Master Daidara is the owner of Daidara Metalworks located in the Central Shopping District and a minor character in Persona 4.



Master Daidara is an old man with short orange auburn hair, dark orange eyes. His head is almost bald, with sideburns attaching to his mustache, and large X-shaped scar over his face. He wears a white thick towel tied into a bow on his head, a white shirt with a brown obi, and white pants.

In Persona 4 The Animation at the summer festival he wears a blue haori with slightly long sleeves.


Master Daidara is a hard-working man passionate about his art. On several occasions, he has unique dialogue in his "Talk" section that indicates a sagely understanding of life and battle. He seems to trust the Investigation Team a great deal, as certain conversations near the end of the game indicate that he is at least partially aware of what they use his merchandise for, and that he wholeheartedly approves.


Persona 4Edit

Daidara will make weapons, armours and accessories depending on the kind and number of materials brought back by the protagonist from his exploration into the TV World.

Persona 4 The AnimationEdit

Persona 4 Master Daidara

Master Daidara in Persona 4 The Animation

Rather than working as a blacksmith, due to the Team not using weapons, Daidara works as the town fireworks maker. He is first seen sitting near the festival preparing fireworks. He begins choking while eating and is saved by Nanako. After she saves him, he tells her that he makes fireworks because they make people happy.

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