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Megami Ibunroku Persona Digital Collection is a CD-ROM produced by Atlus for the PC. It is a minigame collection spin-off set after the events of Megami Ibunroku Persona.


After the events of Megami Ibunroku Persona, Chisato and her now boyfriend Yosuke attend the St. Hermelin High School festival. The festival was initially canceled due to the events of Megami Ibunroku Persona. Many of the students have made events for others to participate in, with the goal to collect as many tickets as possible. Yuko is the host of the festival.


There are 12 minigames the player may choose from.

Nanjo and Eriko: Fortune-telling. Selecting Nanjo will show the player a pile of Tarot cards. The player may shuffle the cards as much as they please, and then pick four. Nanjo will give a tarot card reading based on which cards the player chose, and which position they were in. Selecting Eriko will prompt the player with the same options as Nanjo, but Eriko will give a relationship reading. Eriko will tell you about yourself, your partner, a "key point" between you two, and how you can improve your relationship together. This minigame does not give out tickets.

Mark: A simple art gallery. The player can cycle between the available images which include promotional art and portrait sprites from Megami Ibunroku Persona and art made for this CD. The player would have been able to download the artwork to their computer. This minigame does not give out tickets.

Tadashi: Karaoke. Tadashi would play the song from his father's store, and the player would have to sing along with the lyrics. This minigame does not give out tickets.

Natsumi: Seeing Natsumi allows the player to fill out a check up document. The document is a series of yes or no questions the player can answer. Based off the player's answers, Natsumi will offer an item from Megami Ibunroku Persona that will help them get better. This minigame does not give out tickets.

Igor: Igor will ask the player a series of yes or no questions. Based on the player's answers, Igor will assign the player a persona. This minigame does not give out tickets.

Philemon: "Phylemon's leadership ability test." Philemon will ask the player a series of yes or no questions. Based off the player's answers, Philemon will tell the player how suitable they are to be a leader, as well as which playable character from Megami Ibunroku Persona the player is most similar to. This minigame does not give out tickets.

Maki: Maki will present the player with either a sliding puzzle game, or a timed jigsaw puzzle. One ticket is awarded for completing a sliding puzzle game, or a timed jigsaw puzzle.

Reiji: Reiji will put Brown in a toilet beside two of the demon Hanako. Reiji will shuffle around the toilets, similar to a cup shuffle game. The player must select the toilet with Brown inside. One ticket is awarded for playing the game, even if the player lost.

Toro: Toro will ask the player to play a game of air hockey. It is a very simple version, as the player can only select three positions to block in, and the puck only moves along predetermined paths. The puck is also a turtle. Winning ten rounds will award the player one ticket.

Ms. Saeko: The gymnasium's floors need to be wiped, so Ms. Saeko turns it into a floor wiping race. The player may select to play as any of the playable cast from Megami Ibunroku Persona. The player will need to click a button on screen as fast as possible to outrun the other students. One ticket is awarded for coming in first place. The Boy with Earring is the best character to pick for this minigame.

Mr. Hanya: The player will participate in a shooting gallery. The player must shoot all the targets without shooting any of the students or jack frost. If the player makes three mistakes they lose. One ticket is awarded for shooting all the targets.

Principal Ooishi: This is where you spend your tickets depending which tickets the player has, they will unlock different bonuses. Yukino will tell the player about any character in the game with a portrait. Ayase will let the player listen to her music player, which allows the player to listen to any song from the game, as well as any sound effect. Tsutomu will tell the player about any demon in the game. Yamaoka will let the player watch 5 short videos with remixed songs in the background. Trish will let the player play dress-up with the playable cast.


[Upon opening the game] 千里:「聖エルミン学園へようこそ! ただいま学園のなかは、白紹祭のまっ最中です! 多彩な展示と楽しいゲームをたくさん用意して、あなたをお待ちしていまーす」(Chisato: Welcome to St. Hermelin High School! We're in the middle of our festival! We're waiting for you with a variety of exhibits and lots of fun games.")

陽介:「アトラクションでもらえるチケットは、全部で5枚。がんばってたくさんのチケットを集めて、隠しアトラクションも楽しんで行ってくださいね!」 (Yosuke: "You can get five tickets in total. Please do your best to collect a lot of tickets and enjoy the hidden attractions!")

[When not hovering over any icon] 姫野さん:「ど、どちらのアトラクションになさいますか?」(Himeno-san: "Which attraction would you like to go see?")

Bonus Content[]

On the disc there are two extra options. The first option will install the game onto your computer for faster loading times. The second option is some accessories for Windows 95. The accessories are as follows: 5 screensavers available in 640 X 480 and 1024 X 768, a Persona calendar that would show a different persona for every day of the month, and a music player for every song, sound effect, voice line, and demon sound in the game.


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