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An image of the vast Amala Universe given to the Demi-fiend by the Lady in Black.

The Megami Tensei Multiverse collectively refers to the multiple worlds and universes included in the Megami Tensei series. Nearly all Megami Tensei games heavily feature connections to other worlds and universes which suggests that the games may not occur in the same "universe" but that they still take place in the same over-arching multiverse.


Digital Devil Story: Warrior of the Demon City[]

Charles Feed theorized that each great, powerful demon was surrounded by their own "universe" and that only the one could be contacted at once. Thus, upon Loki's death, his universe collapsed and Set's universe took its place, which is why Ohara accidentally contacts Set with the Demon Summoning Program.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne[]

The Lady in Black explains to the Demi-fiend that his world is just one of many in the Amala Universe and that the Conception was really the destruction of the old world, which didn't affect the multitude of other universes. There are billions of other worlds experiencing their own Conception and creation of a Vortex World for the sake of creation, each with their own Kagutsuchi. By siding with a Reason, the Demi-fiend is able to choose the rules of the new universe born in its place.

Shin Megami Tensei IV[]

During the incident 25 years ago the world split into three parallel possibilities as a result of which path - Law, Chaos, or Neutral - Flynn's former life had chosen. Flynn came from the world of Neutral, where the ceiling covers the entirety of Tokyo and its surface became the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado. Chronologically, all three universes of Tokyo visited by Flynn are on the same time spot, as the cataclysm which took place 25 years ago is frequently referred to by residences of all three universes.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse[]

Stephen sheds a great deal of light on the cosmology of the multiverse. The multiverse is an extension of the Great Will, which is itself the manifestation of all things contained within the multiverse. YHVH was once its avatar, but it grew arrogant enough to declare itself independent from the Great Will and sought to bring the multiverse under its control.

To counteract this, the Great Will brings forth Messiahs- special humans containing a portion of its power that it uses to interact directly with lesser beings, with the intention of having the Messiah thus created break YHVH's hold over his home universe by any means necessary. The multitude of ways that lesser beings have interpreted the nature of the Great Will is due to the fact that it cannot be called sentient in a way humans can understand. Only the most powerful of transcendent beings such as Stephen can come close to comprehending its nature, and even they struggle to do so.


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