Meiji Shrine in Persona 5

Meiji Shrine (明治神宮前, Meiji-Jingūmae)? is a location in Persona 5.


Meiji Shrine is a real-life location located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is served by the Meiji-jingumae Station. The shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken and the shrine complex is surrounded by a large forest area.

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Meiji Shrine is one of the hangout spots in the Tokyo map. It is unlocked after reading Tokyo Shrines, a magazine that can be bought from Shibuya's Taiheido bookstore. It can be visited freely from August 7th.

The protagonist can also visit the shrine and spend time here with a Confidant. Confidant events happening here include:

  • August 6th: After clearing Futaba's Palace, the protagonist may visit the shrine with Ann Takamaki and bump into Tae Takemi, increasing both confidant points.
  • The protagonist may visit the shrine with Yusuke Kitagawa and receive a Hamaya to decorate his room with.

Aside from being a hangout spot, the location is also part of an activity, where the protagonist is able to boost their Confidant points. For more information on its functions, see Shrine.


The Shrine maintains its usual functions, in addition to becoming the place that the protagonist celebrates new year with Kasumi Yoshizawa. According to Kasumi, the place is usually crowded during New Years, although during that specific year, it is surprisingly empty with only the protagonist, Kasumi and the other Phantom Thieves members bar Morgana arriving to the shrine by coincidence. This acts as a foreshadowing that Maruki is granting humanity all of their desires without any strings attached, so people don't need to pray at the shrine.

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