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Megumi Kayano is a character from the Persona -trinity soul- anime.



A classmate of Shin Kanzato who he first sees the night he arrives in Ayanagi City, Megumi is a passionate and out-spoken young woman, known for her frank nature. She cares deeply about her friends and has no hesitation in scolding them for doing things she perceives as dangerous, such as Kagenuki. It's thanks to her perseverance that Kanaru Morimoto begins to deviate from her functions in Marebito. However, Megumi has a hidden complex related to Personas, which becomes more apparent as Takuro Sakakiba begins to get more serious about training Spartacus.

As a child, she awakened to her Persona ability, Diana, during a car accident where she was able to save her parents, but was unable to rescue her little brother. She struggles with intense guilt over this, as she doubts whether it was her Persona's weakness or simply resentment of her brother that caused her failure that day. As the daughter born from her father's affair, she suffered a complex over her mother's attentiveness to her younger brother. After her brother's death, her mother lashed out at her, compounding this and straining relations between them, leading her to prefer living in Noboru Inui's dormitory.

During the later half of the series, Megumi brings Jun Kanzato to her family's home. An attack by Marebito leads her to save her mother with her Persona ability and helps her begin to resolve her long-standing problems with her mother.

Megumi is incredibly passionate about street dance and involved in her school's street dancing club. Thanks to this, she meets Yumi Tasaka who helps her overcome her habit of giving up after only a few failures. This theme returns as Yumi's fall is what causes her to summon her Persona after years of disuse.


  • The name Megumi is written in hiragana (めぐみ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (恵 or 愛), it could possibly mean:
    • 恵 - "favor, benefit".
    • 愛 - "love, affection".
  • Megumi's surname Kayano means "miscanthus reed" (茅) (kaya) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


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