Masaki Kuzuha is a character in the Devil Children series. Known as Mark in DemiKids.



His demon partner is Clay, the Chimera.

Devil Children White BookEdit

Masaki was born in the same hospital as his best friend Takaharu Ougi. The two would be given the power of Angels by Paku and Masaki would also gain the power of Demons from Haamiru. Masaki begins his journey when Shou Ougi is put into a cursed sleep by demons, with him and Takaharu setting off for Makai to find a cure.

He would eventually oppose the evil plans of the Angels who wanted to destroy Makai and Earth, as well as manipulated Takaharu to fulfill their agenda. With the three powers of humans, angels and demons within him he would become the one destined to defeat Jashin just as Hoshigami did in the past.

After beating the game he can switch demon partners with Setsuna Kai, Takaharu, and Mirai Kaname.

DemiKids Light & DarkEdit

A B-Rank BattleNet opponent, Mark is said to use demons that know thunder spells. After being defeated in ten battles he will give a Kem demon as a reward. Doing this three more times earns the evolved forms Meta Kem, Neo Kem, and King Kem as a reward.

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Masaki is a level 50 BattleNet opponent, faced based on the choices of Akira and Jin on who to fight next. Defeating him has him award them with the four Chimera demons.


Masaki Kuzuha
Masaki as he appears in White Book
GBC Masaki
Masaki as he appears in White Book
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