Mariko Yabe is a minor character in Megami Ibunroku Persona.



Mariko is a student from Yamakumo High School. She's the president and only member of the Paranormal Watchers Club, an unofficial club not recognized by the faculty. She's friends with Tsutomu Kurouri and came to St. Hermelin High School to visit him but ended up trapped inside the Ice Castle during the events of the Snow Queen Quest.

Mariko decides to explore the three towers for fun, taking pictures of the many demons inside them. The party meets her inside Tartarus where she obtained one of the Mirror Shards needed to complete the Demon Mirror and charges the party five thousand yen for it.


  • It's never explained how Mariko is able to survive meeting with so many demons as she is a normal human without a Persona or a COMP. It can be assumed that she has amazing negotiation skills.

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