Marebito (稀人, Marebito, lit. "rare people") or Outsider is a group of Persona Users from Persona -trinity soul- who extract Personas from others.


The Marebito members are all orphans who were taken in by Keisuke Komatsubara and trained to use their Personas. Komatsubara implanted his man-made Personas within the young children, forcing them to take Persona Suppressors in order to live. Marebito is behind the Reverse cases as well as spreading Kagenuki in order to locate more Persona users to extract from.


Marebito's goals are to locate and extract Personas in order to create a new level of consciousness. They are lead by Mareya Kujou, who is the renamed Komatsubara. In reality, Komatsubara is using Marebito as a method of gathering Personas to use in the recreation of his daughter, Ayane Komatsubara. By trying to achieve his goal and using the implanted artificial Personas, he purposely pitted the Marebito against Shin Kanzato and his group, so they could result in losing and Ayane could absorb the extracted Personas from them after their heated battles. When all of the artificial Personas from the Marebito were extracted, Ayane could awaken Devi as her Persona, and with it she could make contact with "The Whale" and bring about the world's end.

Marebito MembersEdit

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