Mana Castle (マナの城, Mana no Shiro)? is a location in Megami Ibunroku Persona.



Mai's Compact Half, obtained in the Lost Forest, is required to gain entry to Mana Castle.


  • 2F - Life Stone, Revival Bead, Chewing Soul (x2), Repulse Bell (x2), Amethyst
  • 5F - Aquamarine, Topaz, Dx Incense, White Tablet, Present


  • Light Grey boxes indicate bosses.
Demon Order Lvl HP Weak Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Anatomy Foul32343Element, Force----Twin Bird
Phunbaba Drake33495Fire, Wind, Earth--100% Ice-Amethyst
Eligor Fallen33330Physical-Magic--Fuuma's Wakizashi
Hi no Enma Night34238Physical--100% Element, Force-Revival Bead
Yaka Haunt34340-Magic--200% GunDis-Sick
Arachne Femme34340Element---50% GravityMagryva Stone
Kuchisake-Onna Spirit34340Sword, Fire, Expel-Gun, Tech, Rush--Dis-Para
Jinn Yoma35245Force---50% FireHiranya
Ocelot Jaki35350Force---50% FireBlizzard Storm
Zap Grave35350Element, Force-Gun--Gian Kun Shi
Power Divine36360Physical-Element, Force--Turquoise
Tisiphone Raptor36220Fire, Ice, Earth--100% Wind-Freidyne Stone
Orthrus Beast37277Whip, Gun-Tech, Rush--Megido Stone
Yaksini Brute37370Death, CurseElement, Force---Bardiche
Naga Snake38532Element, ForcePhysical---Onyx
Saurva Tyrant / Deity554125Fire, Ice, WindArrow-Earth--

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