Ogiwara is an antagonist, and depending on the player's choice, a playable character of Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis. He is the man who led the demonic invasion.


Ogiwara is the oldest looking member of the team, with slicked back brown hair and a slight goatee. He has a white suit underneath a brown beigecoat.


Ogiwara appeared in 1996, shortly after the death of Naoki Takeuchi's father. With his ability to control and speak with demons, he soon gained control of Tokyo. This led to the creation of the military unit Partisan, consisting of Naoki, Kaoru and Tomoharu (later joined by the latter's sister, Aya), who sought to overthrow Ogiwara and liberate Tokyo.

Despite his human appearance, Ogiwara is not actually human. Rather, he is a being from the world of Amnesia, a paradise like world. He is said to be the offspring of the fallen angel Lucifer himself. He also comes from the future, where demonic forces from the hell-like world of Paranoia will destroy the world in 1996, resulting in the "Slum Tokyo" future of 2024, later replaced by the city of Megalopolis, which Karen Rose calls home. Ogiwara's goal is not to enslave humanity via demonic powers, but to save it from a terrible future. In the Neutral route, Ogiwara will join the party instead of Karen, and with his help, he ensures the future of a destroyed Tokyo will not come to pass - even if it costs him his life.

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