The Mazurka Corridor (マズルカ回廊, Mazuruka Kairō)? is a dungeon in Megami Tensei. It is connected to the Valhalla Corridor and the Rotting Sea of Flames, and can be accessed from Bien.



Megami TenseiEdit

Mazurka, ruled by Hecate, is one of the dungeons to be traversed in the game. A thief named Gaia stole the Silver Relief from Hecate, which angered her due to it being her most prized possession. If Nakajima finds Gaia, he'll have to pay him all of his Macca if he wants the Relief. A statue of a goddess found in the corridor will teleport the heroes to Bien's second floor. A wounded man can be found, begging for a weapon. No matter what decision is made, he'll reveal himself to be a demon and battles the party. On the fifth floor is the statue of Latos on a pedestal, rigged with a trap. If Nakajima doesn't have the Jewel of Heaven or Ares' Necklace to replace the statue with, the party will take an extreme amount of damage. Soon after the Silver Relief is used to open up a passage, Nakajima encounters Hecate, who is initially unseeable. The magic power of the statue of Latos deactivates her invisibility, however. After Hecate's death, the Orb of Resolve is found.

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