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Official Artwork of Manipura.

Manipura (マニプラ*)? is the city in the Junkyard where the Maribel have their headquarters. This area is home to two dungeons: Maribel Base and the Samsara Tunnels.


The Embryon visit the Maribel Base to form an alliance with the Maribel, so that the two tribes can defeat the Solids. At first, Jinana, leader of the Maribel, is skeptical about the alliance, so the Embryon have to fight their way through the city to meet her. Inside the city, there are seven gates that need to be opened through switches, each of which is normally found near the corresponding gate. At the end of the dungeon, Jinana's lieutenant, Bat, challenges the Embryon in his Atma Avatar form, Camazotz. Once he is defeated, Argilla convinces Heat to let Bat live; he is left weakened and bleeding in the floor, vowing revenge against Argilla for humiliating him. Jinana agrees to the alliance, and the Embryon and Maribel travel to the Solids' base at Anahata.

After the assault on Anahata, during which Jinana goes mad and is killed by the Embryon in self-defense, the Embryon return to Manipura while looking for Bat, who betrayed Jinana to the Solids. Upon arriving, the Embryon are joined by Gale, who has recovered from the madness induced by his hunger. Enraged by the discovery Bat had overheard Agrilla's words to the dying Jinana and devoured her corpse, Argilla, in a fit of rage, let Bat go away after a brief scuffle, having no way to pursue. The Solids trap the Embryon in the Maribel Base while the rest of the Solids go to the Embryon Base at Muladhara to kidnap Sera. The Embryon fight their way out, defeating more powerful enemies, ending with an Atavaka, who is guarding the exit.

Much later, after defeating Beelzebub in his humanoid form in Svadhisthana and defeating Ravana in Ajna, the entrance to the Samsara Tunnels, which connect to Muladhara, opens. Here, the Embryon can defeat Beelzebub in his Fly form. Finally, once the Embryon have reached the topmost level of the Karma Temple, Baihu of the Four Guardian Beasts can be found and defeated in the Maribel Base.


Maribel Base, first visitEdit


Demon Level HP MP Wk Rpl Drn Nul Str
Preta 3 36 16 Fire, Earth - - - -
Empusa 6 35 60 Fire - - Ice -
Cockatrice 8 120 40 Gun, Ice - - - Force
Ghoul 10 74 72 Fire, Earth - - - -
Nozuchi 10 88 76 Electricity - Force - -
Blob 12 96 1281 Ice, Earth, Expel - - Death Physical
Macha 12 96 120 Gun, Electricity - Force - Earth
Yaka 13 100 104 Ice, Expel - - Fire -
Gyu-Ki2 16 200 120 Earth - - Death -
Ikusa 17 148 120 Force - - Death, Nerve -
Ara Mitama* ? 300 999 Ice - - Phys, Expel, Death, Gun Elec, Force
  1. Blob starts with 9 MP, and will try to drain more to use Teradyne
  2. Special encounter


Demon Level HP MP Wk Rpl Drn Nul Str
Camazotz  ? ~700 - Earth1 - - Earth, Ailment, Death, Expel -
  1. Only while in guard stance

Maribel Base, second visitEdit


Demon Level HP MP Weak Resist Null Repel Drain Drop
Nekomata 15 122 120 Elec - Charm - - Revival Gem
Tarrasque 16 210 136 Fire, Earth Physical Elec - - -
Succubus 19 122 181 Elec, Expel, Mute, Panic, Mute Earth Charm - - Panacea / Active Cell
Onkot 20 136 184 Elec, Charm, Nerve Physical - - - -
Valkyrie 20 192 152 Mute, Panic Physical Fire, Expel - - Error Cell
Kelpie 21 188 144 Fire Earth Elec - - Brave Ration / Thunder Rod
Nue 23 212 168 Force, Charm - Ice, Death - - Dark Veil
Turdak 23 171 180 Expel, Panic - Fire, Death - - Dis-Curse / Revival Gem
Ara Mitama* ? 300 999 Ice - - Phys, Expel, Death, Gun Elec, Force

Bosses / Compulsory BattlesEdit

Demon HP MP Weak Resist Null Repel Drain Drop
Camazotz ~700 - - - Earth, Ailment, Death, Expel - - Great Chakra
Atavaka 1500 10000 Earth Physical Panic Expel, Death - Revival Gem
Baihu 6200 - - Physical, Ice, Elec Ailment, Death, Expel - Force Soma Drop


Maribel BaseEdit

  • Revival Gem
  • Dis-Poison x 3
  • Error Cell
  • Active Cell x2
  • Brave Ration
  • Frigid Shot
  • Chakra Drop x 2
  • Dis-Ache x 3
  • Devil Cell
  • Revival Gem
  • Odd Morsel
  • Chakra Pot
  • Wild Card (behind a Blue Wall)
  • Quick Noise (behind a Blue Wall)
  • Great Chakra (behind a Blue Wall)
  • Dis-Poison x 3 (not accessible during the first visit)
  • Code Cell (not accessible during the first visit)
  • Dis-Stun x 2 (not accessible during the first visit)
  • Quantum Cell (not accessible during the first visit)
  • Dis-Curse x 3 (not accessible during the first visit)
  • Power Noise (behind a Yellow Wall)
  • Soma Drop (behind a Blue Wall and a Yellow Wall)


  • Manipura is named after the third primary chakra in Hindu tradition.
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