah of Eternity (永遠のメノラー, Eien no Menoraa)?: Netzach
    • Hell Biker's Menorah of Dignity (威厳のメノラー, Igen no Menoraa)?: Hod
    • White Rider's Menorah of Compassion (慈悲のメノラー, Jihi no Menoraa)?: Chesed
    • Red Rider's Menorah of Insight (理解のメノラー, Rikai no Menoraa)?: Binah
    • Black Rider's Menorah of Wisdom (知恵のメノラー, Chie no Menoraa)?: Chokmah
    • Pale Rider's Menorah of Majesty (王冠のメノラー, Oukan no Menoraa)? (alternatively Severity): Gevurah
    • Mother Harlot's Menorah of Beauty (美のメノラー, Bi no Menoraa)?: Tiferet
    • Trumpeter's Menorah of Glory (神威のメノラー, Kamui no Menoraa)? (alternatively Godliness): Keter
    • Demi-fiend's Menorah of Sovereignty (王国のメノラー, Oukoku no Menoraa)? (alternatively Kingdom): Malkuth
    • The Menorah of Knowledge (知識のメノラー, Chishiki no Menoraa)?: Da'at

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