Mami Shibata is a character in the Persona 2 duology. She is a student at Seven Sisters High School.



Innocent SinEdit

Mami and Miho Ogishima are Lisa Silverman's classmates and friends, though Lisa isn't as close to them as she seems. Prior to the beginning of the game, the trio posted a photo taken on a photo booth with a note saying that they wished to become an idol group, which was made true by the Masked Circle as a plot for fulfilling the "foreign song" of the Oracle of Maia, thus creating the idol group MUSES.

Mami and Miho joined the Masked Circle and had their Ideal Energy taken by Prince Taurus turning them into shadowmen. Lisa takes them to the 2X Slash in the Aoba District, where they disappear after a while.

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Mami, Miho and Lisa (who is now a true friend to the other two) once again form the Muses in this continuity. The three of them are found inside Sumaru TV.

Gallery Edit

Mami on the left
Sheba 1
Mami in her Muses outfit
Sheba 2
Muses Mami with a Masked Circle mask
Sheba 3
Mami after being turned into a shadowman


  • The Persona World guide romanizes her name as Ami, despite the game officializing it as Mami.
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