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An image of the vast Amala Universe given to the Demi-fiend by the Lady in Black.

The Megami Tensei Multiverse collectively refers to the many worlds and universes included in the Megami Tensei series. Nearly all Megami Tensei games mention hints of connections between different dimensions or planes of existence, as well as collections of universes which all suggest the games may not occur in the same "universe" but that they still take place in the same over-arching multiverse.


Digital Devil Story 2: Warrior of the Demon City[]

In Digital Devil Story 2: Warrior of the Demon City, Charles Feed theorized that each great, powerful demon was surrounded by their own "universe" and that only the one could be contacted at once. Thus, upon Loki's death, his universe collapsed and Set's universe took its place, which is why Ohara accidentally contacts Set with the Demon Summoning Program.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne[]

The Lady in Black explains to the Demi-fiend that his world is just one of many and that the Conception was simply the destruction of the old world, which didn't affect the multitude of other universes in the vastness of Amala. Kagutsuchi rises, matures and falls in billions of places, other universes which will experience their own Conception and creation of a Vortex World for the sake of rebirth, all in accordance to the Great Will's cosmic intentions. By siding with a Reason, the Demi-fiend is able to choose the rules of the new universe born in its place.

Demons and gods are capable of using the Amala to traverse across universes, with the "false gods" from Shadow Vortex in particular seeking Vortex Worlds in order to be reborn along with the universe and becomes real. The Lady in Black also mentions both she and her master, Lucifer, has spent eons traveling across the Amala, having witnessed the birth and death of countless universes.

Shin Megami Tensei IV[]

In the incident 25 years before the events of the game, the world split into three parallel universes as a result of which path - Law, Chaos, or Neutral - Flynn's former life had chosen. Flynn himself is a result of the Neutral path, with a ceiling covering the entirety of Tokyo and its surface became the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado.

Chronologically, all three universes of Tokyo are occuring at the same timeframe, as the cataclysm which took place 25 years ago is frequently referred to by residences of all three universes. Through the Yamato Perpetual Reactor, it is possible for humans to traverse the Expanse into these parallel universes. Sufficiently powerful demons and entities such as the The White are also capable of naturally traversing it.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse[]

Stephen explains to Nanashi the universe he resides in, as well as others connected through the Expanse, is an extension of the Great Reason (Axiom in English), the collective origin as well as the grand manifestation of all things contained within itself. YHVH could once be considered an agent of the Axiom's will, but he was forsaken at some point in the past due to not conforming to its intentions.

To counteract this, the Axiom brings forth Messiahs- special humans containing a portion of its will, acting as its means to observe and interact directly with lesser beings. In the case of Flynn and Nanashi, its intention is to break YHVH's hold over universes under his control by any means necessary.

Due to a lack of detailed information, it's currently unclear if the Great Reason and the Great Will mentioned in other universes are two names for the same entity, or if they are distinct entities.

The "Messiahs in the Diamond Realm" DLC point out there are differences in traveling across interconnected universes (such as the parallel universes of IV and Apocalypse, via the Expanse), and between universes with no inherent connection. In both IV and Apocalypse, humans and demons can independently move through the Expanse into various parallel universes. However, Stephen specifically mentions he needs to bend the Reason in the natural order of things (in English it is changed to "immutable rules") to allow Nanashi to meet with and extend a chance of salvation for the other Messiahs from different universes.

This suggests the Megami Tensei Multiverse is divided into several "groups" of universes, each group consisting of a certain number of interlinked universes. While ones in the same group may naturally interact, distinct groups cannot interact under normal circumstances. Bypassing this seems to require interventions from entities on Stephen's level in order to twist the natural laws of reality, with the developers of Apocalypse stating only Stephen and entities like him such as Mido and Saint Germain being the same persons across the entire series.

Shin Megami Tensei V[]

Sophia claims to hail from a world far beyond the Nahobino's own. In the "Return of the True Demon" DLC, all of the Fiends, the Demi-fiend and his demons also hail from "another space, another time" and Red Rider in particular mentions other worlds.

When fought in the Realm Beyond Earth and Heavens, Lucifer mentions how universes undergo a spatial governing phenomenon known as the Mandala System, in which a universe will be forcibly destroyed and recreated in the ideals of a Creator, and that said Creator would inevitably fall before being replaced by another in an endless cycle. His goal, thus, is to create a world free of this cycle, and he intends to have his Knowledge consumed by a Nahobino to create a Creator who can create a world which will not fall to another.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance[]

In a second playthrough of either "Canon of Creation" or "Canon of Vengeance," there are signs indicating the events of a previous playthrough had happened in a different universe.

If the player had finished a playthrough in either Canons by defeating Lucifer (Chaos, Law and True Neutral routes of "Creation" and both routes in "Vengeance"), then loading to a save state in a "Canon of Vengeance" playthrough in which the Nahobino has reached the Empyrean Throne, Mastema's remnant in Da'at (placed by the original) would receive a vision from "the Lord" who shows another universe where a Nahobino defeated a transcendent Lucifer and freed that world from the Mandala System. He also obtains a fragment of the defeated Lucifer from the Lord, as proof of the events which had transpired in that world. Proclaiming that he is no longer serving the the previous Creator as the Lord, Mastema's remnant then uses himself, Samael's, and Lucifer's remnants to summon Satan, the original angel.

Summoned by "transcendence itself" as the judge of all beings, Satan tells the protagonist his alternate self might have freed a world from the Mandala System, but his actions ultimately don't affect the whole system itself and its countless worlds. However, Nahobino's actions have revealed new possibilities which cannot be ignored, and thus on behalf of the system Satan seeks to test the Nahobino's power to judge if his existence cas have an effect to the system. Upon being defeated, Satan acknowledges the protagonist's power, and expresses curiosity on what effect he might have on the system as a whole; he then tells the protagonist to walk the path of the Godborn, and the Godborn difficulty mode would be unlocked for all subsequent playthroughs.

If the player discovers the Kiou Blade in a "Canon of Vengeance" playthrough, an Arahabaki would show up and take the sword to "another timeline." In all subsequent playthroughs of "Canon of Creation," Masakado can be fought in his stronger, true form once the conditions to fight him are satisfied.

Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. Soulless Army[]

The Akarana Corridor is a tunnel binding several timelines together as parallel universes. Humans and demons with the necessary means to travel this expanse can freely go back and forth between universes, however they must take care not to lose their origin points and become Lost Souls. The Corridor is introduced when Raidou Kuzunoha XIV gets expelled from the universe and ends up falling into the parallel universe of Raido Kuzunoha XIV through the Akarana.

The mysterious spirit possessing Kaya Daidouji is later revealed to be Raidou Kuzunoha XL, who left his timeline in order to seek a world in which he can create a new future, as he was unsatisfied with his own present. Rasputin was sent in order to apprehend him, but he chose to abandon his mission in favor of indulging his own desires.

Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon[]

Lucifer invites Raidou here for his final quest in New Game+, "In the Coast of Time..." This, combined with his own dialogues, heavily implies that he is a demon who came from another timeline seeking a "spark" which will finally create a world free from the control of God.


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  • According to a DLC note in Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse "Special 1: Parallel Universes," all possibilities become real and branches off to countless other alternate realities, indicating that a full-blown metaphysical annihilation of all universes, such as the ones attempted by The White and Yoko Hiromine are pretty much impossible in the Megami Tensei multiverse. Even if a universe-destroying event would come to a pass, it would only liberate a single universe and fail to affect the rest.
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