Masataka Amano is the father of Maya Amano.

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Masataka Amano was a war correspondent who worked with Shunsuke Fujii. Some years before Maya met with Tatsuya Suou and the other members of what would become the Masked Circle, Masataka left the country to report on a war. Maya made a stuffed rabbit, Mr. Bunbun, before he left, but he refused it and asked her to give it to him again when he was home. He was killed shortly after. His death inspired Maya to follow his footsteps into journalism.

Maya always regrets not stopping her father from leaving but instead pretending to be a good daughter. His trip and eventual death made Maya to realize that she is very afraid of loneliness, this gave birth to her "big sister" facade after she met the kids of the Masked Circle.

During the final battle, Nyarlathotep takes Masataka's form to mock Maya's forgiving nature and tendency to forge the bond with whom she cares which ultimately binds their future. Masataka also represents the left arm of Great Father (Nyarlathotep's incarnation of the fear of the party's fathers), which can use two almighty spells, one of which, "Reminiscence Wave", will always put Maya to sleep, but does nothing to the rest of the party.

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Maya's Dad
Maya's father normally
Maya's Dad(Nyar)
Nyarlathotep disguised as Maya's father
Great Father
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