"The 'Image', existing in an unknown dimension, is a spiritual object. The real nature of oneself. We can also call it the soul. Now is the time to face this inner space with a pure mind. The image world is supported by rich spiritual activities that could lead us to a wonderful future. But some deny us that. The decline of the European Union... The overwhelmingly deteriorating relations between China and the US... All part of this new path of chaos... But soon Maken will help us. Deus Ex Machina is coming..."
—The opening of Maken Shao

Maken X, and its remake Maken Shao are games not related to the Megami Tensei series of games. However, these games are developed by Atlus, with art direction by Kazuma Kaneko; and can be considered as partially a Megami Tensei title. This is also compounded with Maken X artworks included in Kazuma Kaneko's art books.


Maken X is a first-person action game for the Sega Dreamcast featuring art and character designs by Kazuma Kaneko. In 2001, a heavily altered third-person remake was released under the title Maken Shao (魔剣爻) identified as Maken Shao: Demon Sword in Europe but was never released in North America.

A manga version, Maken X: Another authored and drawn by Kyu Hayashida was released on 21 January, 2001. The manga was published on three volumes. It tells the story of Kei who was forced to be grafted with the living weapon "Machina" when a freak accident occurred in her father's lab. Alongside her childhood friend, they venture into the world of "Images" in an attempt to rescue her father.

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  • Japan: June 7, 2001 for the PS2
  • Europe: July 26, 2003 for the PS2


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