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Front and back of the Styx Material Card.

Material Card Icon (P2ISP) Material Cards are a special type of item in the Persona 2 duology.



In the Persona 2 duology, certain personas are restricted and require a special item before they can be summoned; this item is called a Material Card. Material Cards can be obtained through different methods: they can be found in chests inside of dungeons (Iris' Rainbow Light), be dropped by certain rare enemies (Izanami's Netherworld Path), can be purchased using coins at Mu Continent (Satan's Prosecutor's Diary) or acquired via Mystic Change (Lucifer's Morning Star). Some can only be acquired once, while others can be acquired multiple times. However, all Material Cards are consumed upon use.

List of Material CardsEdit

Innocent SinEdit

Card Persona Arcana Level Obtained
Rainbow Light card IS Rainbow Light Iris Star 18 Inside a chest in Aoba Park
Buddhas Words IS Buddha's Words Sakya Hierophant 29 Fight Sakya in Room 2 of the Abandoned Factory
Pao-Pei IS Pao-Pei Nezha Justice 35 Fight Nezha in Room 4 of the Abandoned Factory
Noatun card IS Noatun Njord World 38 Mystic Change Gullinbursti
Styx card IS Styx Charon Death 47 10,000 coins at Mu Continent
Dordona's Oar IS Dordona's Oar Ildanach Sun 46 Inside a chest in Leo Temple
Netherworld Path IS Netherworld Path Izanami Priestess 51 Fight Izanami in Room 6 of the Abandoned Factory
Rune Monument IS Rune Monument Odin Emperor 55 Fight Odin in Room 6 of the Abandoned Factory
Crimson Wing IS Crimson Wing Suzaku Temperance 59 Inside a locker in Room 6 of the Abandoned Factory
Fuuma Grimoire IS Fuuma's Grimoire Fuuma Kotarou Fool 60 Mystic Change Tobi Katou
Skull Necklace IS Skull Necklace Kali Empress 61 Mystic Change Durga
General's Piece IS General's Piece Bishamonten Justice 63 14,000 coins at Mu Continent
Waterlily Petal IS Waterlily Petal Lakshmi Priestess 64 15,000 coins at Mu Continent
1000 Lotus Petals IS 1000 Lotus Petals Virochana Sun 65 Fight Virochana in the Executive Suite of the Abandoned Factory
Urdarbrunner IS Urdarbrunner Skuld Fortune 66 Inside a locker in Room 5 of the Abandoned Factory
Masamune's Eyepatch IS Masamune's Eyepatch Brahma Hierophant 67 Inside a locker in Room 6 of the Abandoned Factory.
Cradle of Creation IS Cradle of Creation Gaia Empress 72 Fight Gaia at the Liquid Waste Disposal in the Abandoned Factory
Month of Ur IS Month of Ur Nanna Moon 73 Mystic Change Tsukuyomi
Maxi Tempest IS Maxi Tempest Shiva Chariot 85 Mystic Change Skanda
Avatar IS Avatar Vishnu Emperor 86 Mystic Change Lakshmi
Prosecutor's Diary IS Prosecutor's Diary Satan Judgement 96 Mystic Change Beelzebub
Morning Star IS Morning Star Lucifer Devil 99 Mystic Change Michael

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Card Persona Arcana Level Obtained
Dancing Mask EP Dancing Mask Rangda 01.0Magician 69 Defeat Rangda in Sumaru Castle.
Waterlily Petal IS Water Lotus Petal Lakshmi 02Priestess 71 18,000 coins at Mu Continent.
Netherworld Path IS Path to Hades Izanami 02Priestess 51 Defeat Izanami in Bomb Shelter Room 5.
Cradle of Creation IS Cradle of Creation Gaia 03.0Empress 78 Defeat Gaia in the last area of Monado Mandala.
Skull Necklace IS Necklace of Heads Kali 03.0Empress 61 15,000 coins at Mu Continent.
Avatar IS Avatarah Vishnu 04.0Emperor 86 Mystic Change Lakshmi.
Rune Monument IS Runic Monument Odin 04.0Emperor 65 Defeat Odin in Bomb Shelter Room 6.
Masamune's Eyepatch IS Eyepatch Brahma 05.0Hierophant 82 20,000 coins at Mu Continent.
Amber Eyeglasses EP Amber Eyeglasses Alfred 05.0Hierophant 75 Found in Area 2-C of the Extra Dungeon.
Buddhas Words IS Yuiga Dokuson Shaka 05.0Hierophant 29 Defeat Shaka in Bomb Shelter Room 2.
Champion EP Champion Alice 06.0Lovers 80 Make a contract with Alice in Bomb Shelter Room 8, then, with a character who has the Carma Ring equipped, make her Joyful once.
Maxi Tempest IS Maximum Tempest Siva 07.0Chariot 85 Mystic Change Skanda.
Urdarbrunner IS Urdrbrunn Skuld 10.0Fortune 66 Found in Ameno Torifune B6.
Anciet Sun EP Anciet Sun Hyperion 08.0Justice 63 Found in Mt. Iwato.
General's Piece IS Chess Piece Bishamonten 08.0Justice 59 15,000 coins at Mu Continent.
Pao-Pei IS Paopei Nata 08.0Justice 38 Defeat Nata in Aoba Park.
Black Goat Black Goat Azazel 12.0Hanged 90 Encounter Azazel in the Extra Dungeon and activate Persona Talk using Shax, Barbatos, and Adramelech; after Azazel has talked to all 3, he will hand over his Material Card.
Bronze Ring Bronze Ring Prometheus 12.0Hanged 61 Found in Mt. Iwato.
Styx card IS Styx Charon 13.0Death 47 10,000 coins at Mu Continent.
Crimson Wing IS Scarlet Wings Suzaku 14.0Temperance 63 Found in Ameno Torifune B6
Morning Star IS Morning Star Lucifer 15.0Devil 99 50,000 coins at Mu Continent (Nate's route).
King in Yellow EP King in Yellow Hastur 16.0Tower 62 Talk to the Wang Long-obsessed girl in Double Slash in Aoba; for birth month, say "HASTURCOMEFORTH" In the Japanese version, it is (イアイアハスタア), afterwards the card will be found by Maya's desk in Kismet Publishing.
Ortyx EP Ortyx Astria 17.0Star 62 Found in Mt. Iwato.
Rainbow Light card IS Rainbow Gleam Iris 17.0Star 18 Locker in GOLD 1F.
Month of Ur IS Moon of Ur Nanna 18.0Moon 73 Mystic Change Tsukuyomi.
Silver Bow EP Silver Bow Artemis 18.0Moon 63 Found in Mt. Iwato.
1000 Lotus Petals IS 1000 Lotus Petals Virocana 19.0Sun 73 Defeat Virocana in Bomb Shelter Room 7.
Dordona's Oar IS Dul-Dauna's Oar Il-Dana 19.0Sun 46 Treasure chest in Nichirinmaru.
Prosecutor's Diary IS Accuser's Diary Satan 20.0Judgement 96 50,000 coins at Mu Continent (Ellen's route).
Lily EP Lily Gabriel 20.0Judgement 76 Found in Area 2-A of the Extra Dungeon.
Noatun card IS Noatun Njord 21.0World 38 Mystic Change Grinbulsti.
Fuuma Grimoire IS Book of the Fuuma Fuuma Kotarou 00.0Fool 65 Mystic Change Tobi Katou.

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