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"You helped me realize a lot of stuff, y'know? I always blamed school or my family for everything. I didn't want to face the fact that I was responsible... I really lucked out, y'know? If we hadn't met, I'd still be a jerk. I won't forget you."
—Mamoru Hayase, Persona 3

Mamoru Hayase is a non-player character from Persona 3.



Mamoru has short faded brown hair, matching color eyes and a light brown complexion. He wears a light blue jogging outfit.


His personality and life values are somewhat similar to Akihiko Sanada. They have both lost someone they cared about, they are extremely athletic and they must take care of their loved ones after losing a parental figure.

Though having a competitive spirit, Mamoru takes everything for granted, driven by strong misconceptions about his life. Mamoru doesn't mind being spoiled by restaurants, as he thinks that once he becomes famous, he'll pay them back for it. Much of his way of thought has been caused by the death of his father years prior, as it overcomplicated his life, suppressing his underlying concern for the sake of fulfilling his passions.

Mamoru does become discontent from his inability to find any more rivals that can keep up with him, due to the lonely path he walks as a star. After his teammates stopped coming with him for beef bowls, he would interpret it negatively, thinking they're not taking the club seriously. One running gag is that Mamoru himself keeps running late on meetings with the protagonist, no matter how important Mamoru's situation is.

However, how Mamoru feels about his situation is how he's made them feel: that Mamoru is an unattainable force that is allowed to do whatever he wants, discouraging them from trying, and Mamoru's actions mistakenly give the wrong impression on top of acting as an obstacle for Mamoru by adding distance between him and his friends.

Meanwhile, Mamoru does try to find a sweet spot between his dedication to Track Team and supporting his family. After spotting an opportunity for a scholarship, he took on the opportunity as earning it to go to college will support his family.

That being said, Mamoru slowly breaks out of his competitive shell as his responsible self opens up: After his mother collapses from overwork, this side of him becomes prominent.

Mamoru would reluctantly give up on college, refusing to give up on track, but would realize his team did care as they decided to help him out of worry: not only did they care, but Mamoru himself speculates he was the one to demotivate them. After allowing himself to rely on others and let go of his stress, he would see things through with track until the end, he would win a competition and take first place, but would decide that his athletic life is over and that he should find a job, even if it means he won't be able to meet with the protagonist again. Mamoru has finally become responsible in the end thanks to the protagonist's support.


Persona 3[]

Mamoru Hayase, the top athlete of his school, is the protagonist's main rival in the summer competition of whatever sport the protagonist chooses to play (between track, kendo and swimming). After competing and coming in second to him, Mamoru then approaches the protagonist and congratulates him on a job well done, and offers to hang out with him.

Social Link[]

Main article: Social Link/Mamoru Hayase

His Social Link can then be accessed by meeting him sitting on a bench in the strip mall at Iwatodai Station and initiated if the protagonist has enough Courage. At first, Mamoru seems like a normal schoolboy, but as the protagonist learns more about him, he learns that Mamoru actually is competing for a good reason. While all his siblings were still young, Mamoru's father died five years ago after his car fell off a cliff, and Mamoru's mother has been supporting his family ever since. With his impressive standing as an athlete in his school, he has received many sponsors, and receives free food from nearly all the shops around the Iwatodai station. With his skill, he hopes to be scouted and get scholarships to attend college to better support his family.

As the Social Link progresses, the protagonist discovers he is at odds with his sports club's members, believing they don't take their chosen sport seriously like he does. Later on, during one of the Social Link events, Mamoru is a no-show after agreeing to meet up with the protagonist; he calls later to inform him that his mother has collapsed from exhaustion, but doesn't have the money to stay at the hospital and rest. This forces Mamoru to take over his mother's responsibilities with the house and his younger siblings while she recovers, taking time away from his sport. He quickly becomes resentful at being saddled with this responsibility, but talking with the protagonist helps him come to terms with it, and even his own fellow sports club members pitch in to help him, surprising Mamoru greatly. At the highest rank of the Social Link, Mamoru decides that he is going to put off going to college and being a professional athlete, and instead moves away for a while to work a factory job in order to better support his family for now. In the final days of the game, if the protagonist has leveled up the Social Link to its highest rank, when he exits the class he will be stopped by his team coach, and be given a letter from Mamoru telling the protagonist how things have been since he moved away.

If the protagonist completes this Social Link, then the Persona Helel will be unlocked in Persona 3 FES; the Persona Lucifer is unlocked in Persona 3.

Persona 3 Portable[]

In Persona 3 Portable, if the player chooses the female protagonist, the Star arcana Social Link is replaced by Akihiko Sanada and Mamoru is never seen. He is mentioned as having Apathy Syndrome.

Persona 3 The Movie[]

Mamoru makes a cameo appearance on August 7th in the kendo tournament, where he wins 1st place against Makoto.


In Other Languages[]

Language Title
Flag of the United States English Mamoru Hayase
Flag of Japan Japanese 早瀬 護 (Hayase Mamoru)
Flag of South Korea Korean 하야세 마모루 (Hayase Mamoru)


  • The name Mamoru means "safeguard, protect" (護).
  • Mamoru's surname Hayase means "already, now, fast, early" (早) (haya) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).


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