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Margot Cuvier, often called Madame, is a character from Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2.



The head of the Karma Society who may be referred to as Madame. Margot Cuvier is credited with the discovery of the Cuvier Syndrome - the affliction that turns people into stone statues. Her plan is to use the demon virus to transform the inhabitants of Karma City into demons so that they can survive in the Sun, and trap Sera in the EGG forever so that her song can prevent the demon populace from going berserk. Meanwhile, she will keep the populace fed with the cannibalized, processed bodies of those she deems unworthy to be a part of her society. This belief is very similar to the "Law" alignment of the Shin Megami Tensei games.

She offers the Embryon a chance to join the Karma Society and live peaceful lives, but is rejected. She later offers Sera the choice of remaining the Cyber Shaman and to soothe God or else her friends will be harmed, however, Heat proceeds to rush in and stab Serph; Sera's shock at seeing this triggers a new attack from God, causing the Earth's data to start transferring to the Sun. Cuvier suffers a breakdown as a result, lamenting humanity's demise, and is killed with a gunshot to the head from her rival, Jenna Angel. Her data ascends to the sun alongside Seraph and their comrades, where she realizes her errors in judgment, and urges Seraph and the others to soothe God's rage to ensure life continues on Earth.



  • One possible reference of Margot's name could be the radioactivity scientist Marie Curie. Both are commonly addressed by the honorific "Madame" and pioneers of groundbreaking scientific phenomena.
  • In the Quantum Devil Saga books, her name is Marie Margot Cuvier.

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