In the Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner series, a Mantra (曼斗羅, Mantora)? is a package of one to four skills that is purchased from a Karma Terminal. It is described in-game as a sort of downloadable combat training program.

Once purchased from a Karma Terminal, a new Mantra is automatically set as the character's "Active Mantra" and will have AP (Atma Points) assigned to it after battle. After enough AP is assigned to the Mantra, that Mantra is mastered: the character learns its skills and can assign them to his or her skill slots. A character with an active mastered Mantra gains no benefit from AP: the Mantra should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible.

Many Mantras require that a previous related Mantra be mastered before they can be purchased. A few Mantras can only be purchased after specific optional bosses are defeated; these Mantras have no other prerequisites. Each character must master their Mantras individually: teaching one character to cast Bufu will not teach the others. A character may purchase as many Mantras as funds allow, but can only have one active at a time. A character can activate any previously purchased, non-mastered Mantra at any Karma Terminal for no cost, and his or her progress with any previous Mantra will not be lost.

Each character, when first recruited to the party, begins with one or more Mantras mastered and one non-mastered Mantra assigned. Mantras are rarely mentioned by NPCs. One member of the Lokapala describes them as being "too complicated" to use.

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