The World Wide Web is filled with sites dedicated to the Megami Tensei series. Here, the Wiki attempts to list them for those who wish to know more about the series.

You are welcomed to add any Megami Tensei resources and fansites that you know. Please ensure that the sites are well-maintained, active and relevant to the series.

Official SitesEdit

Official site of the developer of the Megami Tensei franchise.

Official site of the American subsidiary for Atlus

Official site of the Persona series

Official Japanese site of Atlus parent company Sega.


A website dedicated to reporting the latest news about Sega and Atlus.

A comprehensive listing of all Shin Megami Tensei related communities.


A blog dedicated to the translation of the Digital Devil Story trilogy novels by Aya Nishitani.

Ever curious about Persona 2: Innocent Sin? Read the story here!

A "Megami Tensei study guide".


A fansite with some information and news regarding the SMT series and Atlus' games.

A fansite with comprehensive information on the history of the franchise.