Medeus (メディウス, Mediusu)? is the main antagonist and final boss of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

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Medeus is a recurring antagonist of the Fire Emblem series, serving as the final boss in both titles set in Archanea and their remakes. Originally the prince of the Earth Dragon tribe, when the Dragon race started to degenerate, Medeus was the only of his kin who took the humanoid Manakete form and thus retained his sanity. After the wild Earth Dragons were sealed away in the Dragon's Table by the Divine Dragon Lord Naga, Medeus was tasked with guarding the seal.

Over the centuries, Medeus observed how humanity abused and mistreated his fellow Manaketes and eventually rallied the Manaketes together into the Dolhr Empire, which quickly conquered the continent and enslaved humanity. The remnants of the kingdom of Archanea rebelled against Medeus, but proved no match for the Shadow Dragon and faced annihilation until they were saved by the hero Anri of Altea, wielding the holy sword Falchion forged from one of Naga's fangs. Medeus would be slain by Anri, bringing the Dolhr Empire to an end.

Medeus would be revived centuries later by the Dark Pontifex Gharnef and would move to restore the Dolhr Empire, again attempting to conquer humanity. Due to the incomplete nature of his resurrection, Medeus could not lead the war effort directly, instead being forced to leave things to his vassals and treacherous allies such as Gharnef and King Michalis of Macedon. At the end of the war, Medeus was confronted by Anri's descendant Marth wielding the Falchion and was slain once more.

Gharnef would work to revive Medeus again in a bid to destroy the world, this time kidnapping four key maidens to be sacrificed to Medeus in order to revive him as a powerful Dark Dragon. As Medeus is reawakened, Marth's army arrives to rescue the maidens and Marth slays Medeus once and for all.

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Edit

Medeus is a evil dragon who wanted to consume the Performa of the whole planet.

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  • M-DEUS, the game's superboss, is a palette swap of Medeus' second phase.

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SMtxFE Medeus
Medeus's full appearances
SMtxFE Medeus second form
Medeus's second form
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